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"I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world" -Henry Luce

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My name is Sarah Title. As a double major in journalism and communication I have a strong passion for writing, editing and working with others. I have had many experiences throughout college that have prepared me to enter the professional world. I am motivated, excited and dedicated to doing what I truly love. I am an enthusiastic leader who works well with others and takes suggestions and critique in stride. I appreciate and value any opportunity to write, communicate and organize. My writing interests include, but are not limited to, lifestyle, fashion, home, celebrities and entertainment. My internships and past role as editor-in-chief of my school magazine make me a qualified individual for jobs in media, journalism, publishing, broadcasting, event planning and communication.

8 Must-Haves For Your Hot Weather Wedding

Exchanging vows in the hot, hot heat of summer can turn your wedding day into a sweaty mess! Here's eight reliable ways to keep you and your guests cool at an outdoor celebration. RELATED: VIEW ALL SUMMER REAL WEDDINGS 1. Program Fans Photos by Limefish Studio and Richard Ellis Photography Make your programs multi-purpose by turning them into fans.

Colorful Jewelry

Colorful Jewelry - Inspiration Boards - Project Wedding

9 Totally Unique Wedding Cake Details

From donuts and strawberries to seashells and tree bark, amp up this classic wedding day treat with jaw-dropping details. 1. Stawberry Fields Photos by (from left to right) Spindle Photography and Feather and Twine Photography Who doesn't love sweet strawberries lathered in chocolatey goodness?

11 Clever Seating Arrangements

Innovative ways for you and your guests to dine and drink the night away! 1. Intimate Family Dinner Photo by Jodi Miller Photography If your wedding guests are strictly family and close friends, opt for a cozier seating arrangement so it feels just like a classic family dinner. 2.

14 Creative Escort Cards

Fun and unique ways to guide your guests to their tables! 1. Magnetic Field Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography A modern twist on the refigerator magnet, this is a fun way for guests to find their seats. 2. Dog-loving Cards Photo by Caroline Tran Photography Animal lovers, let these precious pooches capture the hearts of your guests.

9 Glam Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

There are countless reasons for you and your best girlfriends to get all dressed up, and your wedding day is definitely one of them. Pull out all the stops by getting inspired by one of these high-glam bridesmaids looks. Related: 10 Southern-Inspired Bridal Party Looks 1.

10 Southern-Inspired Wedding Party Looks

From ruffles and bows to suspenders and plaids, here are some looks all southern couples are sure to love. 1. Neutral Dresses and Cowgirl Boots Photo by Earthmuse Photography The variation of neutral above-the-knee dresses with lace detailing make for a quintessential southern bridal party, especially when paired with cowgirl boots.

Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils - Inspiration Boards - Project Wedding

Pinteresting: 18 DIY Wedding Ideas

Photograph via Shutterstock. Comments (View) | Published January 31, 2014 There are so many things to take care of when planning a wedding-the cake, the guest list, the dress-that it's easy to forget smaller things like centerpieces and seating cards.

10 Bachelorette Party Essentials (Photos)

Photograph via Shutterstock. Comments (View) | Published January 22, 2014 A girl's last night out on the town as a single woman is a big deal-so it's only natural that as her number-one sidekick you'll want to throw her a soiree worthy of the occasion.

Pinteresting: 15 Wedding Archway Ideas (Photos)

Photographs by Liz Maryann Photography. Comments (View) | Published January 15, 2014 It's not enough to just have the bride, the groom, and the officiant at your ceremony anymore-you also need the proper decor. Many ceremonies now feature elaborate arches under which couples exchange their vows.

12 Accessories for the Winter Bride (Photos)

Photograph via Shutterstock. Comments (View) | Published January 9, 2014 So you've decided to tie the knot in the dead of winter. The snow can provide a beautiful backdrop-but let's face it, a wedding gown alone is not going to keep you toasty for those outdoor portraits.

