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Teresa Simmons

Freelance Writer/Editor

Location icon Canada

Teresa Simmons has been writing attention-grabbing content for articles, blogs, and websites for five years. Her articles have appeared in online and print magazines, including The Pulp and PHABRIK.

She provides writing, editing, and proofreading services. Her educational background in communications and professional writing has sharpened her writing skills, making her exceptional at grammar and the English language. She especially enjoys writing content for articles and blogs.



PHABRIK Magazine

The haircare industry values professional training and takes education very seriously. Learning new skills and gaining experience are essential to perfecting the quality of hairstyles and maintaining an edge in the business. There’s no one else that understands this more than well-known session stylist, Carl Reeves, who was in town working with the Davines Session Team on an editorial shoot.

The Pulp
How to Wear: Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk fashion. Have you heard whispers of this style before in your travels? To the average ears, it might sound like punk rock, heavy metal, chains, studs and spikes (ouch). But steampunk fashion is quite the opposite. It's brass, chrome, gears, mechanical gadgets, and watch fobs.

The Pulp
An Interview with The Owlery's Jenna Hamler

The pieces that Jenna Hamler, jewelry designer at The Owlery, creates are far from ordinary and anything but boring. Inspired and influenced by nerd culture, her creations are the kind that start conversations and ignite fond memories from your childhood days.

Blog Posts

Microtek Corporation
8 Things You Need to Call Yourself a Professional Web Designer

Just like with print design, there is a set of skills and knowledge you need to master to become a professional web designer who designs functional, successful websites. Understand how the web works and realize users visit websites because they are looking for information.

Microtek Corporation
Key Functions of a Good Website

It is always a good idea for your business to have a website because it's one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Even the simplest website can generate business for your company, making your website well worth your time and money. But what should a good website do?

Microtek Corporation
5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

It is possible to drive thousands of visitors per month to your website without spending any money on marketing and promotion. There are no tricks to driving traffic to your website. All you need to do is provide genuine value and let word of mouth do all the work for you.

Website Content

The Big Burn
The Big Burn

Remember when we didn't know any better? Indoor tanning used to be like that. Now we know the risks. Talk to your kids about the dangers today.

Media-Masters Creative Communications Inc.
Who Said You Can't Colour Outside the Lines

Focused on delivering innovative marketing, advertising and brand strategies, Media-Masters Creative Communications Inc. goes far beyond just meeting our clients’ needs. With our creative synergy and marketing expertise, you get effective results that grow your business today and tomorrow.

BottomLine Coaching & Consulting
My Life is Good, But...

Does it appear that you have it all? You may earn a good salary, own a home and even drive a nice car. Your friends and family love you. Your life is good, but... something is missing. Do you push away those feelings, hoping they'll disappear?