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Tatiana Hauk is a freelance content writer, article writer and blogger for Chicago Parent. Her personal essays have appeared in Akashic Books and Thought Catalog.

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Chicago Parent Blogger - Tatiana Hauk

Tatiana is a happily married, 30-something Northsider and blogger mom. When she isn't cleaning up bodily fluids or corralling her son, she's trying to get her thoughts down on paper. Her somewhat comedic ramblings can be found at parentingwithcoffeeandwine.com.

"To My Pregnant Belly" by Tatiana Lopez

Are you a parent going through the Terrible Twos? Did you live through them and survive? Terrible Twosdays is a place to commiserate over the unending shenanigans of your Darling Children (as the online parenting communities say). Nonfiction stories will be considered, so long as names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Thought Catalog
Why Are We Teaching Girls To Be Princesses?

As I window shop for my son, I notice the stark but subtle characteristics that differentiate the boys clothes from the girls. It's not just the obvious boys clothes are blue and girls clothes are pink, the boys clothes are themed after real life scenarios, as precious little onesies are patterned to resemble construction workers outfits, fishermen and firemen, and even the occasional business suit.

Black women ride bikes too

Anything requiring a high degree of upkeep usually equals money out of your pocket. Money you may not possess. When living on your own, one may find themselves having to rearrange their lifestyle in order to accommodate their cash flow. Let's tackle inexpensive transportation as the first example of a major readjustment.

Silica: The mineral your hair cannot go without

One of the most abundant minerals found on the planet is silica. It is found in every rock, grain of sand and square inch of dirt. Similarly, it is as equally abundant in the human body, as it is found in your joints, nails, muscles, and every strand of hair on your body.

A Quick and Dirty Rundown

Here is a very brief list of basics when caring for your hair at home. Using petroleum based products When you apply petroleum products on your hair, it creates a water-tight seal around the shaft of the hair, completely shutting out moisture, thus drying out the hair.

Beware of mid-west water

Most mid-west residents are not aware that they are living with hard water, a proven hair care enemy. The singular source of drinking water for our region is, obviously, Lake Michigan. Standing water will always have a higher mineral count than free running water, such as the water source for the east coast, provided by the Hudson River.

Northern Star Online
Specialized degrees offer edge in jobmarket

Finding a starting point can prove stressful for the new graduate. "The more focused your degree is, the more qualified you will be for a job in that field," said Cindy Henderson, job fair coordinator for Career Services. "But students with broader degrees are qualified for a wider range of jobs when they graduate."

Northern Star Online
Daughter of Malcolm X speaks at HSC

The 12th Annual African American Leadership Conference welcomed Shabazz in addition to many other speakers and events scheduled to last through Saturday. Shabazz spoke to students and faculty in the Holmes Student Center's Duke Ellington Ballroom about topics such as the Western school system failing to educate children about African history.

Northern Star Online
Incident prompts racism discussion

Despite the case being thought to be a hoax, the implied danger of the situation raises questions at universities nationwide, including NIU. "There are racist people everywhere," said April Macatangay, a senior art education major. "This is a pretty big campus, there's got to be at least one racist around."

Northern Star Online
Speakers examine death penalty

"Having these kind of speakers talk to NIU students is fundamentally important," said Stibick, a two-year law student and president of the NIU law school chapter of Amnesty International. "In school, students are usually given the same facts again and again. If students don't come to see these speakers, they don't learn anything new."