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Alastair Barnett

British Columbia Based Professional Freelance Writer

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Telephone: 250-744-1555 Cell: 250-886-3335

Alastair Barnett

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Taste of Life Magazine
Home —An Ethereal Experience

Uniting Asia, Europe and West Vancouver: Towering over the garden like soldiers protecting the family, eight laser-cut corten steel blades and eight beautifully spun stainless steel rods, set to the pentatonic scale, move together in the wind in a harmonized fashion.” At the top of each blade of steel on the wind chimes sits an engraved brass plaque with a Mandarin symbol for each of the words: respect, reflection, humbleness, peace, effort, manner, honesty, and kindness.

The Scots Magazine
How Sweet It Was

A Memoir: Dana Andrews, a popular film actor, lived in the neighborhood and visited the restaurant frequently. Considering his reputation for being less than congenial, I was surprised when overtime, a modest interface developed between us.

Luxury Homes & Estates Creative Description
Welcome to Ambleside

Ambleside Vancouver: "Whether you yearn for the fresh crisp air and the thrills that await you on Whistler/Blackcomb mountains and exciting nights in a vibrant picture-perfect city with world class theater and international restaurants, or your fancy turns to long adventurous summer days on sparkling blue waters, Ambleside, West Vancouver, British Columbia, holds the keys to your fantasy. Welcome!

Times Colonist
Mole Restaurant

Mole Restaurant Restaurant Review

Times Colonist
Man of the Arts

The Inauguration of The Arts & Cultural Accord Chemainus, BC Including my interview with Wildlife Artist: Robert Bateman

Times Colonist
Restaurant Review

We had enjoyed a very good night indeed; a delightfully intimate evening at this fine downtown restaurant. To reiterate Paul Psyllakis’ expression, we found it: ‘Awesome!’

Boulevard Magazine
Family of Artists: (Samuel Maclure)

"Those who cherish a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in their hearts, will one day realize it." — James Allen: Legacy of Architect Samuel Maclure

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