10 Gorgeous Wedding Gowns Under $1,500 (Photos)

Comments (View) | Published January 6, 2014 Now that you're engaged and planning your dream wedding, it's time to find an equally dreamy dress to match. But you don't have to spend a million bucks to look like it. We've rounded up ten styles that are less than $1,500, from classy, timeless gowns to dresses with a modern twist.

Pinteresting: 15 Radiant Orchid Wedding Ideas (Photos)

Photograph via Shutterstock. Comments (View) | Published December 23, 2013 The verdict is in, and Radiant Orchid is the official 2014 Pantone color of the year. It popped up first on spring 2014 runways in September and has quickly made its way onto aisle style.

12 Gifts for the Green Gal

Comments (View) | Published December 20, 2013 Whether they're preaching about the benefits of solar energy or reminding you to recycle, we all have that friend who's obsessively eco-conscious. You know they'll appreciate that you skipped the plastic and instead picked a present that's a little more earth-friendly this year.

15 Holiday Entertaining Must-Haves (Photos)

Comments (View) | Published December 3, 2013 The season of socializing is upon us-and if you're playing hostess this holiday, there are probably approximately a million things you still need to do before your guests arrive. But while you've been perfecting your eggnog recipe, we've been tracking down some festive entertaining essentials.

Food Truck Stops: November 21

Happy Thursday, food truck followers! Bundle up and get outside for specials such as eggnog ice cream from Captain Cookie, New England clam chowder from Red Hook Lobster, and beer-battered fish tacos from DC Empanadas. Chinatown (Seventh and G sts., NW), where you'll find TaKorean.

16 Perfect Gifts for Your Pet-Obsessed Pal

16 Perfect Gifts for Your Pet-Obsessed Pal Whimsical cat prints, modern dog accessories, and lots more. By Sarah Title Comments (View) | Published December 13, 2013 We all have that one person in our life who counts a pet as their one true BFF.

Food Truck Stops: December 2

Comments (View) | Published December 2, 2013 Happy Monday, food truck followers! Start your week off with a Winterfest Angus beef burger from DC Sliders or a warm cup of Italian wedding soup from Little Italy, and stop by Cathy's Bistro for a free cup of ginger tea.

5 Bold Clutches for Every Holiday Occasion

Comments (View) | Published November 20, 2013 With the holiday season about to launch into high gear, you're probably wondering how your social calendar got so busy. Between the parties, happy hours, and date nights, you're going to need more than just that one trusty little bag.

4 YouTube Makeup Tutorials To Turn Heads This Halloween

Comments (View) | Published October 22, 2013 Halloween isn't just about ghosts and goblins. (Or candy.) It's also a tailor-made opportunity to test out some truly outrageous makeup looks. After all, how often do you really get to play around with the more extreme hues in those eyeshadow palettes?

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Who are Cincinnati celebrities endorsing?

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Cincinnati Magazine
Vine Street

Clip previewing new restaurants on Vine Street in Downtown Cincinnati

Food Truck Stops: November 25

Comments (View) | Published November 25, 2013 Happy Monday, food truck followers! Brave the cold today with butternut-quinoa soup from , a chopped barbecue sandwich from or some hearty lasagna at Basil Thyme . Chinatown (Seventh and G sts., NW), where you'll find Neat Meat.

4 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Photographs by Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey. Comments (View) | Published November 19, 2013 The turkey may be the most important thing on your table come Thanksgiving Day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give your decor some thought, too. We checked in with local interior designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey of SCW Interiors to get some tips on how to create a festive atmosphere for giving thanks.

Decor DIY: 5 Easy, Wallet-Friendly Ways to Prep Your Home for Halloween

Comments (View) | Published October 18, 2013 With one of fall's favorite holidays right around the corner, you may start to notice some over-the-top decorations taking over your neighbors' homes-a fake graveyard spread across the entire front lawn, perhaps. But there are plenty of ways to festively dress your home while keeping it classy-and without dropping big bucks.

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Article highlighting the race between Dale Mallory and Ron Mosby for House representative

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O=al Business

Clip describing an event happening at a bar in Downtown Cincinnati

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Article about the chapter of Autism Speaks on Miami's campus and their plans for Autism Awareness Week

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