Tiana Hahn

Freelance Screenwriter, Content Writer, and Roleplayer

Location icon United States

I'm a writer, creator, and overall lover of life. I love bringing characters and worlds to life, and feel the most enjoyment entertaining people through creating and the written word. I work well under pressure and best with a deadline. I would love to write for you!

Though I've been writing most of my life, my writing background is primarily in screenwriting (B.A. in Screenwriting from Chapman University). I've been roleplaying online for over fifteen years, and have begun LARPing in the last year. I'm currently working on creating my own blockbuster LARP and enjoy creating content for worlds and games. My portfolio consists of short screenplays, and selections from my latest Forum based Roleplay site, but I have longer and more diverse selections available on request.

Short Screenplay - Action/Comedy
Do It Right

Logline: A pair of rednecks make criminally bad thieves when the heist they've been planning goes sideways.

Short Screenplay - Drama/Thriller
The Secrets We Keep

Logline: A woman on the run relies on the hospitality of a young woman and her daughter. But in this dog eat dog world, is there really anyone you can trust?

Short Screenplay - Drama
Clean Break

Logline: A terminal cheesemaker stuck in his ways must learn what's truly important before he loses everything.

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