Terra Borody

Writer. Editor. Activist.


Terra Borody is a documentarian, content writer, editor, and novice photographer native to Toronto Ontario.

She is currently working in human rights advocacy communications. Most recently, she has worked with KAIROS Canada, IFEX and WUSC Sri Lanka.

When not researching and cycling around the city, Terra loves watching heated debates, crafting DIY projects, and travelling.



Accessories shops in Toronto's Kensington Market | YP Smart Lists

In the winter months, it's easy to let your wardrobe start sagging. Practicality seems to take the place of style and sass. There's no better place to spice up a drab outfit than Kensington Market, the headquarters of self-decor. Follow this guide and reclaim your own unique style with some one-of-a-kind outfit adornments.

Where to have your future read in Toronto | YP Smart Lists

With autumn quickly creeping in and the 'dark season' approaching, it's only natural to take stock and try to predict what the winter will bring. For those looking for some guidance, or simply seeking a spooky experience this Halloween, these specialty shops and studios will unveil some of the mystery with their in-house spiritual psychics.

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Gendered Impacts of Extractivism and Alternatives: A Convergence of Ideas - KAIROS Canada

On August 11 at the World Social Forum, KAIROS and Mining Watch Canada drew a diverse and passionate group from across Canada, South America and Africa to their panel 'North-South Dialogue on Extractivism, Resistance and Alternatives'. Jamie Kneen (MiningWatch) along with Ian Thompson and John Dillon (KAIROS) facilitated this event.

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The Indy Eye: Día de la Memoria

This past Sunday 24th March, tens of thousands demonstrated for Día de la Memoria, the 37th anniversary of the military coup which marked the beginning of Argentina's last dictatorship, from 1976-83. Percussionists pounded their drums, children played in the streets, activists and theatrical supporters spontaneously performed stories of oppression and liberation.

Argentina Independent
The Indy Eye: March BA Underground Market

Hundreds of hungry visitors attended the fourth edition of The Argentina Independent's BA Underground Market last Saturday 23rd March. The event took place at IMPA, a recuperated factory and cultural centre in the neighbourhood of Almagro.

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