Tommaso Lecca

Freelance Journalist

Location icon Belgium

MA graduate in Journalism at the University of Groningen
MA graduate in Law at the University of Cagliari
Previous studies and training experiences in Madrid, Bristol and Chicago

"Whenever you find hundreds of thousands of sane people trying to get out of a place and a little bunch of madmen struggling to get in, you know the latter are newspapermen."
H.R. Knickerbocker

You can contact me through [email protected]

EU Studies Fair 2017 Podcast

by EUSF Ambassador Tommaso Lecca – Listen to what it’s like to attend this unique event from several points of view!

Night of the Guitars by Tommaso Lecca

The Night of the Guitars is a one-night music festival where musicians are invited to play cover songs by the most popular artists worldwide. I met two of the organizers-Peter and Everhard-to understand why this event has become so popular over the last ten years. More info:

The Spoke
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands on the Netherlands

Can the Government Define a Religion as Fake? By Spela Krajnc, Tommaso Lecca, Petra Ondrisakova, Anna Severinenko The Dutch secularism has been challenged since the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster engaged a legal battle to be recognized as a religion. What might seem to be a complete nonsense for outsiders is actually a...

The Spoke
The story of a man addicted to people

By Tommaso Lecca After leaving a park, two friends were walking on a quiet street on the Asian side of Istanbul. All of a sudden, they saw a bunch of people running towards them wearing gas masks. More surprised than scared, the two men could only watch in surprise until the Turkish Army fired tear...

The Spoke
Italian lawmakers fail to tackle revenge porn and cyberbullying

Disclaimer: this photo does not depict Tiziana Cantone. By Tommaso Lecca The suicide committed two weeks ago by Tiziana Cantone brought the topic of privacy on the Internet under the public spotlight. The Italian 31-year-old woman's friends (now prosecuted for defamation and suicide incitement) spread a video in which she performed a sexual act....

The Spoke
While city improvements fail to materialize, property owners lose income

By Tommaso Lecca and Cătălin Radu Real estate owners from the former red light district A-kwartier of Groningen are furious with the mayor's office after losing tens of thousands of euros in rent. Buildings that generated important revenue each month have been empty since 1 January, when the Groningen administration banned prostitution from the neighbourhood....

The Spoke
A new house for the emergent brewery Bax Bier

By Tommaso Lecca Groningen's artisanal beer aficionados will have another place to try local brews when a new microbrewery opens its doors this evening. The designed space is almost ready to welcome the clients, who will enjoy a unique view: the process of crafting beer.

Justinian Society Newsletter
Chicago sei UniCa!

An unexpected partnership between the University of Cagliari ("UniCa") and The John Marshall Law School of Chicago

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