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Communications and Marketing Enthusiast

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I am an adventure seeking, creative individual who is passionate about digital communications! I excel in social media and creative writing.
I dabble in poetry and love a good book. I am a big dreamer and an avid believer in peace, love and happiness.


Social Media Coordinator

ADAMH Board of Franklin County Facebook Page

ADAMH is making a difference in our community. ADAMH-funded services are provided by non-profit organizations located throughout Franklin County. Thanks to the generosity of Franklin County tax payers, ADAMH is able to contribute more than $67 million for treatment and prevention services.


ADAMH is Franklin Countys authority for planning, funding and evaluating mental health, alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment services. ADAMH-funded services are provided by a local network of more than 40 not-for-profit providers and are offered on a sliding-fee scale, making them affordable for any County resident, regardless of income.

ADAMH Success Stories

Monumental Loss Fuels Sobriety - ADAMH

Tami grew up in Whitehall and struggled with anxiety throughout her childhood. She was prescribed Xanax when she was 15 years old to help alleviate the issue; however, she became addicted and sought out other drugs. She became addicted to opiates and benzodiazepines. Tami continued to abuse ...

A Mother's Fight for Sobriety - ADAMH

Every day, Emily wakes up with her daughters. She gets them ready for school, drops them off and then heads into work. After work, she picks up her daughters, makes dinner and helps them with their homework. For Emily, this is a great life. However, in 2014, ...

Sally Finds Success in the Sunshine and an Active Life - ADAMH

Sally Shaffer lives a very active life, but it has taken her a while to manage living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and major depression. Shaffer began to notice her symptoms when she was in her twenties, but said that her story began before her diagnosis and ...

Success through Perseverance and Faith - ADAMH

Tamika Johnson suffered major losses in her life, but through her faith in God, she was able to overcome her struggles. However, Jonhson's journey to happiness was full of challenges, including mental health and substance abuse issues. After the death of her father, Johnson became suicidal, but didn't seek ...

Tim's Story: A Place to Call Home - ADAMH

Years ago, Tim Wheat could have been found sleeping in empty parking garages and various homeless camps throughout Columbus. Now, you'll find him in his home, a place he can truly call his own. Tim's struggles began at a young age. He had his first drink when ...

Duane Crooks - Small Progress Leads to Big Changes - ADAMH

Duane Crooks is quite the optimist. The OSU graduate was dual-diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar disorder in 2003. Instead of defining himself by his diagnosis, he defines himself by who he is; a man with hopes and dreams who also happens to have a mental illness. In 2004, ...

Success Through Faith - ADAMH

Thell Robinson III, a towering man of almost six feet, had a hardened smile and a firm handshake. To see him now, no one would think that the dapper businessman had previously been a well-known drug dealer. Sobriety had transformed him. Thell's desk was covered with inspirational ...

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