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I'm a writer, copywriter and screenwriter who's great at making information come alive for the internet. I've worked on projects about IT, energy policy, management strategy, haircare, extra-thin condoms, vegetables, car sales and everything in between. I also used to edit Three Thousand (Melbourne's first online city guide) so I've got plenty of experience talking about arts, music, recreation and travel. There's a small sample of my work below, and you can get in touch at [email protected]


copywriting and content

Emirates x Lonely Planet
City Bites kids' packs

City guides with fun facts, games and activities for kids. Aimed at stimulating the imagination and keeping kids occupied during long haul flights.

ICC Sydney
Home - Phenomenom

Phenomenom is a fresh approach to food education, feat. videos and free teaching resources for Year 3, 4, 5 & 6, aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency
New Australian breakthrough - Australian Renewable Energy Agency

The breakthrough equipment promises to revolutionise how renewable energy feeds into the electricity grid, providing far greater stability and allowing more renewable energy to be used. "This new Australian-led technology will not only create a new innovation we can export to the world but will also benefit our whole electricity system by giving us greater visibility over our distribution networks and allowing for more variable renewable energy," ARENA Chief Executive Ivor Frischknecht said.

Risky business - the hot spots that burn software developers - KJR

The challenges faced when building software can be hard to define. Unlike tackling an Ikea flat-pack or building a bridge, progress can be unclear and problems often aren't recognised until it's too late. Collaborative, adaptable approaches have been proven to ... Continued

Karla Dawes Press Office
Karla Dawes Press Office

Karla Dawes Press Office is a public relations firm catering to select clientele across the food, travel and lifestyle sectors.


Inspired by SkynFeel, our technology that's designed to bring you closer together, we're giving you the chance to get back in touch with intimacy. Join SkynFeel here to enter the draw to win a boutique hotel stay - we're giving away one £500 Mr and Mrs Smith gift card each week for the duration of the campaign.
Old School: Four 1980s arcade titles that changed the game

Suddenly, all the gridlocked commuters and buckled-up kids were set free. You didn't need access to a Porsche (or a lawyer), just a few coins or a console at home (if you were lucky) and a need for speed. Here are four of the most influential, or at least unique, games of the decade.


Overland literary journal
Isol-Aid and the limits of post-capitalist 'connectivity'

Twenty years after Live Aid, came Live 8. This time Bono et al wanted to tap into the global anti-capitalism movement and convince the G8 to tackle poverty through legislation. Now Isol-Aid is here as the final evolution of the concept. The fantasy that popstars can save the world is on hold.

How To Make The Most Of 48 Hours In Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you're travelling to Sri Lanka, chances are you haven't blocked out much time to check out the capital. The first thing you'll want to do is collapse on a coastal banana lounge or stick your face out a train window to feel the wind in your hair as jungles, mountains and tea fields cascade in and out of view.

graffiti is still fighting gentrification with destruction

When I was 15 in the early 2000s my friends and I used to bomb trains. I remember stealing Posca pens, emptying out the fluorescent paint then filling them up with a mixture of stamp ink and my mum's nail polish remover. The acetone mixed with ink to form a liquid no amount of chemical cleaning could remove.



Taylah is a rebellious, destitute teen from rural Australian suburbia. After a brief sexual encounter, Taylah must scrape together money for the morning-after pill, before it's too late. As she hustles for the cash, Taylah is also stuck babysitting a wild and uncooperative five-year-old, Vegas.