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Best vacations for 60 year olds: 7 trips everyone should take in their 60s

The best vacations for 60 year olds don't look that different from the vacations you might plan in your 40s or 50s. The main point of difference is that you might be able to spend a little more time in each destination, and without the restriction of trying to keep the whole family happy, affording you the freedom to explore at your own pace and really immerse yourself in the places you visit.

The Telegraph
Where to stay in Italy - the safest regions and places to avoid when you can travel again

On June 3, for the first time since the country was plunged into one of Europe's strictest coronavirus lockdowns, Italy reopened its borders to international tourism. The Italian Minister of Health's official website reports that new cases of coronavirus have been dwindling daily since the country eased its stay-at-home orders in early May.

Fodors Travel Guide
Will the Cheek Kiss Come Back to Italy?

The ritual of greeting with a cheek kiss is indelibly etched in Italy's DNA. Traced as far back as the 5th century B.C., the cheek kiss gained widespread popularity in Roman times and was later practiced by the early Christians (deemed a way to transfer the Holy Spirit between the faithful), eventually morphing into a symbol of romantic love around the 11th century A.D.

Walks of Italy
Feast of the Seven Fishes: From La Vigilia to Italian-American Tradition

The Feast of the Seven Fishes (AKA La Vigilia) is an Italian-American tradition in which families and friends gather on Christmas Eve to enjoy seven varied dishes of fish and seafood. On the menu you might find such briny delicacies as baccalà (salted cod), Cioppino (a classic San Francisco-style seafood stew), anchovies, octopus, shrimp, calamari (squid) and a variety of shellfish (mussels, clams, crab, etc.,).

An Insider's Guide to Orvieto - BrowsingItaly

Traveling to Orvieto? Then you'll want to have this handy insider's guide with you. I reached out to my friend Toni, who lives in Orvieto, and she has generously shared an impressive list of her favorites. I'll let her take it from here....

Culture Trip
Reasons You Should Visit Italy's Umbria Region

Umbria is the region of olive oil, salami, lentils, truffles, chocolate and honey - and its restaurants delight in making the most of the local produce. Just metres away from Assisi's main square, Osteria Piazzetta dell'Erba elevates cooking to fine art, with chef Matteo Bini presenting food that's equally pleasing to the eyes and the palate.

Culture Trip
The Best Hotels to Book in Tirol, Austria

The Austrian region of Tirol is renowned for its skiing opportunities amongst the Alps, and its capital, Innsbruck, is set among them - book your stay with Culture Trip

Orvieto or Bust:
7 Things to Know If YuBike in Amsterdam

It's hardly a secret that the Netherlands is home to the most bicycles per capita than anywhere else in the world. Statistics reveal that 17 million Dutch people own 22.5 million bicycles (1.3 bikes per resident) and there are upwards of 55,000 kilometres of bike lanes stretching from north to south and east to west....

Walks of Italy
Welcome to Tuscia, Central Italy's Hidden Gem - Walks of Italy

If you spend enough time in Italy you'll inevitably hear someone asking: "Where is this Tuscia area we keep hearing about? Is it a village? A region? I've never heard of it before." Actually, Tuscia (also referred to as Etruria) is a historical landmass whose arm wraps around most of Tuscany , much of Umbria and parts of Lazio .

Corleone, Sicily: 5 Great Reasons to Visit

Yes, that Corleone, Sicily. Corleone is a characteristic mountain community 60 kilometers high above Palermo, Sicily. Its name infamously evokes images of the Mafia and in the late-sixties, the town's reputation was further immortalized as the setting for Mario Puzo's best-selling novel The Godfather (Il Padrino) and later by Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 Oscar winning film of the same name.

Walks of Italy Blog
How to Find the Perfect Agriturismo in Umbria

The picturesque region of Umbria is one of most popular destinations in Italy for a lot of reasons. It has a spectacular array of medieval towns, verdant hills (they don't call it 'The Green Heart of Italy' for nothing), and earthy, mouth-watering cuisine that often highlights seasonal, foraged specialties like mushrooms, wild asparagus, and truffles .

The Etruscan Next Door

What would it have been like to live next door to an Etruscan? Etruscans were short in stature but long on engineering and cultural sophistication. They were adept at making wine, perfected the terracotta potter's wheel, and were stellar metalworkers.

The Etruscan Next Door: Part II

(...continued from here) Women's Liberation, B.C. In Etruscan society, women were respected and fully engaged in their community. You might say Etruria was the first "community property state"; women owned land and homes just as men did.

