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Meet the woman with two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs

A woman who was born with two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes has spoken out about living with the extremely rare condition. Elizabeth Amoaa, originally from Ghana but now living in Walsall, Birmingham, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys in 2015 after spending years in pain without having any idea what was wrong.

Emiliano Sala's 20 seconds of terror as doomed flight crashed and split in three

The doomed plane carrying footballer Emiliano Sala plunged thousands of feet in just 20 seconds while making a sharp 180-degree turn before crashing into the sea, air accident investigators have found. Flight data shows the Piper PA-46 Malibu plane, piloted by David Ibbotson, followed its planned route on the night of January 21, taking off at 8.15pm, until it got into difficulty 13 nautical miles south of Guernsey.


Mail Online
Eddie Redmayne takes an economical ride on the TUBE in London.

As an Oscar-winning actor he is used to the high life, whether it be travelling on private jets or stepping out at A-list events. But Eddie Redmayne proved he was an extremely down-to-earth celebrity as he enjoyed an economical ride on the London Underground this week.


Dad fights NHS for locking autistic daughter in 12ft 'cell'

The father of an autistic girl locked in a 12ft 'cell' at an assessment and treatment unit (ATU) is taking legal action against the NHS for the treatment of his daughter. Jeremy, from Walsall, has been unable to hug his daughter Bethany for two months because she is being kept in a tiny cell in a psychiatric hospital.

8 of the best things to do in Frankfurt this summer

When you think of Germany, you immediately think of Berlin. It's the capital and it's steeped in history so it's an obvious choice for a city break. But drive a few hours west and you'll stumble across Germany's true hidden gem, Frankfurt au Main, which will make you wonder why you hadn't visited sooner.

Google won't answer woman who wants wheelchair friendly maps

Earlier this month, Belinda Bradley, 19, wanted to surprise her mum Mary by taking her to the London Wetland Centre for her birthday. But what was meant to be a fun weekend away for Mary, who has Fibromyalgia and is from Bristol, the outing quickly turned into nightmare.

Teen who lost everything in Grenfell fire still turned up to GCSE exam in night clothes

A teenager who lost everything in the devastating Grenfell Tower fire still turned up to her GCSE exam in the morning in just her night clothes. A-Level student helped Grenfell fire victims overnight - then came back after sitting his exam Ines Alves, 16, had been up revising late for her Chemistry exam on Tuesday night when her dad Miguel, 49, who returned late from work, spotted smoke coming from the 4th floor.

Why Andermatt in the Swiss Alps should be your next weekend break

'Andermatt has the potential to be the next Verbier.' How you can take your children skiing for under £500 in Valloire (even during the school holidays) That's what my ski instructor Mata de told me during lunch at the Restaurant Alpsu after a thrilling one-to-one lesson in the Swiss Alps.

Here's why Geneva should be your next city break

It's often mistaken for being the inspiration behind the entirely fictional land of Genovia in The Princess Diaries. All aboard! The UK's first gin cruise is setting sail And I must admit - I thought it was too before I visited.

Daughter's petition to get CCTV installed in all care homes reaches nearly 10,000

Family films care home abusing grandmother so badly they did this Jayne Connery, 49, a former Big Brother contestant, started the petition after witnessing 'horrific failings' at a failing care home where her own mother was staying. In less than two months, the petition has reached 8,895 signatures and needs just over a thousand more to get the government to respond to it.

Happy Birthday Jaxon! Baby born with most of his skull missing is thriving against all the odds

New mum admits having a baby hasn't been the 'walk in the park' she thought it'd be In fact doctors told them to abort their baby after they discovered a serious brain malformation during the ultrasound. Two years later, Jaxon Buell has defied all the odds and is thriving on his 2nd birthday, despite suffering from a rare brain malfunction called Microhydranencephaly.

Ben Smith tells us what it was like to run 401 marathons in 401 days - while running

Inspirational lunatic completes 401 marathons in 401 days and now we all feel very unfit Ben Smith was going to run 401 marathons - and he was going to do it in 401 days. After running 10,506 miles, wearing out 22 pairs of trainers, eating 6,700 calories/day and losing 19kg in weight along the way, he's finally done it.

