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In my current role as a Production Editor for, I get to help thought leaders share their advice with other business professionals through Forbes Business Development Council, Forbes Finance Council, Forbes Human Resources Council, and Fast Company Executive Board.

I'm a writer-in-residence at Gallery Aferro in the Downtown Newark Arts District and the Spring 2023 Sustainable Arts Fellow.

When I'm not busy balancing work and family, I'm learning to write my first few children's PB manuscripts through Storyteller Academy and many more resources.

Forbes Business Development Council
Navigating AI And Machine Learning: 13 Techniques To Boost Business

AI and ML technology can not only enable sales to save time and cut costs, but it can also complement the most important currency (ie. relationship management is a way that sales can actually act as a "true business partner").

Berkeley Today
CBS 2 Sunday Morning Highlights Berkeley College Career Clothing Boutique

Earl Brown,M.B.A., Campus Operating Officer at the Berkeley College Newark Campus, and student Nadirah Rhodes, were featured on CBS 2 News - CBS New York on February 24. They spoke with Emmy Award winning news anchor reporters, Cindy Hsu and Kristine Johnson, about the Career Clothing Boutique that launched in Newark, September 2018.

Orthodontic Products
The Smart Way to Update Your Sterilization in 2021

When it comes to keeping your orthodontic practice staff and patients free from infection, investing in high quality instruments and up-to-date sterilization technology go hand in hand. By Tonya Johnson The sterilization process for infectious disease control and prevention in the orthodontic market has taken a huge leap into the future, says Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, sterilization and infection control consultant for the orthodontic profession.

Montclair Film Festival
Emerging Black Voices Ask, Which Way Is Up?

Guest speakers Iyabo Boyd (producer, FOR AHKEEM), Sabaah Folayan (director, WHOSE STREETS?), and Yance Ford (director, STRONG ISLAND) dished on the filmmaking process, how they discovered the subjects of their thought-provoking documentaries, and their mission as artists. Here are just a few highlights from the conversation.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Operation Smile Researcher Shares Latest on Cleft and Craniofacial...

The latest research, led by VP Allyn Auslander, focuses on the impact of smoke exposure among patients living with cleft conditions in less-developed regions. By Tonya Johnson July is National Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month. According to Operation Smile, it's estimated that worldwide, every three minutes a child is born with a cleft condition.

Plastic Surgery Practice
4 Aesthetic Loyalty Programs Explained

Allergan has revamped its Brilliant Distinctions program so patients earn points on non-Allergan services. Aerolase, Merz, and Synergy also offer loyalty programs to grow your practice. By Tonya Johnson David Shafer, MD, FACS, of the Shafer Clinic in New York City, never considered himself a "loyalty rewards type of person," in his personal or professional life.

Plastic Surgery Practice
7 Tips to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice in 2021

Plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD, FACS, shares how to improve the patient experience from first contact through maintaining long-term relationships. Drs David Shafer and Dendy Engelman pictured l-r (photos courtesy of Tonya Johnson) By Tonya Johnson David Shafer, MD, FACS, has been board-certified in plastic surgery since 2007 (and in general surgery since 2005).

Orthodontic Products
Hu-Friedy Expands Its Clear Collection for Aligners

HuFriedyGroup recently rolled out a new extension to its Clear Collection for Clear Aligners Instrument Set. The expanded set includes five all-new instruments in addition to the original four.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Future Brides Plan Their Plastic Surgery Procedures Amid...

Postponed weddings, due to COVID-19, gave brides-to-be the time to focus on self-care, schedule surgery, and plan for a full recovery before their special event. By Tonya Johnson With the 2021 summer wedding season underway, the overall uptick in patients seeking aesthetic treatment services also includes brides-to-be.

Orthodontic Products
8 Tips for Adding a Second Location to Your Orthodontic Practice

Whether you're opening a new office or acquiring an existing orthodontic practice, these tips will get you ready to make your next move . By Tonya Johnson Contemplating a second office location? Closing the deal to acquire another existing orthodontic practice? Here are some important tips to consider before you make your next move from William S.

Plastic Surgery Practice
How to Build a Stronger Practice Through Signature Skincare...