La Palombella

Each Pentecost Sunday for centuries, a large crowd gathers in the courtyard of the Duomo d'Orvieto to celebrate the Festa della Palombella (a previous IN note). Despite the condemnation of animal rights advocates, a dove is placed in a plexiglass "space capsule" and launched on a zip-line across the Piazza.

Show and Tell: Romagna with New Eyes

The region of Romagna literally "has it all": Majestic mountains, dynamic wetlands and rugged coastline. I've been living in Italy for a quite a while now, but for the life of me I can't explain why I hadn't been to Romagna before!

The Story of Paper

Lamberto Bernardini’s papermaking studio sits very near where Orvieto’s commanding cathedral casts its afternoon shadow. I came to meet with Lamberto and learn about traditional carta marmorizzata (marbled paper), but what I got in the bargain was a compelling narration of the history of paper from its ancient roots through its tragic introduction into Europe, to today’s resurgence of paper as an art form. Pestilence! Famine, Death! Who would have thought that paper, a seemingly benign...

Carta Marmorizzata

Evidence of marbled paper has never been found in China, but authentication of the oldest known method of “floating paper” was discovered to have existed in Japan in 825 C.E. 17th Century travelers to the Middle East brought back examples of marbled papers and adapted the art for book covers, endpapers and lining for chests and shelves. The art continued to develop in Persia and Ottoman Turkey with the foremost marbled paper method, Ebru, dating back to the 19th Century. Turkish paper played...

La Festa Della Vecchiarella

January 7, 2013 / Events Monterubiaglio, Umbria ... old woman with candy! Very similar to the more well-known Italian holiday tradition of La Befana, on the eve of the Epiphany (January 5) La Vecchiarella, "the little old crone" historically played by a man, visits homes in the rural Umbrian borgo of Monterubiaglio.

Modena to Parma: The Italian Food Valley

How did I, an admitted non-foodie, get myself mixed up with a blog tour all about cuisine? Just lucky, I guess. This tour, sponsored by The Emilia Romagna Region Tourist Board in collaboration with Michelin Guide Italian Restaurants 2017, was an eye-opening romp through a region considered one of the great food meccas of the world.

Er Core de Roma: Pigneto

Just as the ancient ruins of Rome paint a picture of what life was like inside the Aurelian walls thousands of years ago, venturing outside the historical center offers a fresh perspective and insight into what makes this modern metropolis tick. The Eternal City's characteristicneighborhoods represent the many facets of urban contemporary life, Roman style.

Little Shop of Miracles

In Italian, terracotta artisan Alberto Bellini’s cognome (family name) can be loosely translated to mean “little beauties”. It’s really the perfect moniker for the proprietor of La Corte dei Miracoli (Court of Miracles), the Orvieto shop where since 1990 this craftsman has been meticulously moulding, carving and forming his clay creations by hand.

Piazza Navona Artists

A revolution has been brewing for almost a decade on the Piazza Navona. Millions arrive to see Bernini's magnificent Fountain of the Four Rivers and to stroll around, perhaps hoping to acquire an original picture of a Roman scene painted and signed by the artist in front of them.

Most Interesting "Man" in Town

He has kept company with movie stars, famous athletes, powerful politicians and royalty. Children adore him but dogs are a little intimidated by his strength and confidence. His charm and power draw beautiful women to him - they vie for a chance to stand next to him, but he prefers that they resist the urge to touch his hair.

Portico di Romagna: Dante Slept Here?

Possessing deep Roman and Medieval roots, the village of Portico di Romagna is nestled in the Apennine mountain range, halfway between Ravenna to the north and Florence to the south and west. This tiny borgo (hamlet) boasts around 400 residents and is one of 3 distinct settlements making up the municipality of 'Portico e San Benedetto'.

The Good Life: The Food of Romagna, Italy

Italy's northern region of Emila-Romagna is divided into nine provinces starting at Piacenza at the northwest point and spanning east to Rimini on the Adriatic Sea. Romagna is situated on the "right side" of this hyphenated territory, geographically divided from Emilia by the Sillaro and Reno rivers.

Italy's Littlest Carnevale

Wintertime is Carnevale time in Italy. Although dates change every year, the holiday always coincides with the Christian calendar, commencing 40 days before Easter with the fun and frolicking ending on Fat Tuesday (Martedi Grasso) - one day before the start of Lent.