Female black cab driver warns 'the trade is on its way out'

It's become synonymous with the capital and its drivers are considered to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to London's streets. Generous black cab drivers offer free transport to war veterans on Remembrance Sunday But with the likes of Uber now running the scene, the black cab industry has significantly suffered due to the low costs of its competition.

People are already regretting voting to leave the EU - here's what they told us

It's a sad day when even Big Ben gives its verdict on #Brexit To be more precise, 52% of voters chose to back Brexit while 48% wanted things to remain the same. But with the pound hitting an all-time low and Cameron announcing his resignation, many of those Leave voters are already regretting their decision.

Father of autistic boy spots heartbreaking detail in his son's homework answers

Sometimes they know the reason why, sometimes they have no idea at all. This father always knew his autistic son had a problem interacting with others but he didn't realise how much it was actually affecting him. Autistic boy robbed, beaten and stripped naked by gang at knifepoint on first journey to town alone Until now.


Mail Online
Baby born with part of his brain and skull missing defies the odds

Born with most of his brain and skull missing, baby Jaxon Emmett Buell was not expected to live. In fact his parents had been told to abort him when doctors discovered his condition. But he has defied all odds - and now he has just celebrated his first birthday

Mail Online
'Miracle baby' dad responds to those saying he should've been aborted

Jaxon Buell, one, has survived a year despite being born with Anencephaly Rare neaural-tube disease means he lives without most of brain and skull Nicknamed 'Jaxon Strong', his story has inspired many though some said he should have been aborted as he will likely never see, hear, talk or walk

Daily Star

Daily Star
I want to be really BIG star!

Pop brat Justin Bieber was yesterday blasted over claims he demanded an enhanced package for an undies shoot.

Surrey Comet

Islington Now

This charity is improving the prospects of Islington's young people

Young people search for jobs almost as much as they search for bargains in supermarkets. Job-hunting can be an extremely disheartening process, and can last months if not years. Those elusive jobs will likely go to those who got the best grades in school, or went to university.

How to dine with Dolls House's private club

The latest offering to Islington's Upper Street is the Dolls House, a stylish restaurant and inconspicuous private members' club, which is now the permanent home of the glamorous Hoxton pop-up. Situated by Islington Town Hall in a rustic three-storey Victorian townhouse, this whimsical restaurant boasts debauchery on another level.

Islington theatre launches campaign to get kids off streets

Hobbit star Andy Serkis was guest of honour at the launch night of a pioneering youth theatre campaign in Barnsbury. The actor and director, who is the new president of the Young Actor's Theatre Islington (YATI), said the 360 campaign would raise funds for young people who currently cannot afford to pay for acting classes.

Islington children set for merry Christmas thanks to police

Officers launched the Christmas Tree Project at Islington Police Station and Angel and Archway tube stations last Thursday. Christmas trees have been set up at the stations and are decorated with tags. Members of the public are encouraged to take the tags and follow the instructions on them to find out how to donate a present to a disadvantaged child.

The Times Weekend

Asian Voice

Asian Voice
MP Shabana Mahmood: A missed opportunity

Shabana Mahmood is a British Labour Party politician and barrister who has been the MP for Ladywood in Birmingham since May 2010. Speaking exclusively to Asian Voice after the Budget was announced, Shabana discussed her dismay at hearing the Chancellor's budget.

Asian Voice
Theatre Review: East is East

Playwright Ayub Khan Din is back with all time favourite East is East, but this time it has returned to its roots and with a particularly personal tone.

Asian Voice
Honour-based violence: Breaking the cultural and religious glass ceiling

Whilst many women are celebrated and respected in society, there is still a large majority of women who live in fear and are not given the freedom they deserve. Gender inequality against women is an ongoing battle, whether it may be sexual discrimination or violence, forced marriages or female foeticide.

Daily Mail

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