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I want to help people and businesses tell their stories. With a knack for translating technical jargon into terminology that everyday people can understand, I've earned 5-star ratings on sites like Upwork and Zerys. Regardless of your brand voice (witty, business professional, conversational, technical, etc.), I speak your language. I have a background as a freelancer and working for an agency, so there's a good chance I've written something related to what you want.

Samsung Networks
Imagine What's Possible: Samsung Hospitality Solutions

What technological amenities do you wish your hotel could have? What hospitality solutions do you wish somebody would provide? What if guests had the option of full service or self service? What if they could choose how your property interacted with them, based on their personal preferences?

Samsung Networks
How School Wi-Fi Enables Differentiation

Differentiated learning is not a passing fad. Those who understand the true intent behind the practice recognize that it's not about individualized lesson plans or customized classrooms. It's about meeting students where they are and helping them arrive where they need to be... in different ways.

Alliance PDMS
Compliance, Lead Generation, and Your Brand Reputation | Alliance PDMS

Compliance complicates business processes, to say the least, but it's essential to maintaining your brand reputation. So how does a bank, hospital, or business owner navigate the labyrinth effectively and efficiently? It starts with understanding how compliance, lead generation, and branding work together.

Sundance Square
Meet Jon Bonnell, Executive Chef at Waters - Sundance Square

Waters Restaurant has found a new home in Sundance Square. Get to know our new neighbor, Chef Jon Bonnell. You'll be glad you did. You may recognize his name from his first restaurant in Fort Worth: Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine. His fine dining legacy began right there on Bryant Irvin.

Ardent Creative Inc.
Marketing Students Graduate With No Grasp Of Digital Marketing [A fact-based rant]

Considering the fact that most collegians submit assignments via online portals, do all of their research online instead of with a card catalog, and order textbooks from Amazon, it's flabbergasting to me that marketing majors of the 21st century don't have to take a single class in digital marketing.

The Everyday Gospel
Book Review: A Family Apart

If I had to use one word to describe Craig Steffen‘s memoir, that word would be “brave”. His journey to know his family required more perseverance than most people have.

Freddie Jones | The Melody Planter

Like an arborist plants trees so future generations will have shade, Freddie Jones plants music so future generations will have a soundtrack for life. Freddie is a popular trumpet player and composer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and the founder of Trumpets4Kids Foundation.


Eclectic Fort Worth pub-café Brewed began with a pastor's vision of sharing and caring, and a fondness for good beer.

Blue Air A/C
The Controversy Behind Lowering Your Heating Bill

There was one controversial issue the candidates didn't dare address in the last election. In fact, the media avoided including the topic in their repetitive and ubiquitous polls. Solutions for this controversy are so diverse that finding common ground seemed impossible. The issue: how to save money on heating costs.

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