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I am a naturalist and conservationist with a great passion and love for all things wild, this love of the natural world, plus my great interest in writing and English as a subject has lead to further exploits such as the writing of my blog - which talks of my observations of the environment and my thoughts and opinions on various subjects and issues raised in this sector.
I also write wildlife/environmentally based articles for my schools newspaper and have guest blogged, those who I have guest blogged for include Wildlife Watch (the junior branch of the wildlife trusts). This year I am applying to be a trainee bird ringer as I see it as a means of getting closer to and experiencing hands on the wildlife I observe, next year I also am to train as a beekeeper. Included in my experiences is volunteering regularly for my local wildlife trust, and I have also the pleasure of being a member of the RSPB.



Heart of Wild
"What we stand for is what we stand on...together"

Sometimes, I stop whatever I'm doing and think about the state of the planet we're living in...great swathes of lush, green rainforests disappearing, our beautiful blue oceans- absent in every other known planet but ours, contaminated by the destructive power of oil and clogged by masses of our unwanted rubbish.

Heart of Wild
Wildlife as a Passion: the early days

So a about a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a guest blog on my experiences as a young naturalist in this modern day and age, how I coped and what my opinions on this subject were - I was asked by someone you probably all know; James Common.

Heart of Wild
"Oh no!, the Gulls are coming!"~Julius Caesar, 50BC (not really)

In these dark, sinister days, many an innocent life has fallen prey to the evil that stalks the black, smog-ridden skies of our towns and cities- the slick, oil smeared paving stones of our well trodden paths now empty of once enthusiastic, happy human life. We, the apex predators of the natural world, now cower...

Heart of Wild
Volunteering at College Lake Wildlife Trust

So earlier this week, on Tuesday, I went to my local reserve - College lake-for some volunteering. I decided to volunteer here as I not only thought the reserve was amazingly beautiful, but I also thought that the wildlife that I had seen there, particularly in the avian sector, was absolutely brilliant.

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