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The world's first climate refugees

The 2011 Academy Awards documentary film categories were filled with nominees who have focused on controversial environmental themes. 'Sun Come Up,' by Jennifer Redfearn and Tim Metzger, was an early favorite in the documentary short category examining the fate of the Pacific Islands of Carteret whose people have become the globe's first "climate refugees."

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Global risk of marine pollution from WW II sunken vessels

Over the past century, the occurrence of regional and global wars has left a legacy of thousands of sunken vessels across our oceans. World War II was the single largest loss of shipping in a relatively short period of time that our world has ever witnessed.

UK Progressive
Irreversible Environmental Impacts of Offshore Drilling in the Mediterranean Sea

by Theodora Filis The doubling of the world's population over the past five decades is putting great strain on deep-sea ecosystems, which cover more than half of Earth. According to researchers gathered at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, these ecosystems are now threatened by the same kind of mass industrialization common on land during the 20th century.

Posts about GMOs on Eat. Think. Do!

January 31, 2012 ยท 6:14 am I may not agree with every which way this article was written, and think some of it may need some vetting - but the basics are pretty straight on, and frightening. Bill Gates Warns Countries Need To Embrace GMOs Or Citizens Will Starve | UK Progressive.

UK Progressive
Low Income Mothers Forced To Use Infant Formulas Containing Cancer Causing Ingredients

by Theodora Filis Features, Global Business, Banking and the 1%, Global Politics, GMO Foods / Monsanto, Income Inequality, Money, Money, Money, Poverty, Science, Taking Care of Each Other - Today, low income mothers receiving government subsidies are being forced to use genetically modified (GM) baby formula, and those mothers who choose organic baby formula for their developing children, are denied it.

Fukushima Emergency what can we do?

Alert: New studies show radioactive materials being carried across the Pacific from Fukushima. - The West Coast needs to monitor pockets of high contamination - Certain areas may be affected in a significant way. Saturday, September 28, 2013, The Dong-A-Ilbo, Korea's top newspaper, reported: "Concerns over Japan's radioactive contamination and its seafood is spreading to most countries in the Pacific basin.

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Monsanto & Other BioTech Giants Deeply Entrenched In US Politics - UK Progressive

In Europe, any product containing over 0.9% GMO has to be labeled, and consumers generally won't eat foods that test above this level. In contrast, most US and Canadian consumers don't even know what GMOs are, and do not realize that they are contained in the majority of processed foods.Many consumers in the US believe the FDA approves GMO foods through in-depth, long-term studies.

A New Deloitte Survey Shows Executives Boosting Investments

A recent Deloitte survey shows executives, at three out of four mid-market companies, are maintaining or boosting their long-term investments despite the US economy. Tom McGee, National Managing Partner, Deloitte Growth Enterprise Service, Deloitte, LLP, said, "Major economic events, such as the downgrading of the U.S.

UK Progressive
In The Midst Of A Global Water Crisis - The EU Threatens Water Privatization

by Theodora Filis Water privatization is a very serious concern, and is causing many problems in the European Union (EU). In countries like Greece and Portugal, the Troika is pushing for water privatization, with more and more citizens being deprived of water access in municipalities where water supply is managed by private companies.

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Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water? No, But The Water Industry Wants You To Believe It Is

2016 US Presidential Election, Climate / Sustainability, Climate Deniers / Kochs, Features, Global Business, Banking and the 1%, Global Economics, Global Politics, GMO Foods / Monsanto, Ocean Rise / Polar Melt, Politics: Enraged Men/ Tea Party / Ukip, Politics: Out of Touch - Tories / Republicans / GOP, Politics: USA, Technology - by Theodora Filis Bottled water is fresh from the mountains and induces health.

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Deloitte Educates and Informs The Legal Profession In Spain

This September, DIARIO JURIDICO, added a new section focused on arbitration and mediation, as a result of an agreement reached with Deloitte, led by Juan Jesus Valderas, a partner at the firm. The project, the first in Spain, aims to educate and inform the legal profession on the benefits of extra-judicial methods for Spanish justice system.

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