Word of mouth is powerful. If you're doing your best to make every patient's experience memorable, the effort pays off in time, says oculofacial plastic surgeon Chaneve Jeanniton, MD, FACS (left), owner of the Brooklyn Face & Eye holistic boutique, and founder of the epi.logic skincare brand.

Plastic Surgery Practice
AI-Powered Aestheti.Bot Helps Plastic Surgeons Improve on Client...

By Tonya Johnson Philip Miller, MD, FACS-a New York facial plastic surgeon and chief executive officer of PlacerTech Inc, has introduced the Aestheti.Bot to keep his professional colleagues at the forefront of innovation in the marketplace.

Plastic Surgery Practice
How Being a 'One-Stop Shop' Helps a New York City Plastic Surgeon...

From metabolic aesthetics to dermatology, the Shafer Clinic offers a holistic approach to meet patients' needs. Drs David Shafer and Dendy Engelman pictured l-r (photo courtesy of the Shafer Clinic) By Tonya Johnson "When I opened my practice I didn't have any money or any experience with a steady stream of clients.

Orthodontic Products
Remote Monitoring and Virtual Consults Come Center Stage

As the COVID-19 crisis disrupts business as usual in orthodontic practices across the country, orthodontists are turning to these tools to maintain patient connection and keep treatment on track By Tonya Johnson Remote monitoring and virtual consults have taken on new importance as orthodontic practices struggle to provide continuity of care and engage new patients amid COVID-19.

Orthodontic Products
Industry Insider: From Patient Hygiene to Staff and Patient Safety

PlatypusCo is known for the Platypus Orthodontic Flosser and its line of patient hygiene focused products, but with COVID-19 it's taken on airborne virus mitigation. Innovation is the name of the game in orthodontics, but when we talk about innovation we often focus on the high-tech.

Orthodontic Products
Orthodontist's First Novel Highlights the Importance of Overall...

Blaine Langberg, DMD, MMSC, a Connecticut orthodontist and first-time author talks about using multiple platforms to sound off on spirituality, mental health, and finding balance. By Tonya Johnson What do you call a problem solver, who loves to meet new people, and form one-on-one relationships? An orthodontist.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Facial Plastic Surgeon Opens Nonprofit Art Gallery Within His...

The growing trend of art exhibits in the workspace environment has had a major influence on a wide range of industries from the neighborhood coffee bar to national wealth management corporations. For New York City-based Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD ("Dr K"), plastic surgery and art seem like the perfect marriage-each strives to achieve beauty and uplift the human spirit.

Plastic Surgery Practice
The 'Mommy Makeover': How One Plastic Surgeon Helps Moms Look and...

There's a high demand for "mommy makeovers"-especially in the Garden State of New Jersey, where young New York City couples flock when they're ready to start building a family, in search of bigger homes with high-achieving school districts.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss Transforms Lives

Doing a breast lift, or any other body contouring surgery, on a patient who has lost a tremendous amount of weight is like watching a caterpillar cocoon blossom into a beautiful butterfly. At least that's how Burr von Maur, MD, FACS, of CosmetiCare Plastic Surgery and Medspa in Corona Del Mar, Calif, describes it.

Orthodontic Products
Texas Orthodontist Coaches Teens to Happier Smiles and Happier Lives

"Dr RJ" Jackson, life coach, teen podcast host, and founder of the Life Scholar Academy, says: "I'm passionate about orthodontics, but I believe my purpose is to serve teenagers. His debut book, "How to Train Your Superhero" published in October during National Bullying Prevention Month.

Orthodontic Products
Putting uLab Systems' New Aligner Pricing Structure into Practice

Orthodontists, like Dr Satish Pai, can now offer an affordable aligner option to patients who would otherwise choose a direct-to-consumer solution. By Tonya Johnson uLab Systems recently announced a new aligner pricing structure for orthodontists using its uSmile Clear Aligner System. As uLab chief executive officer and founder Amir Abolfathi puts it, this "is an industry first for orthodontists."

Plastic Surgery Practice
Plastic Surgeons Find Success Selling Consumers an At-Home...

