Tesneem Ayoub

Freelance Journalist and Blogger


Tesneem Ayoub is a budding journalist and blogger who has had varied experience in writing and editing news stories and features, focusing mainly on health and social issues. Her work has featured in Nursing Times, Gulf Today and Blasting News US. Tesneem currently writes news and features for the Qatar-based community website allandabout.com.

Having worked both in Europe and the Middle East, Tesneem has experienced journalism from a multicultural perspective and has been able to adapt this in her work. She is also fluent in English and Arabic and speaks intermediate-level French.

Tesneem Ayoub is currently available for freelance writing opportunities.

You can contact Tesneem via email at: Tesneem[dot]ayoub[at]gmail[dot]com


News and shorts

All & About | Your lifestyle guide in Qatar
Short bursts of exercise could make you smarter

We all know about the benefits exercise could have on our bodies, mood and mental health, but did you know that it might even make us brighter?

All & About | Your lifestyle guide in Qatar
Night owls can "re-train" themselves

If you're looking to break free from a life of long nights, short days, and regular caffeine top-ups, a recent, international-scale study could help you with your escape plan.

All & About | Your lifestyle guide in Qatar
Can an Egg a Day Keep Diabetes Away?

Over the years, the messaging about eggs has been a bit confusing. The high cholesterol content in the yolks meant that people were told to limit their intake of the food so that their cholesterol levels wouldn't soar. And then that

All & About | Your lifestyle guide in Qatar

It's official: You can get "hangry" Almost all of us have heard of the term "hangry"; it's a snazzy portmanteau born from combining the words "hungry" and "angry" to describe the crankiness that can come from having an empty stomach. Recent research shows that there's an actual scientific

Adult Lice

Head lice are commonly thought of as gross little critters that lurk on school children's heads, but adults can get them too. A study of 1,000 UK children under the age of 16 carried out for the lice...

Nursing Times
Study launched on whether mobile phones affect children

The three-year study will follow around 2,500 year seven children - 11-12 year olds - from over 160 outer-London schools starting September. The children will be assessed again in year nine to see how their cognitive abilities have developed with mobile-phone use.

Nursing Times
Trust aims to curb pressure ulcers with special mattresses

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Interviews, features and opinion

All & About | Your lifestyle guide in Qatar
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: What You Need to Know

Hand aches, weakness, tingles and pains - those are just some of the symptoms of a debilitating condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, that is estimated to affect three to six per cent of the adult population. The good news is that it's treatable and if dealt with early enough, you can make a full recovery.

Tesneem's Corner
On Attacking Women's Appearances & Fighting Back

It's never been a secret that some people love to put women down and in specific ways, just because they're women. It happens online and off. And most of the time, these people formulate their abuse towards women on the most important (sarcasm) thing about them: their appearance!

Tesneem's Corner
4 Ways To Keep Your Cool As An Opinionated Person On Social Media

For many of us, social media isn't just used to connect with friends and colleagues across the globe, it's also our platform of choice when we want to make ourselves heard. While it can be good to express ourselves and hear from people who think differently, sometimes it can get a bit heated.

Tesneem's Corner
Interview: Surviving Breast Cancer at 27

Breast cancer is an illness often associated with older women and although 8 out of 10 cases of breast cancer are those of women aged 50 and over, young women can also be affected. Lauren Bash, the vice-president of Fighting Pretty, a charity dedicated to helping women going through the illness to regain confidence and...

Little Muslim Woman in the Big City

Attacks on Muslims have tripled since the Paris attacks of November 2015, with most victims being women. Tesneem Ayoub talks life as a Muslim in the capital in the aftermath of terrorist acts. London is the first city I ever called home, and I am a part of its Muslim population that makes up around 12.4 per cent of the approximate 8.6 million people living there.

Stink No Further

According to Khawla, the benefits of making this transition were not only environmental, but had also extended to her physical health. "I am avoiding putting aluminium on my armpits, which is in most deodorants and contributes to breast cancer," she says, as she also states that aluminium in antiperspirant deodorants clog armpit pores.

Nursing Times
Mastering your dissertation: what you need to know

Whether you've already handed in the final copy of your dissertation or you're still trying to pull it together before the deadline, you've probably wondered something along the lines of: "what does it take to get a first?"