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I am a London-based writer, reporter and copy editor with newsroom experience in broadcast, print, and digital journalism. My special interests include European politics, urbanism, technology, and workers' rights.

Currently writing for CGTN Europe. Formerly with,, and

The EU budget: Who pays what and where does the money go?

European leaders and institutions are gearing up for some of the EU's toughest negotiations of 2020 - agreeing the bloc's €1.27 trillion ($1.37tn) budget for the next seven years in a post-Brexit landscape.

Should I worry about... trust in politics?

One of the key issues that drove the 2016 Brexit referendum, perhaps the most significant European political event of the past 30 years, was trust - trust in European institutions, trust in experts, and, perhaps most importantly, trust in politicians.

The fight over Romania's forests is a matter of life and death

A multi-million-dollar crime industry in which armed gangs are unafraid to attack and kill law enforcement personnel in broad daylight in a bid to steal and trade a lucrative substance. The location: inside the European Union. The target: trees.
Controllers out of control

Scruffy-looking, gruff, even corrupt and violent... Right here at the heart of "ordentlich" Germany, plainclothes ticket inspectors enforce law and order with mobbish zeal on public transportation. Who are these people, and how do they get away with such impunity? Is' mir egal..." Literally, "I don't care."
The Curves get revved up

German women grabbing the hyper-masculine image of bikers by the balls: welcome to Berlin's own all-female motorcycle club. Thomas Wintle infiltrated the increasingly popular gang to find out what keeps their engines running. It's a biting February night and half a dozen customised choppers and vintage motorcycles are parked up in front of the soon-to-close Bassy Club on Schönhauser Allee.

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