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Tessa Gaffney

Writer, Performer

Location icon United States of America

University of Akron graduate with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Theatre Arts. Writer/director of "Hope Will Never Be Silent," a series of cabarets addressing serious issues such as LGBT rights and the local heroin epidemic, performed in historical landmarks across the city. Lover of musicals, ice cream, and Harry Potter.

Thought Catalog

The Mother and The Whore, living archetypes sharing a line at the local drug store before parting ways forever.

Word Press

A solitary leaf, frozen eternally above the cliff on which Schloss Lichtenstein sits, a Victorian Gothic ruin overlooking a tiny village that has most likely existed longer than the castle itself.

The Akronist
EraAir Theatre Company

Growing up on 9th Street, my sister and I spent unsupervised summer days exploring our neighborhood. Long walks to Reem's Convenience Store, leaving with pockets full of bubblegum and candy, and bike rides to Kenmore High School football stadium filled the sunny hours. We thought we knew our territory.

Word Press
Ode to E.J. Thomas

My freshman year of high school, I saw RENT at E.J. Thomas with my family, the show that had opened up the world of theatre to me when we sang "Seasons of Love" in my fourth grade music class.

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