Talia Baksh

Corporate Communications Professional

Location icon Canada

Talia Baksh was a student at Ryerson University where she pursued her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management with a minor in Professional Communication.

Her marketing major focused on business analysis. She is skilled in undertaking industry analyses, doing company assessments, defining marketing issues, developing alternative courses of action and recommendations, and forming implementation and contingency plans for organizations.

She has participated in many team projects which have enabled her to build her network and strengthen her collaborative skills.

Her Professional Communication minor has provided her with hands-on experience in social media campaign management, and the use of participatory media in the business world.

Talia has earned places on the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 Dean’s Honour Lists at Ryerson University.

Talia currently works at CIBC. She has a background in small business marketing and technical writing, as well as webpage designing.

Talia’s volunteer experience revolves around working with committees in CIBC. She has also worked with disabled children in Guyana at School of the Nations. For two years, she worked with a team of volunteers every week to complete activities with these children that would improve their psychological conditions.

Outside of her academic and work spheres, in her spare time, Talia enjoys reading (fiction and articles), travelling and cooking.

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