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Tracy-Lee Nicol

Writer & editor

Location icon South Africa

I am a high calibre business journalist, general writer and editor. I have a demonstrated track record of learning, adapting and excelling quickly. I'm motivated and committed to developing projects’ full potential and to delivering outstanding results. Creative and insightful, I'm a great team player and collaborationist, but also self-proficient. I work very well under pressure, never losing eye for detail or the ability to find solutions in order to deliver beyond expectation.

I am highly effective in my time management, which means I'm not only able to juggle multiple tasks, but I'm able to deliver them in the required time-frame. Nevertheless, if a project requires time and attention beyond usual business hours I'm prepared to put in the time.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Hotlist special advertisers' feature

Each issue of the magazine has an advertisers' special feature. Here is an example of writing copy for the opening page of the section, as well as a cradle to grave advertorial for an advertiser.

Mind Space
The Rands and cents of finance

This article required participating in and gathering information from a 2-hour roundtable discussion and turning it into a cohesive, engaging article for Old Mutual.

Picto Busby
Taking the hassle out of your corporate stock management

This project was to create an explainer script for Picto Busby's animated presentation. It required learning how the model works, how to explain it clearly and briefly, and structure it in a way that would work with an animated presentation.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Playing to win

A lesson-packed and inspiring profile of a successful South African entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Spicing things up

An example of inspiring and motivational profile writing, packed with business lessons for start-ups.

Entrepreneur Magazine
How to start with nothing

An example of educational, inspiring and motivational writing in the form of a profile.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Rising to the top

Here is an example of in depth interviewing to extract business lessons from a highly successful entrepreneur in an engaging profile.

Entrepreneur magazine
The rise and rise of franchise

An example of extensive industry research and collaborating with designers to create engaging infographics from text statistics.