La Brocca di Gallo: The Rooster Pitcher of Italy

Delicate and unique, Majolica Italian ceramics are world-renowned for their intricate hand painted motifs and lustrous glazes. The origin of this uniquely Italian artisan craft can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, the sophisticated earthenware has graced the tables of the aristocracy of Europe and the rich and famous.

Open-Air Markets in Italy: 7 Fun Facts and Tips

One of the best things about traveling abroad is the endless opportunities there are to experience different cultures "up-close-and personal". Touring historical sites and visiting museums is only part of the experience. For a taste of Italy's rich culture and glimpse of daily life, visit one of the many open-air markets in Italy.

Rome, Italy: Lights, Camera...Natale!

It is my humble opinion that there is NO bad time to come to Rome, however, on the top of my list for visiting the Eternal City is at Christmas time!

The Beehive Rome
How to do nothing in Rome - The Beehive Rome

Guest post & photos by Toni DeBella In my everyday life I am somewhat of an "over-planner". I like to know when and where I am going far in advance. However, when it comes to spending an afternoon in Rome, ...

The March of Faith: Bolsena to OrvietoItalianNotebook

Just as it happened nearly 750 years ago, on the night of June 1, a group of about one hundred individuals gathered together for the solemn Marcia della Fede (March of Faith), the traditional pilgrimage from Bolsena to Orvieto first made in the 13 th century.

Should I Rent a Car in Italy?

When friends are planning a trip to Italy they often ask me the question: Should we rent a car and drive while we're visiting? My rhetorical question in response is always: Are you insane? You have to understand that I'm a great big sissy when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car in Italy, therefore I'm not very comfortable recommending it to others.

How to Eat Well in Italy: 7 Classifications of Italian Eateries

Italians use the term mangiare bene which literally means "to eat well". But along with referring to a meal of flavor and value, it also suggests a savored time surrounded by friends and loved ones while consuming fresh, whole, seasonal and regional products.

San Francisco, CA: Best Internet Cafes

San Francisco is the entrepreneur's dream - a big metropolis mentality with a small town sensibility. Neighborhoods are the soul of this European-style City by the Bay and with a plethora of intimate bistros around town it's not difficult to find the perfect haunt for writing the great American novel, blogging up a storm, or launching the next big start up sensation.

Giornata FAI di Primavera

April 17, 2013 / Events Orvieto, Umbria A Freelance writer and blogger at Orvieto or Bust, Toni recently packed everything she owns into two suitcases and headed to Orvieto, Italy. She's adjusted her tennis game to the clay courts and drinks way too many caffe lattes.

Rome, Italy: The Eternal City's Backstreets

All roads may lead to Rome but not all streets in Rome are created equal. In this ancient, convoluted, enchanting, twisted mass of boulevards, tiny lanes and mini piazzas, one could roam around on foot for days and never see the same street twice.

A Sweet LIfe

In this era of modern Italian coffee bars with free Wi-Fi, blasting music videos and blindingly bright florescent lighting, Scarponi Pasticceria is a little piece of heaven.

Off The Grid: San Francisco's Food Truck Craze

Gourmet food truck fever is sweeping the urban foodie scene in full force and San Francisco is on its cutting edge. Off the Grid, a weekly event at the city's Fort Mason Center parking lot is the perfect example of a roving dining experience of epicurean proportions.

Rome vs. Florence: Which "Italy" Speaks to You?

Vanilla or chocolate? Pizza or pasta? Rome or Florence? I got to thinking about the connections we form and how our preferences are shaped - from the foods we like to the type of environments we place ourselves. Sometimes we meet a person and know immediately whether or not we like them.

Lisbon | Cross Pollinate

Sunny Lisbon's port of entry is situated along the Rio Tejo River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. One of the hottest travel destinations in the world, Lisbon welcomes approximately 18 million visitors a year arriving by air, rail, and sea.

Diving Into the New Year

"Polar bears do it, penguins do it, even crazy Roman residents do it..." It was 1946 when Rick De Sonay, a former Belgian Olympic diver looking for work as a stuntman, decided that plunging from the Cavour Bridge in Rome at midnight on New Year's Eve might draw attention to his job search efforts.

The Corteo Storico of Corpus Domini

Each June, the city is buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Everyone is out in full force, enthusiastically preparing for this most important celebration for Orvietani specifically, and for the Roman Catholic world most particularly.

Ring around the Rock

Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, Mecca. All mystical and sacred places where one can find peace in their solitude and beauty. Add the Anello della Rupe (Ring of the rock/cliff/outcropping) to the list: a walking-trail that runs around the volcanic rock on which the town of Orvieto is perched. It’s only a few meters below the city center, yet it’s a world away.

