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David Leblanc

Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer

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Freelance & Academic Games Writing

Work from Home - Haywire Magazine

I spent most of grad school writing a 50,000 word thesis on games about work, and the very messy entanglements between and they entail, from the position that the two constructs are separate parts of life.

Master's Thesis, Concordia University
The Only Game in Town: Simulators and the Circuits of Capitalism

This thesis theorizes the simulator as the paradigmatic video game text reifying the systemic logic and structuring principles of rationalization, abstraction, and productivity at the core of contemporary capitalism.

What Fallout 5 Can Learn From Fallout 76 - IGN

While Fallout 76 may not have stuck its landing, it does have a few ideas worth carrying forward. Fallout 76 is Bethesda Game Studios' first foray into multiplayer for the popular series. Unfortunately, its launch has drawn tepid responses, to put it mildly.

3 Ways Fallout 76 Rewrites Its Own Lore - IGN

Not everything is as lore-obsessed Fallout fans expected. Fallout 76 takes place 25 years after the bombs fell, giving you a glimpse of the freshly nuked world before it was eroded by centuries of radiation and scavenger raids.

McGill University, Communications Officer

McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
Building a Tool Around the Power of Data

When Sreenath Madathil was a practicing dentist in India, he frequently saw patients that had oral health issues related to their betel quid chewing habit - a product containing smokeless tobacco, betel leaf and betel nut that is popular in South East Asian Countries, and India in particular, and poses a huge risk for oral cancers.

McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
The French Side of Dentistry Research

Having recently completed an intensive immersion french language program at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Dr. Luda Diatchenko reflects on the importance of bilingualism in the vibrant research communities at McGill and in Montreal. When Dr. Diatchenko emigrated to the United States in 1994 after completing her PhD in the Russian State Medical University, she hardly spoke English.

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