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I have been a journalist for 18 years, working in the media since 2001. From covering city news as a beat reporter to gaining valuable experience at the copy desk to interviewing people from all walks of life I have varied experience as a journalist. My forte is writing in-depth human interest stories. My blog https://middleeastmasala.wordpress.com/ attempts to showcase the rich art and cultural heritage of the emirates and of the middle east.

Pelvis in, chest up: a belly dancer's secret mantra

Surprisingly, I was not interested in any form of dance as a child. I was very shy and so my mother tried to make me learn ballet and jazz while growing up in Lyon, France. I disliked going to these classes but as she persisted, I was enrolled in a rhythmic gymnastics course for about eight years.

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Mobeen Ansari: Showcasing a different side of Pakistan

DUBAI: An award-winning Pakistani photojournalist is on a mission to build tolerance and understanding of minority communities. Mobeen Ansari's images depicting indigenous people residing in far-flung areas of Pakistan is changing the narrative around his country, where war and politics have taken center stage.

A 45,000-mile journey to see the world

Travelling and lying on the bed are two of my greatest pastimes, admits Monisha Rajesh. Fortunately, the London-based author found a perfect way to marry her twin passions - when she set out to write a book that involved sleeping on the berths in railway coaches while touring the world in 80 trains.

Gain some, winsome

Lebanese artist Ghida Younes's My Fat Lady paintings are a tribute to the female form

The new style icons: celebrity kids

Jet-setting celebrity kids are the newest fashion icons. Leading the pack is the uber-stylish North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's eldest daughter, who at the age of five boasts of a magazine cover and an enviable wardrobe full of high-end designer wear.

These dogs are helping school kids learn and heal

Scores of children in uniform are rushing to their classrooms. It's another busy school morning at the Gems Modern Academy, Dubai. But today keeping pace with them are a pair of four-legged visitors. Hershey, a chocolate brown Basset Hound and Wasabi, a tiny white Maltese, grab the children's attention as their owners escort them for a very special class.

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Meeting A Long Lost Friend After 25 Years: Some Bonds Are Timeless

A woman describes her special bond with her long lost friend after 25 years. Read it. We assure, it will just want you go back to your childhood friends. The truck loaded with suitcases and cartons was ready to take us to our destination.

Creativity on wheels

Virender Singh has been driving his yellow-and-black Fiat taxi on Mumbai streets for years. But following a colourful intervention recently, business is brisk, and rather joyful. Passengers flag his taxi down not only for a ride but also to take selfies and make videos - thanks to the kitschy makeover of his vehicle's interiors.

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