Hotel Reviews

The Telegraph
Il Ghiottone Umbro

Owning sweeping countryside vistas, Il Ghiottone Umbro sits alongside a rock wall at the base of Todi - a hilltop town smack dab in Italy's geographic centre. It's a four-minute walk to rotund Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione church and a gentle climb up to town.

The Telegraph
Villa Mediterranea Capri

The hotel's plum location, situated within walking distance of much of the city's glossy shopping streets, means there's no end to the potential for dining, drinking, and revelling. A few paces from the lobby you'll come across the lane leading to Roman emperor Tiberius' lavish Villa Jovis (a steep, 30-minute climb).

The Telegraph
J.K. Place Capri

It's located directly on the water's edge in a calm and serene part of the island, yet the hotel also places you right in the thick of things. It's a short walk up the road from bustling Marina Grande; Capri town, with its wealth of swanky boutiques and glittery nightlife, is 15 minutes' drive.

The Telegraph
Punta Tragara

Lofting so high above the iconic Faraglioni pinnacles that you can almost reach out and touch them, five-star Hotel Punta Tragara is a masterpiece of million-dollar views and 1920s sophistication. The hotel holds a special place in Capri's illustrious and storied past. By hydrofoil from Naples to Capri's port, Marina Grande takes 50 minutes.

The Telegraph
Casa Morgano

Five-star Hotel Casa Morgano offers a taste of old-world sophistication set along a pine and cypress tree-lined pathway to the sea, gazing out over exquisite terraced gardens and onto the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

The Telegraph
Hotel Gatto Bianco

Mere yards from the Piazzetta - the picturesque square and arrival point of the funicular from the seaport - the hotel stands in the middle of the action, putting you within easy walking distance of exclusive boutiques and happening bistro cafés. In a world where new is better, the hotel's devotion to its venerable roots is refreshing.

The Telegraph
Hotel Luna

Sandwiched between Certosa di San Giacomo, a 14th-century Carthusian monastery, and the botanical Gardens of Augustus, Hotel Luna's unrivalled location makes not just for lofty vistas of sea and sky, but also affords a certain measure of seclusion. Then again, if you came to Capri for its la dolce vita street scene, the centre of town is only minutes away.

The Telegraph
Alma Civita Restaurant & Rooms

There are advantages and disadvantages to a guesthouse that can only be reached on foot. The one-mile trudge from a car park to an ascending footbridge up to the centre of town while dragging a suitcase is an obvious downside.

The Telegraph
Villa Carolina

The beauty of this hotel is its seclusion. It is a bit of an uphill jaunt but perfectly positioned for the 45-minute trek to neo-classical Villa Lysis and Roman-era Villa Jovis (built by emperor Tiberius in 27 AD).

The Telegraph
Roccafiore Spa & Resort

Along a secluded country road in a corner of Umbria considered the region's most beautiful, Roccafiore boasts stunning panoramas of verdant hillsides and an unobstructed, fairytale vista of Todi, three miles (five kilometres) in the distance.

The Telegraph
Altarocca Wine Resort

Just a few minutes outside the medieval hill town of Orvieto yet far enough afield to feel you're a world away. Altarocca is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside, or for hiding out for a while.

The Telegraph
Hotel Canasta

The secluded and four-star boutique Hotel Canasta offers terrific island views, with a sun-soaked lounge space encircling the swimming pool and an elegant restaurant right next door. Hotel Canasta sits inconspicuously below street level and faces out to the sea. It's located in one of Capri's quieter areas, yet it's just a seven-minute walk from the island's liveliest square.

The Telegraph
Hotel San Michele

Situated at the edge of the less glitzy village of Anacapri, almost anything you wish to do or see is within five to 10 minutes' walk from the hotel. Explore Villa San Michele and gardens, the life's work of Swedish physician Axel Munthe, or take a ride up the chairlift to the summit of Mount Solaro.

The Telegraph
Ripa Medici Bed & Breakfast

Tucked in an alleyway on the western end of town, Ripa Medici is well positioned for exploring Orvieto on foot. It's seven minutes' walk from Piazza del Duomo with its splendid 14th-century cathedral and a plethora of shops, restaurants and museums. The city's historical significance and urban appeal make it more than a passing fancy on the way to somewhere else, but if you must, Rome, Florence and Assisi are easy journeys by train or car.

