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My name is Taylor and welcome to my portfolio! I am a content marketing professional and freelance writer most interested in health, fitness and fashion. My work has appeared on Women's Running, Time Out and AwesomenessTV. This is a collection of some of my favorite recent pieces. I hope you enjoy!



Time Out Los Angeles
The best celebrity owned restaurants in LA that you've got to try

There is tons of fine dining across the country, but when it comes to fine dining at celebrity-owned restaurants, LA takes the cake. Whether you're looking for places to visit in hopes of catching a glimpse of an A-lister or you're simply curious about these high-profile business ventures, here is just a taste of the celebrity-owned eateries in LA.

Fall Textures to Lust After

As the breeze of autumn rolls in, you are no longer restricted to wearing your lightest fabrics to stay cool. Many people love dressing for fall because of all of the options. Detailed textures and rich fabrics add another dimension to your outfit. You'll never look boring in fur, leather, lace, tweed, silk or velvet.

Women's Running
Why Your Angry Mood Can Result In An Awesome Run

Courtesy of sneakersandsweat.com Even a short, 3-mile run can cover a spectrum of emotions. The first few strides are often filled with dread. My first mile is the worst because there is still so long to go. After the second mile, it becomes more bearable.


Fashion Advice: Which Over the Knee Boot Style is For You?

How high are you willing to go? This fall, boots that surpass the knee are one of the biggest shoe trends. So, which style is best for you? Awesomeness continues after advertisement It can be the one you'll get the most wear out of.

Style Crush: Emily Ratajkowski

Model, actress and activist Emily Ratajkowski has been wowing us with her amazing style since she entered the spotlight. Not too many people can look as comfortable in a risque evening gown as they do in jeans and a tank. Emily, known as @emrata on Instagram, tends to favor neutrals for casual wear.

Fashion: Proof That Pink is the Color of Fall

Pink is not just for Wednesdays. It's for everyday this fall! The girly hue is no longer reserved for spring and summer. If you're not fully convinced, take a look at these photos featuring fall's hottest shade. Awesomeness continues after advertisement 1. Pink is Everywhere at J.Crew Shades of pink took over the latest J.Crew runway show.


Workout Moves You Can Do at Home

It's so easy to find an excuse to not work out. It usually sounds something like this: I can't leave the house I can't afford fancy equipment or classes I don't enough time There's no space in my room My workout clothes are all in the wash So here are 6 moves you can try in the privacy of your own home that require minimal space and no bulky equipment.

Women's Running
Why You Should Race Your Race Like You're The Best

It was the most important track meet of the season against our rival team. Our coaches calculated a mock score sheet based off probable times and recent results. It was going to be a close one. That meant every event mattered. The team's fate was dependent on each individual performance.

Why You Should Take Up Running in College

College is representative of trying new things. You're on your own for the first time in your life and figuring out who you are. You have the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and discover new hobbies. In all of the hustle and excitement, it can be tough to make fitness a priority.


Amazing Apple Recipes You've Got To Try This Fall

Pumpkin seems to get all the glory during the fall season and other seasonal flavors often get overlooked. Apples are a go-to fruit for any time of the year, but are especially comforting in a warm apple pie when the weather gets cooler.

Time Out Los Angeles
The weirdest ingredients that can be found in LA's juice bars

Juice bars are now so trendy that once-novel ingredients such as kale, dates and turmeric have become commonplace. The average health fanatic doesn't think twice about adding beets or a sprinkle of chia seeds to their drink. But what about activated charcoal?

Taylor Swift's Most Emotional Songs Ranked

One of the reasons Taylor Swift is so loved is because her lyrics touch us to the core. We can't all have perfect hair, look our very best leaving the gym or own the world's cutest cats... but we sure can relate to a song or two.

Dental Technology

5 Ways to Wow Your Patients

Being remarkable is more than being noticed - to stand out you must truly make an impact on your patients. People expect quality service and treatment when they go to the dentist. Satisfied patients are just that - satisfied. They don't rave about your practice, write online reviews or refer others.

How to Turn Negative Feedback into a Positive for Your Dental Practice

Angry patients seeking an outlet to vent will often head straight to an online review site to share their heated opinion. By capturing and addressing their negative feedback early, you get an opportunity to prevent this negative review from going online.

True Paperless by YAPI

A truly paperless practice utilizes technology to bypass paper by collecting and using data electronically. There is never a paper stage. YAPI is your TRUE PAPERLESS solution.

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