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Tina Jenkins Bell

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Tina Jenkins Bell is a freelance journalist who covers general interest, lifestyles, business, publishing, and urban culture stories. She has written for the Chicago Tribune, Alaska Magazine, AuthorPublish, FLOW (For Love of Writing) Neighborhood Network, Chicago Parent, Crain’s Chicago Business, Upscale Magazine, the Citizen Newspaper, the Villager, and numerous others. Also a ghost writer who has covered mental health and urban health care, she is a versatile writer who can capture a subject in short and long form. Tina is currently working on a requested proposal to produce an anthology based on Gary, Indiana among other shorter term projects. A curious interlocutor and researcher, she is not afraid to tackle writing projects whose specific purpose need "whittling" into something great and has helped numerous editors fill pages and blog space with interesting, high-interest, and audience engaging prose or articles.

Tiny house villages grow as housing crisis persists - Shareable

"People look at this phenomenon, and I think part of what's driving the media frenzy with it is it looks ridiculous. 'Why would anybody do that?' Then there's a second thought that says, 'oh no, what's really ridiculous is living in my 2,500 square foot house that I have to work 50 hours a week to support, and I don't really have a life.'

Angelenos claim empty housing to shelter the COVID-19 storm - Shareable

In a city where more than 120,000 properties are vacant, Angelenos experiencing homelessness are taking over empty residences to protect themselves from COVID-19. Part of a collective dubbed Reclaiming Our Homes, 13 families experiencing homelessness consisting of seniors and single moms have moved into vacant properties in the California Department of Transportation's (Caltrans) 710 Corridor in El Serenoto advocate for permanently affordable housing.

Segregation By Design author hopes for change in fair housing Shareable

Jessica Trounstine experienced the repercussions of segregation as a middle-school kid in San Jose, California. Her hometown was subject to a court-ordered desegregation program, and she and some of her friends were sent to a school largely populated by students of color.

Elmhurst College
Two Elmhurst College Seniors Earn Fulbright Recognition | Elmhurst College

Two Elmhurst College seniors have been named semi-finalists in the highly competitive Fulbright U.S. Student Scholar Program. Kevin Prehn, of Algonquin, Ill., and Karenina Thomas, from Brasilia, Brazil, applied earlier this year for the program, which enables graduating college seniors to participate in a cultural exchange initiative.

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Ghostwriting - Mental Health

Black Teen Suicide: More Reality Than Myth * EBONY

Last November, after reading "Preventing Suicides in the Black Community" by Gaynor Hall and Pam Grimes, a quote that echoed in my head was, "Black kids don't kill themselves." Those words saddened me, partly because they followed the death of a wonderful young woman, Marcie Gerald, a 15-year-old teen who committed suicide last summer and ...

6 Things Adults Can Do to Help Black Youth Cope With Street Violence * EBONY

Gun and other types of violence are prevalent in certain U.S. neighborhoods. Black youth and members of their communities are riddled by homicides and other turbulent disturbances, and it is hard for them to have plans or aspirations beyond the age of 21. Many fear leaving their homes, and are afraid to attend school or even ...


" Finding Productive Space for Writing

Last summer as I worked on the edits for the last few sections of my novel, I needed an alternative to my home office-sans environmental distractions and personal interruptions, like "baby, would yous" from my husband-as I dashed toward 'The End'. I knew I needed to find a spot suitable for completing daily writing goals.

" The Surprising Ways Writing Groups Open Doors

After I graduated from college, I had aspirations of becoming a published writer but had no idea of how to get there. I needed guidance beyond writers' magazines, books, and annual conferences. I needed accomplished kindred souls who didn't mind sharing their knowledge and resources. I found these souls collectively in writers' groups.

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Crain's Chicago Business

Corporate planners have a better chance of negotiating and receiving quality service if they detail their expectations before signing any contracts. "Once you put (service requirements) in the contract, you send a sign that there's a certain level of professionalism and vigilance that you expect.


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