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Born in London to New Zealanders, I somehow ended up growing up in Melbourne. Today I split my time between the UK, Australia and NZ. As well as freelancing as a travel writer and editor, I'm training to teach English to non-English speakers: ask me anything about phrasal verbs! When not away on assignments, I live on a canal boat with my kids and a fat Russian Blue cat called Millie.

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Gimuy, Rubibi... Why Australia is encouraging visitors to recognize Indigenous place names

To celebrate and acknowledge Australia 's Aboriginal cultural heritage, Tourism Australia has announced it will be adopting a dual-naming approach for capital cities and other major locations. Dual-naming not only recognises 60,000 years of Indigenous custodianship, it brings Aboriginal languages and understandings into mainstream consciousness. A number of Australian place names already have dual-names.

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Getting a job in Antarctica may not be as impossible as you think

Almost everyone wants to see Antarctica but not everyone can afford the price tag. Some lucky travelers visit this dream destination on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise where photography and wildlife viewing are the primary focus. Others dream, plan, train and then test their limits tackling super-human adventure activities in this incredible wilderness frontier.

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6 incredible road trips you must do in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those destinations best explored by car or campervan. Public transport is limited outside cities, and so much of what you'll want to see and do is off-the-beaten-track, immersed in New Zealand's incredible natural environments. Road tripping means touring at your own pace, stopping for stunning walks, cycle rides, wild swimming, or wildlife spotting.

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14 things you have to do in Melbourne

Melbourne is a large, cosmopolitan city that's as proud of its sport, live-music and festivals calendar as it is of its world-class dining scene. You'll need more than a couple of days to get to know Melbourne. With steel-and-glass high-rise buildings and historic colonial-era architecture, complemented by a rich multicultural population, this is a city with many layers to uncover.

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Lonely Planet reveals the 10 best travel experiences in the UK

The United Kingdom may be relatively compact, but it has a wealth of travel experiences that you've probably dreamed of since childhood. Buckingham Palace? Hadrian's Wall? Stonehenge? They're all here. Of course there are dozens of incredible places to visit across Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, but we give you the 10 best UK experiences to put on your itinerary, especially if it's your first time here.

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Why New Zealand is leaning into regenerative travel

When the 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign was launched in 1999 it was considered 'pure genius' by many. Twenty years on this branding was at risk from localised overtourism issues: Aotearoa-New Zealand's population of around 5 million was hosting 11 million visitors per year from 2016 to 2019, and the strain was beginning to show.

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Travel trends for the year ahead: sober travel

More travelers are choosing sober nights out when traveling, finding their experiences are richer, more memorable and they're more engaged with local culture than when they hopped between bars or spent the night chasing a single beer in an alcohol-free country. Not-drinking is one of the most surprising trends of the early 21st century.

This Place, This Story podcast (season 1)

Listen to This Place, This Story on Spotify. Produced by a global team of experienced travel content providers, This Place, This Story brings you evocative, illuminating and heart-felt stories from around the world. Each episode is anchored by an audio 'love letter' to a location that aims to inspire wanderlust, spark a connection and provide an insight into extra special parts of our planet.

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How to travel New Zealand in a sustainable way

Unless you're sailing from Australia or a Pacific island, getting to New Zealand is always going to require flying - something many are reconsidering as they look to reduce their carbon output from air travel. The good news is once you're in this beautiful country, there are many ways to travel sustainably.

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Eight of the best foodie finds in the Bay of Islands

Called 'the Winterless North', the Bay of Islands region is a favourite New Zealand summer-time destination, with its sparkling azure waters scattered with 150 lush green islands. Most of the action is out on the water...

How to navigate Australia

If time allows you can circumnavigate this vast and varied land by car, van or bus – with the occasional train or plane journey too.

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How to be an ethical traveller in Aboriginal Australia

No matter how well studied prior to arrival, visitors to Australia can't help but have their understanding of this ancient and spiritual country transformed by embracing Aboriginal cultural experiences on a trip here.

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Cool places to stay with your dog in Britain this summer

British people love their dogs. In fact 25% percent of households in the United Kingdom include a dog, a figure that is likely to be even higher this year thanks to a surge in pet-owning popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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What to expect when you travel solo with kids

Some parents have to travel solo with kids because their partner is working, not interested in travelling, or are otherwise incapacitated. Others travel with their kids because they're single parents. If that's the case, you're probably used to some of the logistics required, but you might not be prepared for the experiences you're to have.

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5 jaw-dropping luxury stays in New Zealand

Yes it has pristine wilderness, vibrant culture, and super-friendly locals, but did you know New Zealand is also blessed with some of the world's best accommodation? Aotearoa's luxury lodges offer not only security and privacy: guests get exclusive access to such memorable experiences as horse-riding in alpine meadows, heli-skiing and fly-fishing.

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Sober nights out in Europe's top cities

Just because you don't drink doesn't mean you don't want a good night out. Here's our guide to the best nightlife for sober travellers in Europe's cities.

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Top neighborhoods to explore in Sydney

It's called the Harbour City for good reason. Few places on earth are as defined by their geographical form as Sydney, and even fewer incorporate such a spectacular water feature. Everything here revolves around the water - suburbs, recreation, traffic, even the collective consciousness.

