Sydney Murphy

Associate Editor and Freelance Writer

United States

Associate Editor of Physician's Briefs at HealthDay
Global Communications Intern at United Nations

Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism
Wheaton College MA

Previous Experience:
Senior Editor of online publication, BLENDtw College
Freelance Science and Tech Writer for HowStuffWorks
Peer Editor for the International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES)
Cognitive Science Research Intern at tutoring company, Talentnook
Editor-in-Chief of college newspaper, The Wheaton Wire


Science and Healthcare Writing

What's an Easy Way to Convert Celsius Temps to Fahrenheit?

Depending on where you live in the world, you either use the Fahrenheit or the Celsius temperature scale. Converting between the two is easier than you may expect. A couple of simple formulas can help you estimate or exactly convert between the temperature scales.

You Track the Weather. Does Your Weather App Track You Back?

Many people check the weather forecast every day by using an app, not realizing that doing this compromises their privacy. Weather websites and apps are notorious for gathering your personal information, according to a review published by The New York Times' Wirecutter back in May 2021.

Essential Skills for College Students

College students today are in a high-stress environment and under pressure 24/7. Though there are many ways college students learn to cope with the active campus life and course load, some lack understanding of the essential skills college students need to help them succeed.

Fluctuating College Drinking Habits Due to COVID-19

College life looked very different for students this 2020-21 academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many colleges transitioned to online learning, resulting in students falling into a world of social isolation and distancing. About half of the current college students in the U.S. drink alcohol and about one-third of those students binge drink.

Environmental Policy: An Earth Day Celebration

At an Earth Day event at Wheaton College, students participated in a Q and A about the importance of staying active in environmental policymaking. The panel event featured guest speakers Professor Bradford Bishop of the Political Science department and Policy Director for the Trustees of Reservations, Linda Orel.

Students Stressed About Finances Over Applications

There has been a substantial decline in college applications for the 2021-22 academic year according to universities across the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on high school students and changed many students' future plans. An article by USA Today looks at data showing that fewer low-income students are applying for college amid COVID-19 and what that means for that generation of students.

NASA Wright Brothers' Moment: Interview with Jaakko Karras

History is in the making! NASA is targeting Sunday, April 11, for the Ingenuity Mars helicopter's first attempt at powered, controlled flight on another planet. The small but mighty helicopter arrived on Mars attached to the belly of the Perseverance rover on February 18, 2021.

Do Some of Us Have a Subconscious While Others Don't? - BLENDtw

When it comes to choosing classes, students often turn to Rate My Professors to learn more about which professors and courses to take. However, with lack of accurate information and biased opinions, Rate My Professors isn't as helpful as students think. Class schedules are the bane of a college student's existence.

How Online Textbooks Are Driving A Decline In Student Spending

College textbook publishers are laser-focused on affordable course materials, driving a steep decline in student spending. College students have often struggled to afford or access textbooks and are now transitioning to using online course materials due to the spread of COVID-19.

How Parents Can Get More Involved in Their Child's Education - Talentnook

The most important predictor of student success is the encouragement they receive from their parents when learning at home. When parents are engaged in their children's education, students have the motivation to finish their assignments and grow up in an environment that values learning.

State of the College: What You Might Have Missed

This year's State of the College panel discussion was created to give students a space into which they could bring up their concerns with Wheaton's administration and the state of the campus. On April 1, 2021, student and faculty leaders in the Wheaton community joined together to collaboratively participate in a three-hour-long discussion of the current higher education system.

Improving Accessibility on Campus

WheAccess calls upon Wheaton College students for support of the club's mission to improve accessibility across campus. The club is currently working with the campus administration to improve the many flaws in the infrastructure of the college.

Who is Supporting Counseling at Wheaton?

The mental health of students is one of the major priorities of the Wheaton College Counseling Center. But are the counselors fully equipped to carry out this priority? The mixed reviews of the center have called attention to some areas in which the center could be improved.

The Arizona Republic
How Arizona teenagers are helping other teens in crisis

One of the first calls I took at Teen Lifeline still sticks with me, even after a year and a half of volunteering as a teen peer counselor. John needed help and was on the verge of giving up entirely. I could feel his confusion and anxiety through the phone.

How the U.S. Draft Works

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States military as of March 2021 maintains­ a force of over 1.3 million active-duty personnel across the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Navy. In times of relative peace, this is sufficient to protect U.S. interests at home and abroad.

