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Arwen Hann

Freelance Writer

Cookie-loving, playdough-hating mother of one, freelance writer, journalist, blogger, lover of travelling, juggler (of many roles and occasionally inanimate objects).

I have worked on local and national newspapers and with a number of web-based clients. I specialise in working with small and medium-size businesses and organisations to get their message out.

Travel Sprout Magazine - Issue #2 November 2014

Great family travel articles and other goodies. Read about great camping spots in Australia, road trip on the Great Ocean Road, hiking in New Zealand, safari in South Africa, big city camping, cool camping gadgets and loads more ...


10 Surefire Things to Do with Kids in Sydney (

Sydney is an unbeatable holiday spot when it comes to keeping kids entertained. Australia's biggest city has an endless lineup of family-friendly events, a bustling waterfront, clean beaches, plenty of well-funded and well-maintained attractions, and a vibrant food scene (even for littlies). Here are 10 surefire activities to fill your itinerary with the kids in Sydney.

My Destination
Life's a Beach in Christchurch (My Destination New Zealand)

If you like to feel the sand between your toes, the coastlines of Christchurch and the nearby Banks Peninsula offer plenty of opportunities to indulge. During my years in Christchurch I spent many a happy summer's day, and quite a few spring, autumn and winter ones as well at the beach.

My Destination
Skirting the Red Zone (My Destination New Zealand)

In the aftermath of the February 2011 earthquake, Christchurch's central business district was a black hole in the middle of a city rocked by a major disaster. Military personnel staffed cordons, roads were blocked, power and water was out, major tourist attractions were destroyed and many feared the city would never return to life.

My Destination
Family Fun in Wellington (My Destination New Zealand)

One of the great things about Wellington is its compact size, making it an easily manageable place to explore even with young children. The first stop on any family tour has to be Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand. Be prepared to spend several hours exploring here.

Parenting and Early Childhood

Social Moms
Put Away The Puree: Start Solids With Baby Led Weaning (Social Moms)

Starting your baby on solids is a fantastic milestone, but it can also be a daunting prospect. Most moms take the traditional route of starting with pureed fruit and vegetables or rice cereal, but an increasing number of parents are now trying baby led weaning.

10 Toddler Craft Ideas

10 Toddler Craft Ideas 1 out of 1 people found this helpful When your bored toddler is tugging on your arm, waiting for you to organise an activity it can be all too easy to reach for the television remote.

What to Expect Word of Mom
Mom Gets Her Toddler a Spray Tan Before Pageants (What to Expect Word of Mom)

At an age when most little girls are playing with dolls or trying out their mother's lipstick, two-year-old Savanna Jackson is having her make-up done by a professional and parading on stage at beauty pageants. Her mom, Lauren Jackson, has also admitted that she gets her toddler a spray tan as part of her pageant preparation, but says it's only to stop other contestants from getting an unfair advantage.

What to Expect Word of Mom
Crafts for Kids for Non-Crafty Moms (What to Expect Word of Mom)

If you are anything like me, then the thought of crafts for kids probably sends you running for cover. I am not a big fan of crafts, but my son enjoys them and so I make myself join in every so often. Here are five craft ideas which are possible even for non-crafty moms.

Education and Teaching

The Press
Txt Spk Apprvd

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority deemed it acceptable for students to write in "text speak" in their exam papers sparking outrage among teachers and parents. This story appeared on the front page.

The Press
Boys Only Classrooms

Exploring the benefits of boys only classes at school and the effect it can have on learning.

The Press
A Mother Shares Her Learning Experience

A mother shares her experiences with illiteracy and her determination to overcome her problems. She successfully learnt to read and write.


The Press
A Gentle Soul

A homeless man found dead under a bridge was fondly remembered by those who knew him.

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