Annie Brillhart

Content Creator, Omni Interactions

Location icon United States

I graduated December 2018 with a degree in Creative Writing.

Hear me out.

I care about presentation and appeal. To this end, I am vigilant in finding emerging social media platforms, tracking content trends, and interacting with niche communities in order to stay relevant.

Personal and company branding became a passion of mine during my research, despite my hopes for a career in stand-up comedy. My education in creative and technical writing is one of my strongest assets in branding -- I can discover your company's unique identity and polish it 'till it shines. I can also find the most fitting strategy and platform to increase your brand's visibility.

My work history is best described as eclectic.
•I have assisted elderly clients in troubleshooting a variety of software, hardware,
and connectivity issues.
•I have successfully taken a 26 year old real estate agency paperless.
•I have been employed and licensed to deal with biohazardous materials and to
handle food.
•I have lead a 200+ person VoIP community for 2 years.

When I'm not writing or drawing, I participate in various mental health initiatives. I believe it is important to support those who can't or are afraid to get the help they need. In the future, I plan to volunteer with victim outreach organizations.

I'm familiar with Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, Team Viewer, Evernote, and Google Docs. I stay up to date on new and alternative technologies that streamline/replace outdated software. I have experience with technical writing, creative writing, blogging, list-based articles, design, video editing, streaming, and throwing dinner parties.


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