Tamara J Lee

Writer & Editor

Experienced in content writing and editing for print and online; social media and print marketing; research and editorial.

Other writing includes fiction, creative non-fiction, and screenplays.


Blogs & Essays

The Canadian Writers' Collective

Nature writing || Vancouver is preoccupied with them. The media chock-a-block full of stories about them. A real estate agent gets fined and her life threatened for trying to improve her view of English Bay, thus her property value, by killing two trees along the Sea Wall.

The Canadian Writers' Collective

List content || This is my favourite part of year in Vancouver. The weather is usually at its best, and we've been getting great Indian summers in recent years thanks to global warming (keep those air conditioners going, Eastern folks, Vancouver needs you!).

The Canadian Writers' Collective
Sumos and Lilies

Personal essay/local event focus || As I sit out here on my mom's back deck, I can feel the summer night air succumbing to fall. ... I am out here drinking red wine by candlelight, smelling the lilies letting off their evening scent. This afternoon I watched the amateur Sumo competition at the Powell Street Festival (a local festival celebrating Japanese-Canadian culture) ... . I rarely miss it; the spectacle, for me, having as much to do with rooting for the little guy as anything else.

The Canadian Writers' Collective
Culture Crawling

Roundup content || Last weekend, the 10th annual East Side Culture Crawl took place in my Vancouver neighbourhood, when for three days the local artists open up their doors-home or studio-to show and sell their works. It's actually been going on a bit longer than that, but it was sort of under the radar, and much more intimate, back in the day.

Fiction Writing

Literary Potpourri (PDF)
The Blue Mug

Flash fiction piece included in this now-defunct (alas) literary magazine

Literacy-specific Content

The Westcoast Reader
Food carts in B.C.

Online literacy website content | All over the world, local people eat food served from a cart on the street. In North America, eating from food carts, or food trucks, is a very popular activity. There are even festivals that celebrate this kind of food. The food in Canada isn't as cheap as in many other countries.

The Westcoast Reader
Survivors Totem Pole

Upper Level reading content for an online literacy website.


Various titles

Copy-editor for the Missing & Exploited suspense series by Hannah Holborn, as well as numerous novel-length fiction manuscripts.