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Need a writer for books, brochures, website content, technical articles, or for story- telling, then let me help you. I write in a manner that reflects how everyday people speak and act. Please scan through my portfolio and book summaries below. I think you will agree they are clear and understandable, thereby sparking your interest. Maybe, you will end up buying one of my books because of that book description. Yes, I think you will do just that. All it takes is the right words that provide a spark of interest to the reader. So, which one of my books do you want to read?

Thank you for reading my Portfolio. Let me help your company. Let me help your business increase sales and/or readers. I have over 30 years experience in international sales and marketing which you can use to gain customers and/or readers. A number of my books have been Amazon best sellers in their genre.

Summary of Education and Experience:
Thomas H. Ward, prior to becoming an Author, was a Metallurgical Engineer and Business Owner. He obtained an MBA in International Business. Having traveled extensively to thirteen different countries his favorite ones are China, Japan, and South Korea where he was based for a period of time. He has made 150 trips to Asian and Europe over a 20 year time period. He owned and operated three different types of businesses before becoming a Teacher. Subjects he teaches are high school reading, writing, math, history, and business.

Thomas has published twenty-seven books on Amazon. Eight of these are non-fiction with four being related to international business, accounting, and investments. Nineteen books are fiction stories. A special note: Ward's book "TEMPLARS QUEST TRILOGY: THE LOST ARK." won a 2018 President's Award from the Florida Author and Publishers Association for a historical fiction story. Some of the books are included in this portfolio.

Ward started writing white papers, technical manuals, and business books years ago. He has composed over 40 white papers, many on Associated Content in the past, before Yahoo closed the site. The papers cover a wide variety of subjects such as; travel, guns, investments, business, global warming theory, quality control manuals, and engineering reports. Ward has also written website content for three websites which are; Kemco International Associates, Great Earth Vitamin Stores, and Premium Nutritional Products.

Ward's industrial experience in manufacturing included writing process control manuals, test reports, assembly instructions, and inspection procedures, which provide a well rounded background.

"In every truth there is non-truth, in every fiction there is non-fiction." ~Thomas H. Ward



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LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT THE BIBLE ARE REVEALED ... In ancient days did people actually see, hear, and speak to God? What are God’s invisible forces? Who really were the disciples? Who were the amazing women disciples? What happened to Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus? Why was the Village of Capernaum so important? All these questions and more are answered in Unlocking God’s Power.

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GUN TALK (Should we own guns? Terrorist attack summaries and thrilling real stories)

I wondered, who were these brave men, a militia of 400 that stood against the Kings Army, the most feared force on earth at the time. Who were these new American Patriots? Who were these heroes that dared to defy the orders King George, and risked their lives in doing so. They were nobody and they were everybody, from the farms and small towns of the new America. They were the everyday people: farmers, shop keepers, blacksmiths, and ministers … they were Americans like us.

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Real Life Adventures of Tommy and Ronnie

5 Star Review: "I enjoyed reading stories of real children with my child. The actual family photos were an extra special touch. It made the stories so personal." This book covers family relations and provides young children insight to what's right and wrong. It is a learning tool that is fun to read. This book is a collection of real life adventures of two brothers as they were growing up. For ages 3-10 years old.

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The Race for Money: Investment Ideas

Get started now and win THE RACE for MONEY by reading this easy to understand investment retirement book. The Race for Money is a race against time to save enough money for retirement. Learn how to reduce your taxes by 15% or more a year. Learn how to make 9%, 10%, and even 16% on your money each year. Learn how to double your money in as little as 5 years. There is hope, no matter how much money you make, to improve your return on investments. There is hope for you to have a bright future....

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Letters of Credit: How They Work

If you have a small business and want to expand into the international market it is necessary to use and understand how Letters of Credit work. Using this book, you can answer any question you may have about using Letters of Credit. After reading this you will be an expert and be able to use this powerful tool to help your business start international sales with little to no risk. No risk is the key when selling outside the good old USA as there are many ways to get burned. This book provides...