By Tonya Johnson Shelter-in-place has been a time when "we've stayed at home, watched our Botox treatments wear off, and our hairs turn gray," says Manhattan-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon Lara Devgan, MD, MPH, FACS. Inability to get professional aesthetic services during the COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for other strategies to fill the void, she says.

Orthodontic Products
Ormco Spark Aligners Consumer-Focused Campaign Targets Women

Ormco vice president of global marketing, Sheila Tan, says doctor, patient feedback make it the perfect time to ramp up consumer marketing. By Tonya Johnson Ormco has officially announced its 2021 consumer driven marketing campaign to inform patients, specifically adult women, about its Spark Clear Aligner System available in the U.S.

Orthodontic Products
Santa Clara-based Software Company Empowers Orthodontists to...

Sikka Insights platform empowers orthodontists to make informed decisions about their private practice through data insights on scheduling, production, treatment plans, procedures, and other key performance indicators. By Tonya Johnson Sikka Software, an independent innovator that has been advancing retail healthcare connectivity, applications and insights, for more than 10 years, has announced the launch of Sikka Insights.

Plastic Surgery Practice
The Pandemic Spurs At Home 'Aesthetic Treatments' with Disastrous...

Would-be patients frustrated by COVID-related plastic surgery practice closures risk permanent damage if they try to DIY with unregulated or incorrectly administered alternatives. By Tonya Johnson In spring of 2020, when New York City was an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, plastic surgery practices, like many other medical offices in the region, closed their doors temporarily to promote public health and safety.

Plastic Surgery Practice
As Self-Care 'Tweakments' Surge, Two Medical Aesthetic Companies...

By Tonya Johnson Merz Aesthetics and Candela Corporation are working together to provide what the two companies are describing as "one of the broadest medical aesthetics portfolios in the world." The collaboration will start in North America with the intention to expand the device, injectable, and skincare portfolios globally.

Berkeley Today
The Work World: Becoming a Graphic Designer

In today's multimedia environment, almost every business and organization depends on the work of a graphic design artist. If you are serious about launching a career in the graphic design industry, and are seeking an innovative and thorough course curriculum that will teach you all about the business, then consider Berkeley College.

The Item of Millburn and Short Hills
Dad Was a Spy

Millburn native recalls father's mysterious past

Plastic Surgery Practice
Latest Improvement on Breast Cancer Treatment Provides Faster...

According to the Breast Cancer Research and Assistance Fund, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to COVID-19, Dr Kandace P. McGuire and her surgical oncology team at VCU Massey, had used the Magseed device on close to 200 breast cancer patients to help save lives.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Consumer Interest Grows in Hair Loss Solutions, and the...

For one Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, hair restoration (of the head and eyebrows) makes up 50% of his business. By Tonya Johnson Doctors have been performing hair transplants for decades. Now, courtesy of social media such as YouTube and Instagram, more and more consumers are educating themselves about hair loss solutions than ever before.

Plastic Surgery Practice
One Law Firm's Advice for Plastic Surgery Professionals Returning...

Baker Donelson says informed employees will feel safer and more comfortable in this new work environment, as COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders lift. By Tonya Johnson Shelter-in-place orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19 are slowly beginning to lift across the United States. But it's no longer going to be business as usual.

Orthodontic Products
Biomechanics and Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms is the Pride...

Co-founder and CEO, Khamzat Asabaev says SoftSmile has been perfecting its technology to provide orthodontists with the tools needed to utilize skills, reduce cost, and usher in the next revolution in orthodontics. SoftSmile, a software platform with a suite of features for orthodontists and their practices, announced the U.S.

Berkeley Today
Berkeley College Business Student Inspired by Women in Leadership

Commitment.Leadership.Integrity. Those were Stacy Podelski's three biggest take-a-ways on day one of the "Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers" event held at Berkeley College on October 17 in New York City. Day two of the program was hosted on October 18 at Berkeley's Woodbridge, NJ campus.

Plastic Surgery Practice
Diversity, COVID-19, and Acne: Physician-Dispensed Skincare Line...

Obagi's SKINCLUSION initiative launched in 2019, primarily focused on skin tone diversity. Since then, the campaign has expanded to address gender, identity, physical challenges, disabilities, and more. By Tonya Johnson Last week, oculofacial plastic surgeon, Deborah Sherman, MD, presented during physician-dispensed skincare line Obagi's SKINCLUSION Facebook Live event.

