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United States

I have over 20 years of writing experience and have worked with magazines, newspapers, and online businesses. I offer professionalism, fast delivery, and quality content.

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Below are links to samples of some of my published work. You can also visit my Medium profile: https://medium.com/@tinaklugman.

Is Life Better With Or Without Technology?

Technology Dominates Modern Day Life, But Is It Good or Bad?As a Gen X'er (those born between 1965 and 1980), I grew up alongside technology. However, life in the 80s and even the 90s was much different than it is now, and my childhood didn't feel like it was dominated by all things electronic.

Remote Jobs Benefit Employees and Employers

These days it seems as though companies are all trying to "out cool" each other and compete for the title of Best Place to Work. Taking their cues from Google, it's now quite common for companies - especially tech companies - to offer their employees perks like gyms, game rooms, lunches, coffee baristas, and more.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Meet 7 Kansas City Fashion Bloggers

When you think of fashion, which cities come to mind? New York? Paris? Kansas City? Well, maybe not that last one. The truth is, we have some pretty trendy folks living among us. The blogging world has allowed some of these ladies to expose their sytlish ways to a global audience. Meet some of Kansas City's most fashionable bloggers.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Digital Ally Open: Golf Fun for Everyone

When you think of golf, do you think of charity, community involvement, and fun? The Digital Ally Open, a golf tournament held annually in Kansas City, not only provides locals and tourists with front-row access to a first-class golf tournament, but also provides plenty of fun activities for all ages as well as raise dough for major charities.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Impress Your Kid's Friends With These Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Year after year, parents tend to repeat birthday party themes and locations. Why not try something different? There are so many fun and unique entertainment companies that will come to you while handling every party detail, ensuring a totally stress-free experience for you! Here are some unique birthday party ideas to surprise and delight your child and their party guests.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
How Performing Arts Can Benefit Kids

Many parents enroll their kids in sports early in order to reap the benefits of playing, which may include mental, physical and academic benefits. But did you know that kids who participate in performing arts reap similar benefits? Children are naturally creative and enjoy all kinds of artistic expression. Enrolling them in performing arts groups, such as theater, dance and music, can benefit them in many ways - academically, mentally, physically, and socially.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

What would you do if someone near you was choking? You would perform CPR, right? Would you know what to do if someone around you was talking about suicide? Would you know what to say? Or where to turn for additional help? We treat physical health conditions very seriously, but much work needs to be done when it comes to our ability to treat and even to understand mental health conditions.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Where Fido is Welcome: Pet-Friendly Businesses in KC

Many people consider pets part of their family. If you feel bad leaving your four-legged family member at home when you go out on family outings, there are plenty of pet-friendly places you can bring your pup to get some fresh air, grab a treat, or people watch!

SIMPLYkc Magazine
40 Free (or Cheap) Family Activities in KC

Kansas City, what was one of the nation's best-kept secrets, may not be so secret anymore. But it doesn't change the fact that it is still one of the most affordable and family-friendly cities in the U.S. Listed below are many free or low-cost activities for every age that won't stretch the budget.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Young-Onset Colon Cancer Is on the Rise

Colon cancer patients and survivors. What do you think of when you read those words? Do you think of males over the age of 50? The reality is that not only is colon cancer as common among women as men, but more people under the age of 50 than ever before are being diagnosed with it.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Little Warrior Princesses: Helping NICU Families in Need

One out of every eight babies in the U.S. is born prematurely. Being the parent of a baby (or babies) in the neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital is an extremely emotional journey. Local mom Cassandra Dickerson knows that journey all too well. Her personal experience with her own infants in the NICU inspired her to start Little Warrior Princesses...

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Dr. Melissa Boerema Provides Quality Care to Patients

Melissa Boerema, DDS, first knew she wanted to be a dentist in the fourth grade. She remembers writing an essay on what she wanted to be when she grew up and why, and had no trouble choosing dentistry as her future profession. Her childhood dentist, Dr. Christian Willard, was integral to that decision and helped spark her interest in the field.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Why Are More People Having Twins These Days?

"Are they identical?" "Do twins run in your family?" "Are they natural?" These are just a few of the questions parents of multiples can expect to hear each time they venture out in public. Multiples, although more common now than 30 years ago, attract a lot of attention.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
Fighting Pain Through Myofascial Release

Fighting pain doesn't have to be a cold and clinical experience. It also can be a holistic and even spiritual experience, as I learned from my visit to the Midwest Myofascial Release Center (MMRC) in Overland Park, which can be described as part spa, part rehabilitation center.

SIMPLYkc Magazine
EmilyHart Bridal Helps You Say Yes to the Dress

EmilyHart Bridal is not your average bridal shop. Evidence of this can be seen on the shop's Instagram account, which is full of pictures of brides holding a sign that says, "She said yes!" Yes to the dress, that is.