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I love meeting people, research, digging through spreadsheets and data then putting it all together into compelling stories. Since 2008, I've covered city and county governments, school systems, immigration, crime, courts, breaking news and any other assignments tossed my way in New Mexico, Kansas and currently in Northwest Arkansas. Most of my stories run in the Northwest Arkansas Times in Fayetteville. My stories can vary from quick hit briefs, live event stories, meeting coverage and longer narrative pieces showing emotion and scenery. Thanks for browsing!


Breaking news and live events

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Walker Dies in Blaze

A beloved business man dies after his store goes up in flames. I placed 3rd in the Arkansas Press Association's competition for breaking news for larger dailies.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Hundreds Remember Walker

Hundreds of people, maybe a little more than 1,000, gathered to remember Bruce Walker, the businessman, leather-work artist, and yes, "cool old hippie."

The Northwest Arkansas Times &
Waste Director Fired

The head of a local waste district is fired after reported financial and management complaints. Story uses FOIA and former employees to reveal information behind the board's decision to fire the director.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Waste District Approves Vacation

Solid waste district approves to pay with unanticipated taxpayer dollars 30 days vacation owed to a recently fired director. That's despite reports showing he admitted to two weeks of campaigning for public office during company time and other improprieties with public funds.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Bomb Scare At The Bank

Elderly couple held hostage while female is forced to attempt to rob a bank

Public entities: how they spend taxpayer dollars, how they govern and impact residents

Northwest Arkansas Times &
New State Law Impacts County Politics

It's political skullduggery, as my paper's editorial board put it. State lawmakers gave Arkansas county judges, who work as chief executives, more power over Quorum Courts, the legislative branch.

The Northwest Arkansas Times &
County Seeks Bridge Work

Story uses local efforts to improve roads while using computer assisted reporting to show regional bridge conditions and a web-link to an interactive map showing deficient bridges.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Washington County Bridges

Online map that supplements the news clip above. The map, made through Google Fusion tables, shows structurally-deficient bridges and also functionally-obsolete bridges.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
County Clerk Hopeful Fired

A fired employee after failed election, a public employee arrested for not registering as a sex offender and a tangled web of county politics.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
County Seeks ‘Carry-Over’ Money Control

Story explores the beginning discussions over a tug-of-war between the county's legislative and executive branches over unused taxpayer cash. Story used computer assisted reporting.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Some Ballots Exposed

Political redistricting left the potential of secret votes being exposed.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Ambulance Response Times Faster

A day in the life of an ambulance crew as they navigate snowy streets and rush to treat serious emergencies and not-so-serious injuries.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
City Loses Some Revenue

Story applies newly released U.S. Census figures with local sales tax figures using spreadsheet data released by the Census Bureau


Northwest Arkansas Times
Task Force To End

A yearlong project about ICE's termination of some partnerships with local law police to enforce federal immigration laws.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Local Arrests, Deportation Analysis

Spreadsheet work that compiles crimes associated with deportations in Northwest Arkansas.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Reform Bill Could Impact Businesses

Using a family business convicted of immigration violations, story looks at the impact the Gang of Eight's immigration reform on business and a person's "deportability." Story also uses TRAC data.

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Immigration Draws Focus

Local reaction to the U.S. Senate's passage of immigration reform.

Springdale Morning News &
Visas Hot Ticket In Region

Story about the regions H1B visas given to immigrants with college degrees or better

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Group Hosts Potential Citizens

Story examines a group helping legal permanent residents apply toward citizenships, while statistics show naturalizations dropped.

County life and other features

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Food Banks Feeling Strain

Story looking at the growing number of local people living just above the poverty line. Story uses Census data.

Historical Marker Dedicated
Historical Marker Dedicated

This story, for some reason, made the AP wires and picked up in papers from across the country. It's about a historical marker that describes the social devastation caused by the destruction of mills during the civil war.

Extreme weather, catastrophes and response

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Tornado, Flood Recovery

One of my toughest stories to put together. It's a narrative of a family I followed for six months after a tornado and mother nature ripped apart three generations

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Johnson Residents Return Home

A story of what residents saw after returning to their homes for devastating floods

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Church Official Calls For Leader

Days after a tornado destroyed rural life and a small community, an organizational meetings ends with frustration after a county leader tells residents her hands are tied.

Court, legal stories

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Lawsuit Targets Vote

A group against a sales tax election sues the county to stop an election after early voting began. I broke this story several hours before any other news organization

Northwest Arkansas Times &
Challenge Rejected

A Washington County judge rejects an effort to stop a sales tax election from a mysterious group

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