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Tanya Nellestein

Freelance Journalist

Location icon Australia

First and foremost, Tanya is a journalist specialising in all things romance. She loves sharing stories of love and lust, while breaking down outdated stereotypes - all while wearing a tiara and sipping champagne.
As a life long experience enthusiast, Tanya loves finding the fresh angle and bringing stories to life to share with audiences, near and far.

I write romance because two things can save the world: love and books

I spent a year interviewing the authors who meet our literary romantic needs, and what I've learnt about love and lust has been eye-opening. Here are the top lessons I've discovered. Consider the plot for all three trilogies within the Star Wars franchise - boy from the wrong side of the moons falls for courageous and beautiful girl who has sworn to fight for the freedom of the galaxy.

Hanging up the tiara

A humorous contemplation of what would make a monarchist turn to the dark side of the republic debate

Hearts Talk - Romance Writers of Australia Journal
Where Art Thou?

The Dept of Communications and the Arts is about to be swallowed whole into a new super-ministry. How will this impact on writers in Australia?

Blush Magazine
Getting to know Kate Forsyth

Kate Forsyth is a Doctor of Fairy Tales, a life long rose fancier, and and internationally bestselling author or award winning books.

Blush Magazine
Strong Women Protagonists

Strong, independent and capable of rescuing themselves, and anyone else who needs it.

Hearts Talk - Romance Writers of Australia Journal
Love Will Save Us All

In honour of Valentine's Day, this article explores how romance can be found in the most unlikely places

Blush Magazine
Romance Novel Adaptations

The film industry is cashing in on the captive audience of romance readers, and don't we just love it.

Blush Magazine
Kaneana May

A profile on debut author, Kaneana May

Blush Magazine
Love in a Time of War

What is it about bombs dropping and people dying that makes such a good backdrop for a love story?

Blush Magazine
Moving Beyond Paper

New platforms for readers and writers are making romance even more accessible

Hearts Talk - Romance Writers of Australia Journal
The Language of Love

Nothing symbolises love quite like the rose - why is that?

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