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Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections: An Export and Import Guide

International banking and international shipping should be classified together because the two are closely interrelated. This book explains in detail how to perform international transactions when buying or selling goods, and/or services. It explains different types of international transactions to use such as, Letters of Credit or Documentary Collections. The type of transaction is critical to assure that your business deal will be completed in a fast and safe manner.


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FAPA PRESIDENT'S AWARD, 2018 for Best Adult Historical Fiction. A story about the bonding between a ruthless hard man and his adopted Grandson, Adam, who is blessed by God. Adam is in possession of the Sword of Jerusalem. They encounter many life threatening perils during the quest, which test their faith. The Sword of Jerusalem was forged using steel and the three nails from the Cross of Christ. The Sword is not just a Holy Relic, but a powerful weapon in the hands of a believer. It holds...

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Critical Incidents: The ROK - Land of the HAN-Korea (A Jack Gunn Asian Mystery Thriller)

★★★★★5 STAR REVIEWS★★★★★ STOPPING THE NEXT KOREAN WAR. A JACK GUNN NOVEL: CRITICAL INCIDENTS HAS IT ALL: TERRORISM, MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, a POLITICAL THRILLER taking you inside the intelligence units and the U.S. Embassy. Meet the characters behind the scenes who do the dirty work. Names have been changed to protect the identity of past agents and the innocent. THE NEXT MAJOR WAR COULD START HERE IN OUR LIFE TIMES. North and South Korea are one of the most potentially dangerous places on...

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The Finger Collector: Blood Money (A JACK GUNN ASIAN MYSTERY THRILLER)

REVIEW: "You need to read The Finger Collector. Thomas Ward has hit a home run with this one." 5 star Psycho-Thriller ... THE FINGER COLLECTOR is entered in the Amazon Books United Kingdom STORYTELLING CONTEST. A mentally ill blood thirsty woman falls in love with Jack Gunn, so she says. She has ambitions to take over her Fathers famous Kamata Inagawa Mafia Clan, using Jack to achieve her goals. Jack discovers the Kamata family has more than one hidden secret that could put his life in...

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TOCABAGA 9: THE CRIMSON CROSS If you’ve been reading my chronicles then you know all the problems that we run into almost every day. The Tocabaga security forces are on full alert due to the Ebola threat. We can’t afford to let new people on the island because they may be contagious. Hordes of people are moving to Florida from the northern states. They bring crime, trouble, and death with them. We’ve heard they’re fleeing the northern states due to the climate change. The weather has become...

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“THE POWER OF THE SWORD” has it all. It’s loaded with post apocalyptic thrilling adventures, that are full of action. Jack Gunn meets the modern Templar Warriors. Retired Marines dedicated to destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups. You won’t believe what The Power of the Sword brings to Tocabaga. It’s a complicated plot that you will enjoy.

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The Tocabaga Chronicles: A Jack Gunn Suspense Thriller (10 book series)

From Book 1: The illegals kept coming by the thousands. By the year 2025 53 million had crossed the Mexican border. Some were good people but many were gangs bringing death and drugs. They took over town after town until no one could stop the criminals. They controlled the money and guns killing and buying their way across the USA. Law and order became and thing of the past. BOOK #1 OF THE AMAZON BEST SELLING SERIES: THE TOCABAGA CHRONICLES In 2025 and the United States is in the state of...


Justia (Union Carbide Corporation)
PATENT: Getter assembly providing increased getter yield

Ward, a co-inventor, wrote the patent supporting description and claims for invention to submit to the government patent office. The present invention relates to a getter assembly for use in vacuum tube applications such as television picture tubes and cathode ray tubes. More particularly, the present invention is directed to an improved channel ring type getter in which the problem of warping and lifting of the getter material during heating and flashing is avoided.

Lamson and Sessions Company Staff Engineering Group

A summary report covering critical engineering projects being performed by the engineering research group of Lamson and Sessions Company.

CORPORATE INDUSTRY PAPER (Lamson and Sessions Co.)

An industry wide report on the fatigue properties of high strength fasteners used for aircraft and other critical applications, where fastener failure is not acceptable. Information was used to make company brochures.


White paper written to explain how to statistically analyze fatigue test data in order to determine if a product meets certain industry requirements. .