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Tom Vater

Author, publisher

Tom Vater is a writer and publisher working predominantly in Asia.
He has published four crime novels and is the co-owner of Crime Wave Press, a Hong Kong based crime fiction imprint.
He has published some twenty non-fiction books, including the best-selling Sacred Skin.
Tom is a Daily Telegraph‘s destination expert and has authored several guidebooks on Thailand and Cambodia.
He is the co-author of three documentary screenplays, including the highly praised The Most Secret Place On Earth, a feature on the CIA’s secret war in Laos.
Tom works as a consultant for a range of organizations providing background on the political, cultural and social landscape of Thailand, Cambodia, and Nepal.
He has written for publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Guardian, The Nikkei Asian Review, CNN, Marie Claire, Geographical, and The Diplomat.
He is represented by London-based literary agency Marjacq.


Feature Stories

Nikkei Asian Review
Hard choices in the Andaman Islands

In late November, an American missionary attempted to bring Christianity to the Sentinelese people, a remote community in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, an Indian territory in the Bay of Bengal. Circumventing Indian authorities, John Allen Chau paddled a kayak to North Sentinel, the community's island home. The Sentinelese killed him.

Nikkei Asian Review
Boutique hotels gain new ground in Bangkok

BANGKOK -- In downtown Bangkok, hardly a week goes by without a soft opening for a high-rise hotel offering a plush but hardly unique experience. With around 35 million visitors a year the Thai capital is a spectacular tourism success, but it is lagging behind regional competitors when it comes to quirky, idiosyncratic accommodation.

Nikkei Asian Review
India's 'Middle Kingdom' faces winds of change

KAZA, India -- "There are more cars than potatoes now" sighs Chhering Angrup, slowly turning a prayer wheel below a framed portrait of the Dalai-Lama at his home in Kaza, the main town of the Spiti valley.

(Crime) Fiction

Crime Wave Press
The Monsoon Ghost Image

In the wake of 9 11, Detective Maier finds himself in Thailand, thrust into the heart of the United States’ War on Terror and the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program. From Bangkok’s concrete canyons to the country’s remote jungles and hedonist party islands, Maier races against formidable foes to discover some of our darkest truths and to save his life into the bargain.

Crime Wave Press / Exhibit A
The Cambodian Book of the Dead

As soon as Maier, detective and former war reporter, arrives in Cambodia, his journey leads into the darkest corners of the country’s history.

Exhibit A/Crime Wave Press
The Man With the Golden Mind

Detective Maier is sent to Laos to find a legendary CIA file crammed with Cold War secrets.

Illustrated Books

Visionary World Publishing
Sacred Skin | Thailand's Spirit Tattoos

A beautifully illustrated book introducing the mysterious world of sak yant, spirit tattoos said to bestow protective powers upon their bearers.

Documentary & Publishing

Crime Wave Press

Asia's only independent English language crime fiction imprint! 33 books published, from Asian noir to historical crime fiction.

Kumbh Mela - The Greatest Show on Earth

In the footsteps of Alok Sharma, the top policeman in charge of the Maha Kumbh Mela in India, the largest gathering of people on planet earth, ever!

Travel Guides

The Daily Telegraph
Bangkok destination expert

Bangkok City Break Guide. Songkran celebrations, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping, unspoilt islands, festivals and events.

Moon Travel Guides
Moon Angkor Wat: Including Siem Reap & Phnom Penh

With Siem Reap & Phnom Penh The ancient temples at Angkor Wat are unlike anything else on earth. Step back in time and take the trip of a lifetime with Moon Angkor Wat.

Reise Know-How Verlag
Southeast Asia Guidebooks

Current titles: Best-selling German language Thailand Guidebook. Bestselling guide to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan & Koh Tao. Guide to the Angkor temples in Cambodia. Introduction to ethnic minorities in Thailand.

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