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Bride & Blossom
July, 2014 | Bride & Blossom

Today I could not help but feel inspired by Shakespeare. I already posted one blog article earlier that managed to incorporate a wedding-esque version of Hamlet's speech ("to sit or not to sit" is indeed a question) but I just was not ready to be finished with this guy!

What Social Media Manager Program Should You Pick? - SellTheBride

Co-Authored by Theodora Kimmel As any wedding business knows, having a social media presence has become increasingly important for successful marketing endeavors. Just check out what this article has to say about the recent Bride and Groom Expo of 2014: use social media to inform the masses about your business.

Bridezilla: Fact or Stereotype? - SellTheBride

Alright, so as the title suggests, this article is about Bridezillas. Now, before I go into the actual question I am asking of whether they are completely real, or a stereotype of a woman behaving a certain way due to stress, let us get on the same page.

Appealing to the Senses at Bridal Shows - SellTheBride

Couples-to-be who are in attendance at bridal shows are happy to be there, but the experience can also be a stressful one. This is in part because of the sheer sensory overload. As these brides discuss on WeddingWire, the feeling of sensory overload is worth it if you go in with a game plan.