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Tracy Brown Hamilton is a freelance writer, editor and journalist based in Amsterdam.

Dutch students help refugee artists find an online voice -

A project by Utrecht art school students has become a platform for artists who have come to the Netherlands as refugees to tell their stories. By Tracy Brown Hamilton Mahmod Kharrat, 22, is a professional photographer who specialised in portrait photography in his native Damascus.

Sex with God as a donkey: What constitutes blasphemy today?

In 1966, Dutch writer Gerard Kornelis van het Reve was called before a judge in Amsterdam for violating his country's anti-blasphemy law. Although it would take decades for the Netherlands to decriminalize blasphemy, the outcome of Reve's case - known as the "Donkey Trial" - rendered the law virtually obsolete.

The Nazis' Forgotten Anti-Smoking Campaign

Nazi Germany's well-known obsession with creating a master Aryan race led to many atrocities. But from these same sinister motives came research that may have had health benefits for the German people.

The Meditations of Europe's Last Brewmaster Nun

Sister Doris Engelhard begins most days with mandatory choral prayer at 5:30 a.m., along with the other Franciscan sisters of Mallersdorf Abbey in Germany. But on Sundays she is excused, and instead rises at 3 a.m. to craft beer-nearly 80,000 gallons annually. For 45 years, Sister Doris, 65, has dedicated her life to God and beer.

The Atlantic
The Netherlands' Upcoming Experiment With Universal Basic Income

Next year, 250 residents in Utrecht and a few surrounding cities are slated to participate in a government program testing out a universal basic income. For us to continue writing great stories, we need to display ads. Please select the extension that is blocking ads. Please follow the steps below

The Atlantic
Why Preserving Native Languages in the Classroom Helps Refugee Students

The difference between assimilation and integration in the classroom Please consider disabling it for our site, or supporting our work in one of these ways Subscribe Now > There is McCormack was particularly interested in the children, and how they would adapt in their new home.

Ms. Magazine Blog
Why We March: For Strength, Healing and Solidarity

The Feminist Majority Foundation, publisher of Ms., is a proud partner of the Women's March on Washington. Click here to read our "Why We March" series. When you're marching on Saturday, use the hashtag #MsMarches (in addition to #WomensMarch!) to join us in fighting for our rights-and refusing to go back.

The Huffington Post
Reflections of a Motherless Mother

I navigated my 20s and 30s without a mom. I graduated from university, started a career, lived in several states and countries, went to graduate school, got married and divorced and married again, went to graduate school again, had three children. And she doesn't know any of this.

The Huffington Post
Why Middle-Aged Moms Still Need to Rock Out

I recently watched a beautiful but devastating documentary about the power of music, in particular its effect on dementia patients. In the film, Alive Inside, dementia sufferers are temporarily brought back to animated, lucid life -- not with medication, but with an iPod.

'It feels like a war on prostitution'

The last time I saw Mariska Majoor, I was scantily dressed in a window, in Amsterdam's red-light district, and she was sitting just out of view, asking me what kind of man I like.

Abortion Ship Doctor Slams Irish Policy.

Rebecca Gomperts is the founder and director of Women on Waves, an organization that, among other things, sails a ship to countries where pregnancy termination is prohibited and offers non-surgical abortions.

Horses for main courses: a scandalously delicious meat

Lisa Wisker (28) points to a photo of a young girl riding a horse. "That's me with Falco when I was 11," she says. "He was everything to me." There are several photos of her father, Peter (65), with horses he has owned.

Q&A: Erin Schrode, Youngest Person to Ever Run for Congress, Wants to Make an Impact

Erin Schrode is a community organizer and environmental activist from Marin County, California. At the age of 13, she cofounded Turning Green, a national non-profit organization devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities.

An Epic Journey: Translating 'Ulysses' | News

Exactly a quarter-century ago, in the twilight of the Soviet Union, a literary development took place that only a few years earlier would have been utterly unthinkable: James Joyce's "Ulysses" was published in Russian.
Introducing My Son to My Mother and Death -

Filed Under parenting styles,support parents When she was just 48, my mother died in her sister's house in Limerick, Ireland. It was expected: she had cancer and had gone "back home" a few days before, expressly to die and be buried there. I wasn't with her when it happened, because I thought she had more time.

Dutch Beatlemania 50 years on - - Features

On June 6, 1964, in an auction hall in the Dutch village of Blokker, four musicans played two concerts - each lasting only about 25 minutes - and caused a national sensation, writes Tracy Brown Hamilton.
40 years on Getty Kaspers is still Dutch Eurovision queen -

The last time the Netherlands won the Eurovision Song Contest was 40 years ago, when Teach-In took the honours with the infamous 'Ding-a-dong'. Singer Getty Kaspers talks to about Eurovision then and now. 'Ding-a-dong every hour, when you pick a flower, even when your lover is gone, gone, gone.'

My sick, shameful soap opera addiction

Years ago, while in college, I flicked on my television one morning and saw two blondes in confrontation.“The Bold and the Beautiful.” It’s a terrible show. And the longest-running obsession of my life.

I'm Not Going to Stop Telling My Daughter She's Pretty

I have a two-year old daughter who is curious, intelligent, bilingual, adventurous, headstrong, and brave. She is also pretty, and I tell her so. Some people seem to think that I'm hurting my daughter by doing this.

Time Out Amsterdam
Waiting to inhale

Tracy Brown Hamilton passes the Dutchie for this month's Cannabis Cup.

Time Out Amsterdam
Generation next

Tracy Brown Hamilton explores the ways that Amsterdam's diversity prepares its youth to be tomorrow's global citizens.

Time Out Amsterdam
MAD love

Entrepreneur and single mom Mariette Fehmers talks with Tracy Brown Hamilton about helping solo parents find love.

Time Out Amsterdam
Pose like a pro

Tracy Brown Hamilton learns what it feels like for a (working) girl, courtesy of the Prostitution Information Centre.