Tom Minogue

Content Strategist / Content Writer

United Kingdom

A former chef and editor from San Francisco, I help businesses and organizations in the food industry create compelling and results-focused content marketing campaigns. I have 20 years of experience helping clients, including leading global agri-food organizations, win in business by telling their unique brand and product stories. My key services are content strategy, content writing, and editing.

I am an experienced content creator who is adept at writing feature stories, social media posts, press releases, video scripts, and marketing materials. My work has a strong focus on visual storytelling, including creating videos, photos, and infographics for social media.

My passion for food began in San Francisco, California where I worked for five years as a professional cook at high-end restaurants. Working at international PR agencies in China for more than 15 years, I led major food marketing and communication campaigns for clients such as the European Commission (“Enjoy! It’s from Europe”), the Norwegian Seafood Council, the Almond Board of California, the Spanish Olive Oil & Pomace Olive Oil Exporters Association (ASOLIVA), and ICEX (Spanish Ministry of Trade).

I am currently based in the UK where I work remotely on both China-related and global projects. You can contact me at [email protected].

Nestlé China Internal Publication
Nestlé Family Magazine

For seven years I served as the Internal Communications Manager at Nestlé China. One of my responsibilities was acting as the managing editor of Nestlé Family magazine. This internal publication engendered greater loyalty within the company's 50K employees by telling the inspiring stories of Nestlé teams and brands. I wrote and edited all of the articles in the publication. There was also a Chinese-language edition.