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Luxury Homes & Estates Magazine
Ambleside Luxury

If it’s true that the best homes are a reflection of the people who live in them, there is no doubt—if the address is 1515 Ottawa Street — the occupants personify the profile of graceful living and epitomize an extraordinary and unique lifestyle.

Taste of Life
Taste of Life Magazine High Point House

Perched on a cliff top 1,000 feet above the valley floor on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, High Point House at Kadenwood commands a stunning eagle’s-eye view of the Callaghan Valley, and in the distance, Alta Lake.

Times Colonist Restaurant Review
The Black Olive Restaurant

The Black Olive Restaurant...casual fine dining in understated elegance. Over the years a dramatic change has taken place on southern Vancouver Island’s dining scene. From the proliferation of sidewalk cafés and bistros to the grandeur of formal hotel dining rooms, the city offers a grand mix of ethnic diversity from which to choose. But on a recent dark drizzly evening, I yearned for the warm comfort of a more traditional setting, something reminiscent of gentler times. And I found what I...

Alastair Barnett : The Writing Butler
Testimonials: What clients are saying!

“Alastair: Both pieces [feature stories] are absolutely marvelous!
 I could not be more pleased. I’m astonished with your passion for this particular project and your personal style. Again my thanks for all your assistance. It is an honor to work with you.”
 Kamil Vrablik.
Founder & Publisher: Luxury Homes and Estates British Columbia Magazine.

Private Client
Backyard Condo by Alastair Barnett

At Home In Your Garden?Are you running a home-based business and need the indep- endence and convenience of an office steps from your back door? Are you a work-weary guy who yearns for a restful interlude at the end of the day in your private “man cave?” Perhaps you’re an artist dreaming of working in a tranquil studio or a stay-at-home Mum who simply wants to enjoy a few quiet moments of solitude in peaceful meditation. Are you a writer?

British Columbia Times Colonist
Born of a Feud

The aphorism, “The Lord works in mysterious ways...” rings true when you consider that Victoria’s oldest church, the Church of Our Lord, was founded in 1874 as the direct result of a two-year feud between two clergymen.

Taste of Life
Home-an ethereal experience

Uniting Asia, Europe and West Vancouver: Towering over the garden like soldiers protecting the family, eight laser-cut corten steel blades and eight beautifully spun stainless steel rods, set to the pentatonic scale, move together in the wind in a harmonized fashion.” At the top of each blade of steel on the wind chimes sits an engraved brass plaque with a Mandarin symbol for each of the words: respect, reflection, humbleness, peace, effort, manner, honesty, and kindness.

Times Colonist British Columbia, BC
Spirit of the Lady Rose

Tearing northward along the Island Highway at four-thirty in the morning is not what I'd consider the ideal way to start a day; but on this particular occasion I had a rendezvous with a lady, which required my arrival in Port Alberni at eight o'clock sharp. Driving through Ladysmith, I caught a glimpse of the sunrise over the eastern horizon. Only then did my body forgive me for dragging it from beneath the covers at such an hour. From that moment, my world spread before me in the bright...

Vancouver Sun
This Lady's No Tramp but she does get around...

Little dogs wearing jackets are not exactly rare, but when the jacket is black leather and the dog is riding a large motorcycle, it captured my attention and warranted investigation.

Luxury Homes & Estates
Welcome to Luxury Living Inaugural edition: (Ghost written) By Alastair Barnett...

Season’s Greetings! I’m Kamil Vrablik, publisher and your “weaver of dreams.” As Christmas is traditionally a joyful time of hope and the expectation of dreams fulfilled, what better time and place to launch a magazine brimming with all that is the very best of what life has to offer? What you’re holding in your hands is not simply a magazine filled with images of luxurious homes, exquisite estates and all the elements that go to make up an opulent lifestyle; it’s the tangible culmination of...

Private Client
Nuance Garden: I interviewed the company owner, Cameron at his woodland home on the Saanich...

I interviewed the company owner, Cameron at his woodland home on the Saanich Peninsula. Early in our conversation it became apparent that Cameron is no landscape gardener, nor is he a landscape designer. Instead, I quickly discovered that here is a creative Landscape Artist with an incredible natural gift and a true passion for his art. He pointed out that he doesn’t build gardens; he creates that restful oasis which one dreams of, turning dreams into reality.

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Boulevard Magazine
Family of Artists: Those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one...

Disguised as an old lady in bonnet and shawl, with wrinkles penciled on her face, the young girl headed to the Victoria dock. Mingling with the other passengers waiting to board the SS Charmer, she spotted her stepbrother feverishly scanning the crowd, hoping to intercept her. Affecting a limp, Daisy Simpson shuffled past him onto the boat and sailed off to Vancouver to rendezvous with her beloved Samuel Maclure.”

Private Client
Highway Billboard: India Luxury Resort (text by Alastair Barnett)

C-O-O-L! Social scientists have studied the word “cool” and state that is takes on more of a feeling than of a definition. They have concluded that: “It’s one of those ‘know it when you see it’ things. (I suggest that feeling and emotion is exactly what you want on your billboard advertisement?)

Private Client
Cool Kitchen Chaos: B2B Email that turns your leads into clients

We’ve all been there. It’s rush hour. The chef leaves the station, rushes to the walk-in cooler, heaves open the door and rummages around to find missing ingredients — free- flowing momentum has turned to mayhem. Service grinds to a crawl. Tempers flare. Here is the solution...