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Welding Fume Protection Landing Page

In 2017, the International Agency for Research on Cancer changed the classification of all welding fumes from Group 2B “possibly carcinogenic to humans” to Group 1 “carcinogenic to humans. These welding fumes can contain a range of carcinogens including metallic oxides, silicates and fluorides.

A Guide to Silica Dust Protection

Wesbite landing page to host Silica Dust Guide as well as other content related to topic. Our lungs simply aren’t built to deal with fine dust. Many different types of dust are hazardous to our health, and cause serious long-term illness.

White paper / Infographic / Case study


Architecture And Design
Don't get burnt: choosing the best hot water system for detached housing | Architecture And Design

Selecting which type of hot water system is used for a project can often be an afterthought, only considered late in the design process. While for the end user, as with most utilities, cost and convenience will be the great motivators in choosing a system, underestimating the impact the hot water system can have on the sustainability and aesthetics of the finished home can have short and long-term consequences.

Architecture And Design
Australia's most comprehensive photographic archive is now available for use by architects and...

Ever since The Sydney Morning Herald employed its first full-time photographer in 1911, Fairfax Media has been documenting the most remarkable and iconic moments in Australia's history. Now, over a century since that first photo was taken, the Fairfax Photographic Archive today consists of millions of images dating from 1911 to present day, making it the most comprehensive collection of press photography in Australia.

Architecture And Design
Success Trains, Failure Complains: Getting Design Right on the Gym Floor | Architecture And Design

Inside the gym walls you've got to keep it real. This is a place where performance speaks for itself, and those caught faking are certain to be called out. It doesn't matter whether it's a greased up beefcake that's deadlifting 350 kilograms, a staunch cross-fitter throwing around skipping ropes and kettle bells, or a yoga fanatic pulling out hardcore poses, everything becomes more intense once you hit the gym floor.


Programmed Property Services
3 Key Concepts for Effective Wayfinding in Healthcare - Programmed Property Services

Healthcare facilities are dynamic, constantly changing environments, and having an effective wayfinding system is critical to smooth and successful day to day operations. Poor wayfinding can cause a wide range of issues for everyone, from staff and delivery workers, to visitors and the patients.