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Second-year journalism major and music industry minor at Northeastern University.

An interview with Ira Sachs, director of "Little Men" - Blast

Ira Sachs, whose most recent films include "Love is Strange" and "Keep the Lights On," has created another movie that plays with the audience's heart. "Little Men" is the story of two boys, Tony and Jake, growing up in New York City. Tony's mother, Leonora, an immigrant, runs a store in a building owned by ...

Reykjavik Calling: Bringing Icelandic culture to Boston - Blast

Boston isn't known for its Icelandic population, but from March 4-7, Iceland Naturally is bringing the country's culture to the city, through food, music, film, and literature. On Saturday, March 5, Iceland Naturally with 88.9 WERS put on a concert called "Reykjavik Calling" at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge.

Making Sense of the Nonsensical: A Q&A with Derek Pyle of Waywords and Meansigns - Blast

One of the arguably most important books in literary history is one that almost nobody in the general public has read. Derek Pyle wants to change that. Pyle's new project, "Waywords and Meansigns," is a musical adaptation of James Joyce's 1939 novel "Finnegans Wake." The novel is often considered impossible to read, because of its ...

The Huntington News
"Disgraced" tackles Islamophobia and racism

Not many people would ever admit to being proud of the terrorist attacks on September 11. But when those words of pride are uttered, they result in a shocked silence in the audience. In a country plagued by growing Islamophobia and uncertainty regarding the threat of terrorism, Ayad Akhtar's "Disgraced," directed by Gordon Edelstein, was timely.

Austrian short film "Everything Will Be Okay" makes Oscar short list - Blast

Director Patrick Vollrath has been watching the Oscars since he was 13 years old. This year, he may win one himself. Vollrath's short film, "Everything Will Be Okay," tells the story of a father who kidnaps his daughter from his ex-wife. The film aims to show both the daughter and the father's points of view.

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