Teri Dormer

Copywriter and Digital Content Creator

Location icon United States of America

My background in content writing and social media management has been
rooted predominantly in two leading marketing agencies. In addition to working
with my own clients directly, I’ve had the opportunity to write long-form research
content, SEO focused blog posts, and curate social media content to get these
posts noticed by my client’s leading customer base.

Highlights of that experience include:
• Over four years of experience and more than 400 published projects for
various clients that have been picked up and circulated by digital publishers
including Business Insider, Forbes, AOL, and The Huffington Post.
• Regular research across numerous industries allowing me to present written
content as an authority on each subject I tackle for my clients.
• My extensive education, including a bachelor’s in English Literature and over
two years of graduate studies, has given me a strong editorial eye to help
avoid extensive edits or revisions to first-drafts of my projects.
• Building strong relationships and rapport with project managers despite
working exclusively as a remote writer. My experience has taught me how to
ask the right questions the first time and to work with limited supervision as a
valuable asset to these fast-paced marketing environments.
Given my experience in both content writing and creating eye-catching social

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