Wheaton College Massachusetts
Collaborating, contributing to COVID-19 insight

In late spring 2020, with the rise of the coronavirus and widespread lockdowns in place, Wheaton College students grappled with how to spend their summer. "As a rising senior biology major, I was looking for some additional research experience to prepare for graduate school.

Features Writing

What you missed in 2020

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the year 2020 more than anything else, there have been many life-changing events that have been missed due to the overarching attention the pandemic has stolen from news industries around the world.

Dennis Hanno Embracing Community and His Legacy

The campus was devastated to hear Dennis Hanno's decision to step down as President of Wheaton College in late 2021. But instead of dwelling on Wheaton's now anticipated loss of such an inspiring leader, I aim to shine a positive light on the subject.

Meet Precious Williams: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs - BLENDtw

Alok is a gender nonconforming writer and performance artist who identifies as nonbinary. Alok uses they/them pronouns, believing that their gender resists definition and continues in a fluid motion. Alok's work is focused on gender and racial justice. They also write about trauma, healing, and belonging.

Closing the Funding Gap for Women Entrepreneurs-Meet the Founder of IFundWomen - BLENDtw

Karen Cahn , the Founder and CEO of IFundWomen, has dedicated her career to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs and opening up their realm of possibilities through maximizing confidence. A successful pioneer in tech and media, she spent 10 years as an early Google Intrapreneur leading several monetization teams in search, display, and video.

Global Ed Peer Advisors
Sydney Murphy

I am a senior at Wheaton this year and am majoring in Neuroscience and German. Studying abroad has been a prominent part of my life. I studied abroad during Spring semester 2020 at Regensburg University, and also have studied abroad in Belgium in 2016. Both of my experiences were unique in minor and major ways....

WheaMUN Conference Hosted at Wheaton College

While members of the MUN team stayed on campus to help run WheaMUN, Mount Holyoke College hosted a conference that a few of the delegates of the Wheaton MUN team attended. Those students represented Wheaton with pride! Jeremy Holt '20 won an Outstanding Delegate award, Mae Flibotte '22 and Kiran Pfitzner '21 both won Honorable Mention awards.

D.I.V.E. Conference

Every Wheaton student who went to the D.I.V.E. conference is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an important movement. "I could tell that the entire D.I.V.E. team put a lot of heart and hard work into the conference because it showed in the speakers as well as the sessions that I thoroughly enjoyed!"

Finding your Essence - Meet Cielo, The Woman Blending the World!

Maricielo Solis is an entrepreneur whose passion for storytelling has sparked a movement. Through her company, BLENDtw, she is creating a safe space for young people to speak up and connect through their experienced anxieties and strategies of overcoming them. Solis is an immigrant woman of color, empowering others to take control of their success [...]

Marketing & Misc

10 Ways You Can Tell If a Girl Likes You

You are sitting behind your crush in math class and you get butterflies in your stomach as you try to muster up the courage to ask them out. But your nerves always seem to get the best of you. You walk on to the next class without a Friday night date.

This Fiction Contest Honors the Worst of the Worst

"It was a dark and stormy night." The line has become such a cliché, it's inspired an annual fiction-writing contest for the worst opening line of a novel. The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest honors English author and playwright Sir Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, whose 1830 novel " Paul Clifford" begins with that deathless phrase.

BLENDtw-The Voice of College Students
Best Student Discounts & Sales For The Holidays-The Complete Guide

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here. It's the holiday season! That means it is time to begin Christmas shopping. While buying gifts for people can be fun, it can also be stressful.

BLENDtw-The Voice of College Students
55 Best Romantic Questions to Ask your Boyfriend | BLENDtw

Making friends in college can have a significant impact on how your educational years will be. We rely on our friends to share fun experiences with us, to have our backs, to support us when we are at our lowest, and to help us to achieve the best version of ourselves.

BLENDtw-The Voice of College Students
65 Amazing Christmas Gifts for College Girls-The Complete 2021 Guide

Becoming a big sister is always cause for celebration; it is a special time when a new baby comes home, and she takes on a new family role. But what do you get this new and young big sister in your life? Here is the ultimate guide with 50 gifts that a new big sister will love!

BLENDtw-The Voice of College Students
50 Dorm Room Must Haves for College Students in 2021

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here. Whether you're an incoming college freshman, a sophomore who was never able to move out of the house last year, or just a college student excited to see their friends again in person, it's more important than ever to begin preparing for your momentous college move-in day now.


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