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Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd visits Cleveland

The weather indicated support for Knoxville businessman Randy Boyd's gubernatorial bid Thursday as his campaign - which had dodged rainstorms during appearances all morning - stopped in Cleveland to speak to supporters at Courthouse Square. Boyd is running for the Republican nomination to be the next governor of Tennessee.

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Banks reflects on Council years

Banner photo, TIM SINIARD With his political career concluding soon, Cleveland-At-Large Councilman Richard Banks said young people should consider entry into public service and contribute to improving their communities. "If you live in a community like Cleveland, you need to give back," Banks said.

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Tennova gets a 'no'

A certificate of need submitted by Tennova-Cleveland seeking approval to build a 24-hour freestanding emergency room in Cleveland was denied Wednesday during a Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency hearing in Nashville. The hearing was conducted in House Hearing Room 1 at the Cordell Hull Building.

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Erlanger gets a 'no'

Banner photos, TIM SINIARD A proposal by Erlanger Health System to build a 24-hour Level IV freestanding emergency room in Cleveland was denied Wednesday by the Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency after a hearing in Nashville. In addition, the agency also denied Tennova-Cleveland's certificate of need request, or CON.

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Not a forest fire, but a 'firestorm'

His comment was made during a presentation to the Rotary Club of Cleveland during their weekly luncheon at the Museum Center. Wear was a Rotary Club district governor from 2014 to 2015. "We didn't have a forest fire, we had a firestorm," Wear said of the November 2016 incident, which resulted in several deaths, as well as the loss of hundreds of homes.

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Planned ED by Erlanger would hurt medical care

Cleveland physicians affiliated with Tennova Healthcare said Thursday if Erlanger Health System succeeds in its plan to construct a freestanding 24-hour Level IV emergency room here, it will duplicate medical care already available and have detrimental effects on delivering orderly patient care, as well as on efforts made by medical professionals to establish a roster of medical specialists who provide care for a growing community.

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Liquor-by-the-drink lawsuit heads to state's highest court

The Tennessee Supreme Court has granted an appeal in connection to a lawsuit between the city of Cleveland and Bradley County that has undergone a circuitous path through the court system. The case stems from a dispute between the city and county regarding tax revenue generated from liquor-by-the-drink sales.

Job seekers crowd fair in Brainerd as hiring improves

Throngs of job seekers converged Thursday at a job fair in Brainerd to land a chance to work for one of more than 60 employers hiring workers during the all-day event. A similar job fair last year yielded 400 offers. With even more employers this year looking for workers, organizers were hopeful of even better results.

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Cherokee Chieftain gets a makeover

A lone sentinel standing resolutely against the elements as its gaze sweeps across the former land of the Cherokees, sculptor Peter Toth's statue "Cherokee Chieftain" stands tall even though it has long endured heat and humidity, sleet and snow, wind and rain, as well as the threat of burrowing insects.

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Schriver to voters: 'I'm no politician'

There is an old adage in politics that states one must campaign in poetry, but govern in prose. However, Cleveland mayoral candidate Duane Schriver proudly rejects that notion. "I want to be the citizens' candidate, not a politician," Schriver said.