Tera Jayewardene

Law Graduate/Journalist/Playwright

Sri Lanka

LLB Graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. Journalist for the Sunday Times. Tera Jayewardene, started her creative journey at the age of 12, when her play 'Xtrapergus' was produced in 2009.

Tera is currently an avid reader, writer and performer who interprets the world around her through writing. With more than 120 articles published in the Sunday Times, Tera focuses on Environmental protection, Sri Lankan home grown business and promoting the Arts and Geek Culture.


Article Highlights

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Our small cats are precious wildlife too

View(s): Driving on the Japan Sri Lanka Friendship Road, you'd never think that an elusive wild animal may cross these paths. While many of us travel to Yala and other places to see leopards, we are unaware that a rare and elusive species of wild cat may be roaming our backyards.

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Stepping out with a thought for the children

View(s): "Be you. It is all about being who you are. It's about helping children embrace their own freedom with no fear of the world. I really want to help innocent children who don't have anyone, who don't have education, who don't have parents, who are suffering with health issues.

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
A place where love and care bring out hidden talents

View(s): The Colombo Centre for Special Education in Colombo 5 is a place that gladdens one's heart seeing the dedicated work that is done there. The school focuses on creating an environment for its 30 adult male students to be happy among their peers and express themselves creatively.

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Stepping into a whole new world with Photoshop

View(s): For many of us, our computer literacy does not extend beyond Microsoft Word and Google Docs, but there is a wide world out there withso many possibilities. Photoshop, or animation, or game development software are some of these.

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
It's all about us: Keep an eye open for the travelling history museum

View(s): The smell of incense, the taste of pol sambol, the feel of a teacup, the sight of beautiful pictures of Sri Lanka's ancient martial arts and the sounds of children excitedly pressing buttons on a large computer screen were all part of 'It's About Time, A Travelling History Museum'.

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Moulding a sweet past

View(s): A stroll around the Colombo Museum this holiday season may just provide an intriguing lesson for Sri Lankans celebrating the dawn of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year. Beautifully carved Olinda boards, milk rice moulds, aluwa moulds and jaggery moulds displayed in the Colombo National Museum's Anthropology Division give an illuminating glimpse of how our ancestors used to celebrate Avurudu.

Home Grown Business

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Something to woof down

View(s): With a glass jar full of Tayo Bear cookies on her lap, Shanaz Fouze is surrounded by her three adorable dogs, Tayo, Mango and Lilly waiting eagerly for the treats on her lap. This is a daily occurrence at Shanaz's home.

Times Online - Daily Online Edition of The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Too good to eat!

View(s): Multi-coloured mermaid tails, with gold detailing and cookies influenced by just anything and everything - TV shows, movies and books. Lotsa Dough's custom cookies have something for everyone, although you might feel eating them is a shame since they look so beautiful. Simply not just cookies, Lotsa Dough creates edible art.

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Learning science the fun way

View(s): A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dishwash, potassium iodide, yeast and food colouring creates what Hasanthini Samuel calls "Elephant toothpaste". Her students watch in amazement as it swirls around the tube - a common reaction at "FunLab" - her innovative way of teaching kids science.

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Getting the best from juicing

View(s): Graduating with a degree in Criminology and Behavioural Studies, with a minor in Sociology in Australia, Ronali Perera moved back to Sri Lanka and found herself doing a variety of different jobs in different places.