The Telegraph
Bed & Breakfast Antichemura

On a quiet side street, the b&b is a five-minute stroll from Arezzo's imposing cathedral, the splendid frescoes in Basilica of St Francis and Parco Il Prato gardens. Venture a bit further to trapezium-shaped Piazza Grande, the site of Arezzo's monthly antiques fair. Or meander past swanky shops and fashionable restaurants along Corso Italia.

The Telegraph
La Badia di Orvieto

Nestled on a sloping hillside 10 minutes outside the city walls, La Badia di Orvieto is strategically situated between Rome and Florence; both less than two hours away by car or train. The hotel is minutes from the railway station and 37 miles/60km from the healing waters of Terme dei papi in Viterbo.

The Telegraph
La Scalinatella

From Marina Grande, where ferries dock from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, it's a three-minute funicular railway ride up to La Piazzetta, Capri town's main square. From here, you'll make the eight-minute stroll somewhat off the beaten path to La Scalinatella's front door.

The Telegraph
Hotel Virgilio

For sheer location, Hotel Virgilio is hard to beat. It has the enviable position of being the only hotel facing the city's famous Gothic duomo (cathedral), plus it's only a minute's walk from the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo and the Etruscan Museum 'Claudio Faina'.

The Telegraph
Hotel La Vega

What better place to explore Capri than from the hotel's prime real estate on a quiet backstreet, 10 minute's walk from the Piazzetta - a prime spot for celebrity watchers. Even if you haven't got a fashionista bone in your body, you might be tempted along trendy Via Camerelle, just a stone's throw up the road.

The Telegraph
Hotel Orsa Maggiore

The approach, on a nondescript road past ramshackle structures, does nothing to hint of the beautiful oasis within. While the peripheral location ensures peacefulness and solitude, the downside is it's a hoof up to town (about 10 minutes).

The Telegraph
Misia Country Resort & Spa

Atop a meandering road less than 15 minutes from Orvieto's centre, offering the best of both worlds: seclusion and proximity to city conveniences. An enchanting borgo, Rocca Ripesena is near wineries and sought-after destinations, such as Civita di Bagnoregio (17 miles/27 km) and Lake Bolsena (15 miles/24 km).


Orvieto or Bust:
On the Island of Orvieto

In the days leading up to Italy's Coronavirus outbreak, I took a rather Pollyannaish stance on the impending health crisis. I preferred to look on the bright side, figuring the panic and hand-wringing was all for naught. I was wrong. Our entire country is now on lockdown-a measure aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19...

ITALY Magazine
Back to Your Italian Roots: Finding an Extended Family in Corleone

We begin a new series we're very excited about: 'Back to Your Italian Roots' will explore the stories of Italy Magazine readers who have traveled to Italy in search of their origins, visiting their ancestral towns and reconnecting with their Italian relatives.

Orvieto or Bust:
On day one there was sunshine. On day two there are clouds

May 4 th, 2020 marked the beginning of Phase Two of Italy's emergence from more than two months in lockdown. Like millions of others in Italy, my Instagram and Facebook timelines depicted my breakout into the sunny, open space of freedom.

Italy on Film

Rome Adventure (1962). Campy fun! A young librarian (Suzanne Pleshette) longing for sexual freedom comes to Italy "where they know what love is all about." She moves into a contessa's palazzo, lands a job on her second day in an American bookstore on Piazza Navona, and must choose between Rossano Brazzi or Troy Donahue.

Orvieto or Bust:
Vicolo Wars

I live on a quiet little vicolo (alley) just off the main square in town. It's very private - the entrance to my apartment is the only one on the lane. No cars are allowed to drive down this ...

Orvieto or Bust:
Bougainvillea Birthday

It was July of 1988, and in commemoration of the birth of my son, I planted a small fuchsia bougainvillea in a planter just under our front window. The vine was scrawny and spindly, and the few flowers on it had fallen off, leaving only a sad green twig in the ground.


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DK Eyewitness Italy

Discover the Italian knack for la dolce vita. Whether you want to explore the evocative ruins of an ancient empire, traverse Tuscany's vineyard-cloaked hills, or simply sip espresso and watch the world go by, your DK Eyewitness travel guide makes sure you experience all that Italy has to offer. From...

DK Eyewitness Florence and Tuscany

Divine cuisine and spectacular art await in Florence and Tuscany Whether you want to sample delicious Tuscan food and wine, gaze at the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa or browse eclectic markets in Florence, your DK Eyewitness travel guide makes sure you experience all that this region has to offer.

