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I am a freelance writer and live in San Francisco. My work appears in the Guardian, BBC, The Advocate, Huffington Post, and more.

I studied psychology at Leicester University in the UK and I have a BA in Performance Arts from Middlesex University, London, UK. He was an actor and appeared in the original London production of Evita (Opera House Manchester - one year) and also appeared in Tony award-winning Grand Hotel - the Musical (Dominion Theatre, London) directed/choreographed by Broadway legend Tommy Tune.

I am a freelance sales and marketing media consultant and for over fifteen years has worked in advertising and B2B event/conference sponsorship and exhibition sales and marketing.

He is a scuba diver and obtained his advanced open water certification in Utila, Honduras. He has clocked up more than 100 dives in Utila, Mexico and Belize

He is available for assignments.

Contact: [email protected]

The Advocate
Meet Two Brazilian Women Arrested and Beaten for Kissing

A story of astonishing bigotry and thuggish homophobia was beamed around the world last month when two young women -Yunka Mihura, 21, and Joana Palhares, 18, - were manhandled, beaten, arrested, and thrown in a jail cell for kissing at a public gospel concert in a park in Brazil.

The Guardian
Pope Francis's meeting with Kim Davis should come as no surprise | Trevor Martin

Pope Francis's no-longer-secret meeting in Washington DC with anti-gay activist Kim Davis, the controversial Kentucky county clerk who was briefly jailed over her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses in compliance with state law, leaves LGBT people with no illusions about the Pope's stance on equal rights for us, despite his call for inclusiveness.

The Huffington Post
Why Do Gay Men Historically Adopt Female Stars as Their Icons?

An acquaintance here in San Francisco informed me that these women are not merely icons: These heroines are veritable patron saints! When a little boy who is destined to grow up straight has a poster of his favorite sports star, superhero, or astronaut on his bedroom wall, we may conclude that he admires and identifies with him and perhaps even wants to be his icon in some way.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

I wonder how the nominees manage to keep that gracious, fixed smile as the other guy wins? They always applaud eagerly for the winner and give a knowing nod as though they expected to be trumped by their competitor.

BBC Entertainment
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

'I'd like to thank ........' When they unfurl the red carpet for the Oscars, I'd volunteer to vacuum it just for a chance to be there. To be amongst the constellation of bejewelled and glowing glitterati - fabulous! Lord knows on Oscar night the nominees probably haven't slept for days let alone eaten anything.

The Huffington Post
Another Country?

The current revelation that Russia has enacted anti-gay laws reminds me of my youth in London. Russia seems to have come late to this particular party.

BBC Entertainment
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

I have stood in my living room a few times with a shampoo bottle/lamp/fake Oscar, thanking everyone. I must quickly add that I haven't done it recently. Honestly I haven't. Really. No. I haven't. Okay then, maybe once.

The Kiss of Courage: Photos

A story of astonishing bigotry and thuggish homophobia was beamed around the world last month when it was reported that two young women -Yunka Mihura, 21, and Joana Palhares, 18, - were manhandled, beaten, arrested, and thrown in a jail cell for engaging in a same-sex kiss at a public gospel concert in a park in Brazil.

GScene UK
TransFabulous and Nearly Famous!

Trevor caught up with Marilyn and Sarafina - two members of the world's first successful all trans girl pop rock band

We Never Forgot How To Dance

Time magazine reported on the homophobic lashing out by society and included this joke as an example of the rotten attitude exhibited by mainstream society: Young man: “Mum, Dad, I have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?” Mother: “Tell us the bad news first, son.” Young man: “The bad news is that I am gay.” [Parents gasp in horror.] Young man: “Don’t worry. The good news is that I am dying.” Aids was considered a gay disease and the Conservative government,...

BBC Entertainment
Oscars panel: Trevor Martin

Delighted to see that Brokeback Mountain leads the pack with eight Oscar nominations including a nod for Jake Gyllenhaal as best supporting actor. Gyllenhaal was not nominated for a Golden Globe so it's great to see the Academy got it right this year. Otherwise it was business as usual and there are few surprises.

The Huffington Post
Gay Destinations: The Greek Island of Mykonos -- A Personal Story

It was early evening, and the light was fading, and the late-September Mykonos weather was blustery and chilly. I put my arms around him as a motorbike passenger should, hugging him through his leather jacket; speeding on the back of his bike was the perfect excuse to clutch him tightly.

The Huffington Post
Veronica Jones by Trevor Martin

Jonathon was perched atop the Pyramid skyscraper. The whistling gusts and swirling rain were of no consequence to him. He was unshakably focused on Veronica Jones in the side street far below. He fluttered the droplets of rain off his wings and and swiveled his head to keep Veronica Jones in his sight.

The Huffington Post
My Fear of Flying Was Cured By An Emergency Landing In A Tropical Storm in Bermuda

These days we read frequent stories of occasional danger and frequent discomfort in the air. The recent unusual story of the Brit who asked the hijacker of an EgyptAir flight for a posed photo reminded me of an in-flight experience that was terrifying at the time and had some unexpected results.

The Huffington Post
Glad to Be Quirky But Don't Want to Be Unique

I have always wanted to be individual but I have never really enjoyed those moments when I have felt terminally unique. What do you think? When I was a psychology student I ticked off all the symptoms of the diseases I was studying and often freaked out because I decided I was after all one of those people.

The Huffington Post
Surrogacy, Same Sex Parenting and What Sex Is for (and It's Not for Making Babies!)

Whatever one thinks of the fracas that erupted between Dolce & Gabbana and Elton John, their very public argument has indeed been the catalyst for spirited online debate regarding same sex parenting and surrogacy. Dolce & Gabbana are known to be gay and their comments demonstrating an aversion to same sex marriage and assisted reproduction can only be described as peculiar.

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