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Executive Support and Team Operations Associate at Teach For America, D.C. Region

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May 2016 graduate of English literature and journalism at Bethel University. I like to travel and eat pho. I dream of becoming the lead comedy writer on Mindy Kaling's future talk show.



The Power of Aimless To-do Lists

By Tori Sundholm | For the Clarion Last week, I scribbled down "send brother happy birthday text" on my to-do list and crossed it off with the gusto of completing a 12-page research paper on literary theory. The trick to a successful to-do list starts with writing down the simplest task - clip toenails,...

Contaminated History

Bethel awaits test results as questions arise over cancer trend Marissa Gamache | News Editor Tori Sundholm | Freelance In 1972, Bethel College students marched five miles from the institution's first erected buildings north on Snelling Ave. toward the future site of the college at 3900 Bethel Drive.

My Life as a Commode Connoisseur

Comedy writer Tori Sundholm takes her trips to the bathroom very seriously. Tori Sundholm | The Clarion I pulled up to the Dunn Brothers on 3rd Ave and ordered my usual medium sweet chamomile tea. I'd become sort of a regular at this shop and the barista threw a soft smile my way.

Gluten-free, fad or bust? - ROYAL REPORT

Griffin was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2013. "Celiac disease looks different for a lot of people," Griffin said. "Some people break out in hives, some throw up and some just get an uncomfortable feeling in their stomach. Personally, if I eat gluten I feel like death has come upon me.

An eclectic group - ROYAL REPORT

Hso Hser, a freshman nursing major who talks so fast he's usually asked to to repeat himself at least once, showed up first to a Wednesday night club practice. His accelerated speech and pristine arrival time could be attributed to his excitement level, which stood at a steady eight while everyone else remained stagnant at a five.

80-60 Win over Tommies Gives Lady Royals New Confidence

Tori Sundholm Just minutes after the final buzzer, Rachel Paraupsky and Coach Herbrechtsmeyer embrace after an 80-60 victory over St. Thomas on Saturday. Their faces of relief and delight echoed throughout the whole team, all knowing what an important game this was. Coming into the game, St.Thomas placed second in the MIAC behind St.



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#BreakTheInternet Misses the Mark

This week's Media Monday comes to us from volunteer blog contributor Tori Sundholm, an English literature and journalism student at Bethel University. Thanks, Tori! If you'd like to write for our blog, please email Juila at [email protected] Have you heard? Kim Kardashian broke the Internet. On Nov.

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College and the Pressure of Perfection

By Tori Sundholm My heart sank at my friend's response, Oh, I used to think you had it all together. I had just told her about some of my insecurities and doubts I had being at Bethel University. Like so many of my conversations with Bethel girls confessing our struggles, we realized we weren't alone in the end.

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Loving your body in all stages

Submitted by Victoria Sundholm Near the end of high school and the beginning of college, girls turn into women. So many changes occur in the female body during this stage and it's important to love your body in all stages of its growth. This is easier said than done, especially in college.

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