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Women-only tours are on the increase in the Middle East

It seems like this is the year of the Solo Woman Traveller with more women than ever deciding to head out on the road for transformative life experiences. Around the world there are some experiences that are uniquely feminine, cue: new female-only group tours in the Middle East. Get to know this region from a woman's perspective and enter places men are not allowed, travelling with other like-minded female adventurers.

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Everything you need to know to get around Sydney

Sydney is not the easiest city to get around, but its public transport network is reliable, reasonably priced and way more convenient than driving. Sydney's transport network is as complex as its roads system which grew organically, marrying disparate settlements around the harbour.


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Best of Great Britain

Lonely Planet's Best of Great Britain is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Explore London's museums, sip whisky in Scotland, and hike in Snowdonia; all with your trusted travel companion. Discover the best of Great Britain and begin your journey now!

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New York with kids: discover why it's surprisingly family friendly

Green spaces are plentiful despite the population density. From Central Park to Battery Park via the High Line in Manhattan you'll find many places to roam without cars. Plus there are small squares dotted everywhere; the perfect places to eat a picnic lunch or just to sit on a park bench for a well-earned rest.

Culture Trip
The Best Beach Hotels to Book on Oahu, Hawaii

Diamond Head, reflects cool surfer vibes of yesteryear in its decor. All rooms come with private lanais (balconies), and splurging is particularly worthwhile: the penthouse ocean suites please the eye with tropical print cushions and ocean-deep statement wallpaper; the one-bedroom suite boasts its own wet bar.

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Low Carbon Europe

This inspiring book shows readers who are motivated to travel more sustainably exactly what is possible, introducing some amazing European trips from three days to three weeks in duration with 100 no-fly itineraries across the continent.

Great Britain

This title will be in stock September 21 in the Americas regions.Lonely Planet's Great Britain is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Puzzle the mysteries of Stonehenge, sip whisky in Scotland, and hike the mountains of Wales; all with your trusted travel companion.

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Visit Zealandia, the lost eighth continent

What if your school books actually got it all wrong, though? There is now strong evidence there's an eighth continent, mostly under the ocean - and no, it's not the lost city of Atlantis. It's one you might actually have visited. It's called Zealandia.

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11 amazing things to do in Portland

Some of the best things to do in Portland include walking in nature and visiting beautiful gardens, which is unsurprising for a city that cares so much about the environment. Individuality and creativity are celebrated: all over town you'll also spot 'Keep Portland Weird' on bumper stickers, murals and signs.

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Air New Zealand's latest safety video takes a road trip with some local celebrities

The latest stars New Zealand, as well as some local homegrown talent, such as international supermodel Rachel Hunter and actor Joe Naufahu who played Khal Moro in Game of Thrones. This Summer of Safety edition, shot at ten locations across Northland's Bay of Islands and Hokianga, was inspired by the classic Kiwi road trip.

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British Library to host exhibition of Captain Cook's voyages

To mark 250 years since Captain James Cook's ship set sail from Plymouth in 1768, the British Library on London's Euston Road will be hosting a major exhibition (from 27 April 2018 to 28 August 2018) telling the story of Cook's three voyages through original documents, many of which were produced by the artists, scientists and seamen on board the ship.

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Ten times less dangerous than selfies....

After a few high profile shark attacks lately including one in Queensland and another in Reunion, travellers are naturally asking: 'are more shark attacks...

Wine Trails: Australia & New Zealand

Lonely Planet brings you 40 perfect weekends in Australia and New Zealand wine country, introducing vineyards in regions including the Clare Valley, Margaret River, Hawkes Bay, Tamar Valley and Marlborough, as well as celebrating secret gems off the beaten path.

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Things you probably didn't know you can do in New Zealand

It may be synonymous with adventure sports, epic scenery from the Lord of the Rings films and the spine-tingling haka of the All Blacks rugby team, but New Zealand has plenty of lesser-known experiences for travellers.

The Joy Of Water

Idyllic, wild swimming holes, alluring lakes and magical coves; discover more than 60 locations around the world to experience The Joy of Water with this inspirational new book from Lonely Planet. Tap into the 'water wellness' trend with personal stories about the best places to take a dip and forge a stronger connection to the elements through interactions with water.

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New Zealand's art scene is taking the world by storm

New Zealand artists have made a splash with the opening of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy in London this month. While a unique opportunity to see Kiwi art curated in one show in London, creatives from this Pacific Rim nation are popping up across all arts industries with their unique voices and perspectives.

Family travel: Our adventures in Morocco

Morocco is one of those countries where real life surpasses the imagination. People are overwhelmingly friendly especially when you have children in tow - a real benefit for women travellers who can be unpleasantly overwhelmed by ‘friendliness’ in some hotspots.

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Steven Martin loans his Aboriginal Australian artworks to a New York gallery

American actor and comedian Steve Martin might be known for his not-so-secret passion for bluegrass, but did you know he also has an enviable collection of Aboriginal Australian artworks. Learn more about the art, Steve Martin's love for it, and how Aboriginal motifs and understandings are influencing the globe.

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20 free things to do in Melbourne

Wandering through Melbourne is even better when it's budget friendly. Here is our guide to the best free stuff to do in the world's most liveable city.

New Zealand's Best Trips

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