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Interview: Chris Baio - The Silhouette

When I meet Chris Baio at Toronto's Drake Hotel he is exhausted and mildly anxious, but still smiling. Slightly bleary-eyed from his cross-Atlantic flight that day, the London-by-way-of-New-York musician is about to do sound-check for one of the first shows in support of his debut solo album, The Names, but is waiting on a crucial ...

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Jazz Cartier is right on the brink - The Silhouette

When I first met Jazz "Jacuzzi La Fleur" Cartier in 2014, he was still relatively unknown to those not tapped into the Toronto rap scene. In the crowd waiting to get into the A$AP Ferg show, my eyes would have been drawn to Cartier even if a mutual friend hadn't quickly introduced us.

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The unbearable whiteness of being (at Supercrawl) - The Silhouette

Since its inception in 2009, Supercrawl has gone from an ambitious festival for which the sky was the limit to an increasingly corporate event that features cookie-cutter versions of indie-rock bands and little else. Every September, those that aren't already engaging in the nauseating practice of blindly lauding their city (#hamont, if you were unaware) ...

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Q-and-A: Ryan Hemsworth - The Silhouette

Editor's note: Ryan Hemsworth first drew acclaim for his nuanced remix of others work while living in Halifax. Two albums and a smattering of EP's later, Hemsworth is now living in Toronto and in a good place career-wise. Hemsworth's latest record, Alone For The First Time, has just been released via Last Gang Records and has ...

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6 Menswear shops in Toronto - The Silhouette

Delusional optimists might purport that you can do anything in Hamilton, but one thing guys can't do is build a solid wardrobe. While there are a smattering of menswear stores scattered throughout the area, they all either cater to stuffy businessmen with taste as boring as their jobs, or white people who wear bow-ties with ...

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Review: Dior and I - The Silhouette

When Dior looked to fill a vacancy in 2012, few expected Raf Simons to be tapped for the creative director role. Even fewer expected Simons to have the sheer panache to pull off a couture collection for the French house famed for its opulent, feminine designs.

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Blowing the whistle on nationalism - The Silhouette

Anyone who has had the pleasure of savouring ćevapi adorned with ajvar knows that good things come out of the Balkans. But for some time, a problem has been threatening the favourite sport of the southeastern European nations. Soccer has always been plagued by organized fan violence, but it is in former Yugoslav nations like ...

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Turning the pages with ANDY: Us Conductors - The Silhouette

Of the writers nominated for the 2014 Giller Prize, Sean Michaels couldn't have been a more deserving recipient. The Scottish-born Montreal resident won Canada's most esteemed literary honour in November 2014 for his stunning first foray into fiction, Us Conductors. Music aficionados will remember Michaels as the creator of Said The Gramophone, a music blog ...

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Tweedle runs at first-ever CIS race - The Silhouette

Despite an injury-plagued end to the track season, Jeff Tweedle is more than happy with its outcome. The third-year Civil Engineering student was the lone Marauder to race in the CIS championships in Windsor earlier this month, and prior to that he became the McMaster record-holder in the men's 1000m in emphatic fashion.

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[REVIEW] Travis Scott - Rodeo - The Silhouette

Rodeo is Travis Scott's major label debut and boasts the studio-refined polish that is befitting of an artist who counts Kanye West as his mentor. Despite being laden with all the right features, Scott's album reeks like the output of someone who would drown without the help of those whose influence he's leeching off of.

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The A. P. C.'s of appropriation - The Silhouette

Due to Jean Touitou's first name, it should come as no surprise that the Tunisian-born founder of French label A.P.C. has largely built his credibility as a designer upon his jeans. Because of the hard-ons that his raw denim and clothes elicit within both the street wear and fashion communities, Touitou has normally been given ...

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Interview: The New Pornographers - The Silhouette

Given the opportunity to name two great Canadian bands formed in the early aughts, most would respond with The New Pornographers and Broken Social Scene. If they said, Nickelback, you'd know not to befriend them. Fronted by Carl Newman, The New Pornographers is composed of Dan Bejar, Neko Case, Kathryn Calder, John Collins, Todd Fancey, ...