Miriam Yavener

Freelance Writer and Adventurer

Location icon United States of America

Miriam is an American gypsy who has spent the last 10 years exploring her country by way of music festivals, hitchhiking, and sleeping in her van. Despite having been a writer since she could first hold a pen, she has only recently delved in to the world of freelance writing. Currently Miriam is exploring the Indian subcontinent. She hopes to expand her perspective there, contemplate Buddhism, and write stories which feature culture, beauty, and universal humanity.

Appalachian Jamwich
Album Review: Brokedown Hustlers, There Goes The Neighborhood

Brokedown Hustlers, There Goes the Neighborhood Written by Miriam Yavener The Brokedown Hustlers ' music evokes feelings which resonate deep in the souls of those who love the open road. Box wine and box cars, camp fires and card games, misfits and moonshiners, wild women and wanderers; these are the elements and archetypes presented in the tales on "There goes the Neighborhood."