Trevor Martin


Trevor is a freelance writer and lives in San Francisco. His work appears in the Guardian, BBC, The Advocate, Huffington Post and more.

Trevor studied psychology at Leicester University in the UK and he has a BA in Performance Arts from Middlesex University, London, UK. He was an actor and appeared in the original London production of Evita (Opera House Manchester - one year) and also appeared in Tony award winning Grand Hotel - the Musical (Dominion Theatre, London) directed/choreographed by Broadway legend Tommy Tune.

Trevor is a freelance sales and marketing media consultant and for over fifteen years has worked in advertising and event sponsorship and exhibition sales and marketing.

He is a scuba diver and obtained his advanced open water certification in Utila, Honduras. He has clocked up more than 100 dives in Utila, Mexico and Belize

He is available for assignments.

Contact: [email protected] 415 932 6000 (landline) 415 401 5321 (cell)

United States of America


the Guardian

Facing my fear: I watched too many friends die of Aids. Then I was diagnosed | Trevor Martin

One summer day in 1994, my best friend Steve - a gentle, jovial guy with the most disarming chuckle - called and asked me to meet him for lunch. He looked serious that day. As...

The Guardian

Pope Francis's meeting with Kim Davis should come as no surprise | Trevor Martin

Pope Francis's no-longer-secret meeting in Washington DC with anti-gay activist Kim Davis, the controversial Kentucky county clerk who was briefly jailed over her refusal to...

The Advocate

Meet Two Brazilian Women Arrested and Beaten for Kissing

A story of astonishing bigotry and thuggish homophobia was beamed around the world last month when two young women -Yunka Mihura, 21, and Joana Palhares, 18, - were manhandled,...

The Huffington Post

How Will Ireland's Marriage Vote Influence the Supremes? Stop. In the Name of Love...

How will the groundbreaking success of the "YES" vote in Ireland affect the USA Supreme Court when they make their decision about possible countrywide acceptance and...

The Huffington Post

'God Shot John Lennon' and Other Pearls of Wisdom From Marco Feliciano, the Anti-Gay Head of...

A few weeks ago in Brazil, two young women, aged 18 and 20, were ejected from a public evangelical event, manhandled, publicly insulted, handcuffed and arrested for having...

GScene UK

A Story of Adoption: two gay men speak of the process - the pitfalls and the joys.

It’s a challenging and an indescribably rewarding journey. Adopting a baby is a valid and lovely way of deciding to parent. My partner and I are lawyers and so we were not...

BBC Entertainment

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

Amidst the backdrop of breathtakingly beautiful Wyoming scenery, on deserted Brokeback Mountain, two lonely cowboys stumble into an enduring and passionate love affair.

BBC Entertainment

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

I have stood in my living room a few times with a shampoo bottle/lamp/fake Oscar, thanking everyone. I must quickly add that I haven't done it recently. Honestly I haven't....

The Huffington Post

Why Do Gay Men Historically Adopt Female Stars as Their Icons?

An acquaintance here in San Francisco informed me that these women are not merely icons: These heroines are veritable patron saints! When a little boy who is destined to grow up...

BBC Entertainment

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

'I'd like to thank ........' When they unfurl the red carpet for the Oscars, I'd volunteer to vacuum it just for a chance to be there. To be amongst the constellation of...


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

I wonder how the nominees manage to keep that gracious, fixed smile as the other guy wins? They always applaud eagerly for the winner and give a knowing nod as though they...

BBC Entertainment

Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

Delighted to see that Brokeback Mountain leads the pack with eight Oscar nominations including a nod for Jake Gyllenhaal as best supporting actor. Gyllenhaal was not nominated...


We Never Forgot How To Dance

Time magazine reported on the homophobic lashing out by society and included this joke as an example of the rotten attitude exhibited by mainstream society: Young man: “Mum,...

GScene UK

TransFabulous and Nearly Famous!

Trevor caught up with Marilyn and Sarafina - two members of the world's first successful all trans girl pop rock band

The Huffington Post

The Kiss: Two Young Women With the Hearts of Warriors Confront Hatred and Bigotry

A few weeks ago it was reported that two young women had been manhandled, arrested, beaten up and thrown into a jail cell for engaging in a same-sex kiss at a public gospel...

BBC Entertainment

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

Glamour is not important when assessing artistic excellence but in today's culture, beauty and talent have become confused and somehow collide with each other.

The Guardian UK

Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx: Book Review by Trevor Martin

I hadn't read a gay story before and Brokeback Mountain was a thump in the stomach. The sparsely, gently written simplicity of the prose concealed an achingly tragic narrative...

The Huffington Post

Gay Destinations: The Greek Island of Mykonos -- A Personal Story

It was early evening, and the light was fading, and the late-September Mykonos weather was blustery and chilly. I put my arms around him as a motorbike passenger should, hugging...


The Kiss of Courage: Photos

A story of astonishing bigotry and thuggish homophobia was beamed around the world last month when it was reported that two young women -Yunka Mihura, 21, and Joana Palhares,...

The Huffington Post

Veronica Jones by Trevor Martin

Jonathon was perched atop the Pyramid skyscraper. The whistling gusts and swirling rain were of no consequence to him. He was unshakably focused on Veronica Jones in the side...