Tracey Linnell-Scarce

Copywriter, Marketing & Communications Specialist

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I am a passionate copywriter with significant experience in marketing communications and advertising.
I have honed my craft over two decades in ad agency, media and in-house marketing environments; and across all types of media, from magazines, tv, radio and video; social media, digital display network and website content.
I’m most often hired because of my commitment to understanding the offerings and objectives of a brand, what makes its customers tick and bringing the two together with messaging that speaks to our internal decision maker… the head, the heart or both.


Print - Product Catalogues

Nutrimetics Catalogue for Nutrimetics Australia & New Zealand
Nutrimetics Beauty Lab

For most of its 40 years, Nutrimetics had had a research and development team on staff (and on site) developing innovative skincare products. For an Australian-based company this was quite unique, yet this was a story that had never been told. A project was established to package and market this department and I was a part of the team that developed what became known as the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab. My role was to develop a unique voice for The Beauty Lab under the Nutrimetics umbrella and...

Nutrimetics Catalogue for Nutrimetics Australia & New Zealand
Nutrimetics Ultra Care+

To find an edge in the beauty market is more challenging than ever. As the brand copywriter, I needed to dig deep to find a strong, unique and engaging voice in this cluttered market. Ultra Care+ is a high performance range of products that blends 'science and nature' to produce excellent anti-ageing results, but claims are heavily regulated. My challenge was to craft messages that simplified the science, delivered the 'reason to believe' and left our customers with little doubt that Ultra...

Print - Editorial

Welcome to Nutrimetics (Literature for new consultants)
Travel the world...

A challenge common in Party Plan companies is inspiring consultants to move beyond entry level and do the work required to see them become more successful. Incentives for growth is the key and travel incentives is something Nutrimetics does very well. Featured in the welcome pack for new consultants, this piece was designed to inspire new consultants to aim high; to help others succeed and be rewarded with travel that they never thought possible for themselves.

The Chefs Toolbox - Business Opportunity Brochure
Join us...

Featured in the company's business opportunity brochure, this spread was about dispelling the myth that a career as a party plan consultant could not compete with the income, rewards and recognition of the corporate world. The feature also needed to speak directly to the needs of low income or at-home mums who, deep down, feel that they could do and be so much more but that being a mum comes first.

NutriLiving: the magazine for Nutrimetics Australia & New Zealand
Leading from the heart

'Your Story' was a series of articles written for Nutrimetics' monthly consultant magazine. It began with me researching the consultant's background, recording an interview and then writing a feature that would inspire self belief and an 'I can do it too' attitude in our readers.

NutriLiving: the magazine for Nutrimetics Australia & New Zealand
10 ways to thrive in tough times (and why yours is the best business to be in)

As the GFC hit in early 2009, the fear felt by Australian business and consumers was palpable. At the time I was the sole copywriter at Nutrimetics and one of my responsibilities was the writing of a 24-page monthly magazine for our consultants. The print deadline for the March issue was days away and I'd already met my copy deadline. But the ripple of fear sent the management team into action. We couldn't wait a month until the April issue to address this crisis so the entire magazine would...

eMails & Newsletters

Humble Pie

Oh the best laid plans... The Chefs Toolbox ran its biggest online sale ever and despite the increased server capacity and hours and hours of testing, the website was crashing half an hour before the sale even began. Our customers were understandably irate. The brief to me was, 'we're eating humble pie... let them know how sorry we are.'

Print - Advertising

The Mercury (Tasmania)
Death in one moment and life is so many of them

Every agency has a client it treasures. Not because of its billing, but because of its heart. Graham Family Funerals was just that for Ogilvy & Mather Mazengarb. I was a junior copywriter when I inherited this treasured account, and the Graham Family was facing a devastating loss: the family patriarch and face of the business suddenly passed away. His wife Ann was a diminutive lady, always the one in the background with a ready supply of hugs, a warm and empathetic ear, and a cup of tea. This...

The Mercury (Tasmania)

As a junior writer, I would receive briefs for small, one-off projects for the agency's blue chip clients. This was one of them. The Hydro Electric Commission (now Aurora Energy) supplied hydro electricity throughout Tasmania and was proud of its record supply rate with minimal blackouts. However when they did experience a blackout, the Hydro team liked to let people know that they're aware this may have caused problems for people and they were on to it quick smart!


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