Sara M. Wolf

Senior Technical Writer

Location icon United States

Creative communication professional, well-versed in the strategic development and implementation of communication initiatives directed at both internal and external audiences. Strong work ethic, attention to detail, and collaborative skills coupled with a demonstrated drive to achieve goals. Resourceful and flexible, can handle multiple projects, and will overcome complex business challenges to outperform competition. Broad-based experience in writing and editing with unsurpassed dedication to consistently produce remarkable results.

Content Manager Applications

Propriety information on FWI's apps extracted from our customer-facing website, 90% written by yours truly.

Rust Consulting
Company Newsletter

Company-wide publication on the happenings within the extended organization.

Windows 8 User Guide

Extended documentation on Windows 8 to help familiarize internal audiences with the new OS.

Quick Start Guide

Information to help employees learn the new Windows 8 operating system.

Custom Documentation

Customer purchased company-specific documentation regarding their new signage build.

Brand Standards Training

Created training to help internal employees with technical writing and the utilization of our company templates.

Accessing Customer Portal

Example technical writing documentation used to inform customers how to log into our customer site.

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