Plastic Surgery Practice
UCLA-led Study Reveals Anti-Aging Effects in Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty may make a woman appear three years younger, machine learning shows . By Tonya Johnson In a selfie-driven era of social media, people are examining their facial features much more critically. As a result, more people are seeking surgical solutions.

Orthodontic Products
Why You Should Write a Book

A book can be the key to growing your practice, personal brand, and industry reputation . By Tonya Johnson There is a book inside every orthodontist, and the information that you share with patients on a daily basis puts you one step closer to getting published.

Plastic Surgery Practice
How to Ensure Patients Are Happy with Their Breast Augmentation - Plastic Surgery Practice

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic procedure in United States today. But before you scrub up for that next surgery, Manish Shah, MD, FACS, of Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Denver, CO, says it's important to guide patients on implant size and shape-and, in some cases, about whether the patient should get breast implants at all.

Orthodontic Products
Buy, Sell, Merge: Navigating a Successful Practice Transition

A new book from the CEO and founder of the National Dental Law Center sets out to help chairside practitioners navigate the journey to successful entrepreneurship, while raising the bar for legal representation of dental professionals. By Tonya Johnson Business is booming at your first orthodontic practice, and now you've got your sights set on where to launch a second location.

German Studies is 'Life Changing' for Local Princeton Alumna

Princeton University Allison Fleming was fascinated with German language and culture long before she arrived as an undergraduate student on campus back in 2014. Although she isn't German, her dad, John was born on an army base in Regensburg, Germany. He moved back to Germany as a teenager for a while, and picked up on the language a bit.

Diversity Woman
Healthy Hair is the "Mane" Choice

Turning a bad experience into a thriving business By Tonya Johnson Courtney Adeleye knows just what it takes to own and operate a successful business. Before she launched The Mane Choice in 2013, she had opened a photography studio and launched a clothing boutique.

1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds

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Berkeley College
Career Fairs at Berkeley College

Berkeley College holds numerous Career Fairs that provide opportunities to learn about potential employers and take advantage of new networking opportunities.

Berkeley College Ice Cream Social with iHeartMedia's Honey German is a Hit After Finals!

To celebrate the end of spring 2018 semester, the Berkeley College Admissions Departmentin Woodland Park, NJ, hosted an outdoor ice cream social on July 31 in front of Renaissance Hall. As students were completing their final exams,Linda Pinsky Mauro, Campus Operating Officer, introduced them to special guest Honey German and her street team from iHeartMedia/Power 105.1.

Celebrating National Poetry Month with Berkeley Senior Khali Raymond

Happy National Poetry Month! Berkeley College senior Khali Raymond kicked off this year's celebration by presenting his poem "Don't Put the Pen Down, With a Smiley Face," at the Poetry, Pastry, and Punch event, held April 6 at Central Park Restaurant in Roselle, NJ.

Revived Career Series Aims to Prepare Berkeley College Students for the Workplace

The "6-Part Professional Development Series (I.LATCH)" is back at Berkeley College in Woodbridge, NJ. The I.LATCH series, hosted by the Career Services Department, is designed to assist students in the areas of difficulty addressed by employers nationwide. Topics of discussion include:Interpersonal Skills,Leadership,Agility,Teamwork,Critical Thinking, andHumility.

Fashion Designer Steve Madden Surprises Students at Berkeley College Summer Workshop

Students said the biggest highlight of the Berkeley College 2018 High School Summer Fashion Workshopwas an unexpected meet and greet with Steve Madden during an annual trip to his New York City designer showroom. Berkeley College developed a partnership with Steven Madden, Ltd., a company that designs and markets shoes and fashion accessories for women, men, and children.

Berkeley College

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Berkeley Today
The Work World: Becoming an Interior Designer

March is National Women's History Month. What better time to launch the Work World Career Series? Work World features Berkeley College Alumni who are achieving success in their professional careers, and are willing to share their knowledge about what it takes to make it in the industry.

The Item of Millburn and Short Hills
New Eyes for the Needy

Jake Gyllenhaal fundraises for local Millburn charity