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Tom Raffield
Spotlight On: The Mooring Range

The Mooring Lighting Collection is an integral part of the Tom Raffield range, each light showcases our steam bending technique, curved aesthetic and timeless design. Design conception The idea behind our Mooring Range was conceived as a result of introspection and an examination of our core values.

Tom Raffield
2019 Interior Design Trends

Here at Tom Raffield we pride ourselves on being a design led, creative brand that breaks new ground and is ahead of the curve. We also like to keep our ear to the ground for any industry trends that are set to fill our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds...

Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield
Lookbook: No.1 Lighting Range

A true icon: enigmatic and eye-catching. The Tom Raffield No.1 Pendant has been capturing our imaginations for nearly ten years. It's time to turn the spotlight back to our first ever design, and explore its unique, evolutionary journey.

Tom Raffield
A Day in the Life of our Lighting Team

Our workshop team work hard to make high quality products, handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials, inspired by nature. They care deeply about the entire making process and are forever striving to deliver the Tom Raffield ethos of innovation, craftsmanship and sustainability in each and every product. We wanted

Tom Raffield
Modern Ways to Light Your Home

Lighting in a home is an important consideration, key to enhancing the look and feel of your space. There's ceiling pendants, floor lights, wall lights, chandeliers and table lights - with so many designs and styles it can be hard to know where to start... the choices you make need to suit your space.

Tom Raffield
Gift Guide: Steam Bent Table Lights

Light up someone's life this Christmas. Our range of exquisite table lights offers a unique blend of style and substance. Functionality with a story. From our enigmatic Urchin Table Light to our bold yet understated Wheal Table Light, we'll leave you spoilt for choice and guarantee the perfect gift.

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The Cornish Foodie
Jam & Ring Doughnuts

Mmm...doughnuts. The ultimate indulgence. Nowhere else in the world of food can one find a more satisfying combination of sugar, fat and carbohydrates. Or as I like to call them, 'The Magic Triangle'. No matter how healthy we try to be, nor how sensibly and religiously we count our calories, there remains a small part...

Gair Rhydd

Gair Rhydd
Varsity trophy "destroyed" by Swansea University Rugby team - Gair Rhydd

By Maria Mellor and Toby Holloway The historic Welsh Varsity Trophy, awarded to the victor of the headline act of Varsity - the men's rugby match - has been destroyed by the Swansea University rugby team. Whilst reportedly on tour in Budapest, Hungary, the trophy that was once held by Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones ...

Gair Rhydd
"I don't want to go back home." - Gair Rhydd

By Toby Holloway The world came to a brief standstill on Tuesday night to watch the climax of arguably the most hard fought and momentous presidential election of all time. Many could not believe their eyes as Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 279 electoral votes to 228.

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