DK Eyewitness Venice and the Veneto

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Frommer's Hawaii 2020

Comprehensive and completely up-to-date, Frommer's Hawaii 2020 covers all the major Hawaiian islands and takes you from world-famous beaches to secluded rain-forests and everywhere in between. Frommer's expert authors, both journalists who specialize in Hawaii, know every inch of the islands, and they're not afraid to tell the truth.


The Family Handyman
Best Furniture for Small Living Rooms on Sale Now

Transform your space from cramped to cozy by adding adjustable and functional furniture to your home. Here are some of our favorite furniture offerings ideal for small living areas that you can get for a song during Wayfair's Way Day Sale taking place on September 23 and 24!

The Family Handyman
11 Best Space-Saving Beds

Want to make the most of your home's limited footprint? Here's a rundown of the best space-saving beds for small bedrooms and tiny living areas.

The Family Handyman
Leveling a Ladder Has Never Been Easier

No more wedging a board or a brick under the short leg. Adjustable and lightweight levelers are a fast and easy way to stabilize ladders for painting over staircases or when a flat spot is nowhere to be found. Stay safe on your ladder even when the ground is uneven.

The Family Handyman
What to Know About Painter's Tape

In 1925, 3M scientist Richard Drew invented masking tape. Almost 65 years later, the company made history again when it discovered the formula for ScotchBlue painter's tape. Credited with revolutionizing the residential and commercial painting industry, painter's tape can be found almost everywhere, from home improvement centers to paint stores and supermarkets.

The Family Handyman
Make Painting Easier With the 2-Edge Putty Knife

The 2-edge putty knife is a putty and utility knife rolled into one. This genius little combo knife is a big help for the professional contractor, home-improvement buff and weekend crafter alike. Chances are you have one or more standard putty knives in your toolbox.

The Family Handyman
7 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Owners

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, nearly 62 percent of households in the U.S. have at least one pet. And of those millions of animal-lovers, a large number suffer from allergies caused by sensitivity to the proteins found in pet dander.

The Family Handyman
The Best Folding Beds for Hosting Guests in Small Spaces

A folding bed is an easy and affordable way to convert tight spaces into comfy bedrooms for your overnight guests. Many fold-out beds are lightweight and feature rolling casters for easy moveability. Others can be tucked away into a carrying case to take with you on the road.

Every Word Matters, Inc

During this crazy coronavirus time, why not take the opportunity to focus your energies on getting your business post-pandemic ready? No need to start from scratch-use the great content you have and just give it a facelift. That's where we come in.

Italy or Bust
want to live in Italy?

Most of what I've learned about living in this country, I've learned through trial and error. Because I've been in the trenches (Italian post offices, public transport, etc.), I have pretty much figured out how stuff works (or doesn't work) in Italy. I can alert you to the classic pitfalls newcomers make, as well as share...

Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics
Healthcare Home - Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics

Specialized Feeding Services Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics Helping children overcome their feeding challenges, supporting parents as they work to establish happy and healthy mealtimes, and rejoicing as children and families learn to EAT, LOVE, and THRIVE. Read More Feeding Therapy ... Read More

Educatius | Educatius Group | High School Programs for International Students

Educatius Group helps international students find and apply to high school programs in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe and around the world, and our local staff supports them throughout their stay. Find the exact high school that matches your interests and goals - sport, arts, academics, location and more.

Hotels near Cavelossim Beach - Book Now | Radisson Blu

Located 45 minutes from Goa International Airport (GOI) and featuring brightly colored architecture and lush gardens, the Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach creates an atmosphere that invites relaxation. Just a 10-minute walk from the Arabian Sea, our hotel makes your Cavelossim Beach getaway a breeze.


The BitterSweet LIfe

Moving abroad isn't exclusively for students or childless people. It's an adventure for all ages. Toni DeBella moved to Orvieto, Italy once her son was grown, proving that new dreams can always be made.

The BitterSweet LIfe

On this week’s episode {ORVIETO}, we catch up with two Americans living in the tiny central Italian town of Orvieto—two expats whom we interviewed for the first time back in 2014. Toni De Bella (Episode 34: Venture) moved to Orvieto in 2012 alone after raising her son. Linda Martinez (Episode 33: Parents) is the owner of The Beehive Hostel in Rome; she’s been in Italy for most of the past few decades, but she and her husband Steve Brenner decided to settle in Orvieto with their three...

The Story of Paper

This video was initially intended to be a simple demonstration of how to make artistically marbled paper using traditional techniques, for a blog post by Toni DeBella, who writes