Travis Erwin

Freelance Writer

United States

Travis Erwin is an experienced author adept at content creation and social media engagement. In a writing career spanning over twenty years, Travis has authored a popular blog, published a comedic memoir, two novels, two short story collections and countless Music, Sports, and Lifestyle articles for magazines and businesses, including Farce The Music, LA on Lock, Wide Open Country, Money Pit Media, Get Out!, and The Cheat Sheet. Travis also spent three years managing the social media accounts and created a monthly newsletter for a Texas firm in that is part of the oil and gas industry with subsidiaries in trucking, maintenance, and wind energy.


Find out more about Elodie Rêverie. "Elodie Rêverie embarked on a journey long ago. A journey that began in early childhood, with her fingers poised over piano keys and continues today, ...

Album Review / Hayes Carll / What It Is

Hayes Carll has a newish album out , but before we dive deep to discover What It Is, actually is, let me address you potential rabble-rousers. Yeah, I am a writing up a review for an album that dropped a few months back. That's why I wrote "newish," my friends.


The sound of my chukkas crunching in the frozen ice brings my focus back to the stalk. Here, among the thick stand of trees, there is no fresh powder to cushion the sound of my travel. I can only hope the sounds will not carry to my quarry's ever-alert ears.

Wide Open Country
18 Texas Barbecue Joints You Need to Try Before You Die

Texas is a big state. A big meat-loving state chocked full of world-class joints. is king in Texas, so bovine delicacies are of utmost importance for any Lone Star BBQ establishment to make this list.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Studio 23 Photography
Mission Inn Riverside Weddings | Studio 23 Photography

The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside is truly an all-in-one facility for couples looking to old-world elegance. This historical venue offers multiple chapels and a quaint outdoor court as well as a trove of reception options and a full-service hotel and spa. Profess I do to the one you love in the St.

Fly Bird Fly

So I had this gig writing for a music magazine. It was fun while it lasted, but we mutually parted ways after having a deep philosophical divide about the musical influence of the late great Waylon Jennings, compared to the bro country babble of one Luke Bryan.

Shine On

This piece first appeared in the 2015 Edition of Top O' Texas Football Magazine. They stand tall, stoic. Day after day they absorb the unrelenting punishment bestowed upon them. Sun beats down on their skin. The wind pushes at them, at least in this part of the world.

Diamond P Ranch
Release the Lease and Simplify Your Hunting Time - Diamond P Ranch

For years now, deer hunting in Texas has been all about leasing property. Leasing land comes with many disadvantages in comparison to hunting here at Diamond P Ranch. Leasing land is entering into a long-term relationship with the landowner. At least you hope it will be long term.